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She loves marketing in Beijing...
Yabalu, Russian Market in Beijing is on the west wide of Ritan Park (Temple of the Sun Park). Journey women can expect to find fur coats, clothing, hats, bras, toys, bathing suits, and much more "stuff" here than you can imagine (all actually destined for Russia in bulk quantities). A word of caution -- Make sure when you bargain that the merchants realize you're not buying ten dozen of an item. Speak English as a security measure.
Jane Liedke, Beijing, China
The latest in Asian bathroom wear...
After travelling a great deal in this part of the world, I highly recommend skirts rather than pants in much of undeveloped Asia. This is not because of femininity or cultural mores, but simply because of cleanliness. The bathrooms in this part of the world are pretty rugged (by North American standards) and the floors are usually quite wet and nasty. Since many of these cultures use water instead of toilet paper to cleanse themselves, the water tends to be all over the floor. I suggest that it is much easier to squat and hold your skirt over your waist than it is to squat and hold up the bottom of your pants from touching the floor.
Durfee, Boston, USA

Twelve pieces of clothing for two months in Italy...
I spent two months in Italy (February-March), including six weeks at a language school in Venice and two weeks travelling in Tuscany. I managed with the following:

- Two pairs of warm pants (navy and black)
- One black skirt.
- Two pairs of shoes, black dressy lace-ups and dark brown ankle-length boots.
- One taupe lined outer jacket with hood, scarf and gloves. It snows in Venice!
- Two sweaters (black and navy)
- Two long sleeved blouses to layer under the sweaters
- One dressy cream colored blouse
- One nice red chenille top (warm and it broke the monotony of black and navy).
Boring, it’s true, but with a little costume jewelry these twelve pieces saw me through every occasion.
Susan, Haifa, Israel

Her rule of three...
I am a 'retired' backpacker having had to retire from actually 'back packing' because of some lower back problems. I now use one of those cabin sized 'pullalongs' on wheels, and carry a daypack for essentials. My rule of three is very simple and I suggest that other journey women try it: Never take more than three of anything. Three means one to wear, one to wash, and one for any other emergency!
Elain, Nanaimo, Canada
She finds true Thai in L.A....
Visiting Los Angeles can be quite an adventure for those who love food of all kinds, but for those who love Thai food, there is one place and one place only to truly taste Thai food as it's supposed to be cooked, to taste, and to be priced. That place is called, "PiYai" located on Hollywood Blvd. Their special is "Laad nah Talay" or pan fried seafood noodles. Guaranteed to put you into culinary ecstasy. Order that plus their famous Thai iced tea. Yummy! Anyone who wants more tips on food at affordable prices in the heart of Los Angeles, can e-mail me at I'm very happy to help another Journeywoman.
Toon, North Carolina, USA
Women’s Taxi Service in London...
I had to take a taxi at 3 a.m. from London to Heathrow. For both comfort and savings, it was suggested I use a women's taxi service. (Evidently, this is a group of women who provide service in their own cars). I found the female driver both courteous and reliable, so it was a minor point that I had to help move my own luggage. I can certainly recommend Lady Cabs, 29 Downham Road, London NW1, Tel. 0171 254 3501. The trip from North London to Heathrow cost 25 BP.
Ruth Heiges, Tel Aviv, Israel
Gosh, her collar bone is showing...
Western women travelling in Morocco are not expected to dress like traditional Moroccan women, and, indeed, many sophisticated or foreign-educated Moroccan women have now adopted European fashion styles themselves. However, no matter how snug the pants or short the skirt, they “always” keep that collar bone covered up. So pack carefully. Your own vee-neck sweaters, even blouses, no matter how chaste you may think them, may be interpreted as risqué, disrespectful, or inappropriate in Morocco.
Pamela, Minneapolis, USA
Ed. note: Heed the warnings, ladies. Morocco is not an easy country for solo women travellers.
Shoe covers free from hotels...
You know those shower caps that all hotels offer in their bathrooms? You think they’re meant to slip on your head, right? Well how about thinking of your feet, instead? Seriously, ladies, shower caps make the absolute best “sole” covers when you’re packing your footwear. Your clothes are protected from the dirt and grim of the streets and, if these shoecaps tear, you needn’t worry. They’ll always be free replacements in the next hotel you check-in to.
Leslie Ehm, Toronto, Canada

Bonus tip

Hot Air BalloonFollow those women...

For the next year, photographer Nance Ackerman and writer Donna Nebenzahl will be travelling the world, documenting the work of 40 activist women in words and photographs. As they travel, the pair will be sending journal reports via their website, They invite all Journeywoman readers to spend some time following their adventures, and offering any advice or comments you might wish to share. Log on to find out about their trip to South America, where they stopped in Guatemala, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman Editor, Canada

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