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Women's dress codes in Korea...
I'd like other people to know that Korea is a conservative country with definite dress codes for women. If you want to wear a very short skirt, do as the Koreans do and carry a scarf to cover your knees when you sit down. Always avoid even the suggestion of cleavage, and know that bare shoulders are just marginally acceptable for college-age women. Light lacy jackets are usually worn over sleeveless garments or tank-tops. Unless you are going to be in a tourists-only area, wear a modest one piece swimsuit and avoid bikinis.
Farzana L, Korea

She's a friendly stain remover...
I always carry a few sheets of white paper towelling and Shout stain wipes whenever I travel. Of course, it's primarily for me for when I manage to get my own clothing dirty. However, it's been interesting to see what happens when I'm in a situation where a fellow traveller gets their clothes dirty. Offering to help with a Shout wipe is a very nice conversation opener.
Kristen E., Texas, USA

She's a travellin' interior designer...
Wherever I travel I always carry a small packet with paint samples of the rooms in my home as well as fabric swatches of my furniture. A data sheet with dimensions of my rooms (for rug purchases) and table sizes (for tablecloths) come in very handy as well. In this way I never have to guess if new furnishings from around the world will fit and/or match properly. A wonderful and comfortable way to go shopping!
Jeannine Brookshire, Arizona, USA

She rents a bike in Kyoto...
Living here in Japan, I'd like other JourneyWomen to know that Kyoto is a very easy city to get around in. The subways and buses are simple, but I also recommend (if you are physically fit) renting a bike to move about. You see so much more this way! Most hostels have rental bikes or depending on how long you plan to stay in this city, you can buy a second-hand bicycle for about $30 US. Think of all the fun you'll have.
Alex, Kyoto, Japan

Number your rolls of film...
Like many other JourneyWomen, I print out self-adhesive mailing labels for family and friends to whom I want to send postcards or letters on my travels. But here's another bonus use for labels that I find very helpful. I always make sure there are enough blank labels left on the sheet so I can use these blanks to number my rolls of exposed film. This way I know where each roll of film was taken and they become a snap to identify when I submit them for developing.
Teresa B, Arizona, USA

A bindi on her forehead keeps men away...
When I travelled in India, I had a shalwar kameez (comfortable pants and long sleeve top) made in a local tailor shop. It cost around �5.00 all together and I felt so comfortable in it. I believe you are treated with more respect if you are wearing culturally correct clothing. Most important in India --tie your hair back or braid it in one long braid if it is long enough (that's what Indian women do). It is also very helpful to wear a bindi on your forehead. This bindi is the sign of a married woman and you can buy these objects in the Indian markets for next to nothing. They're small and have an adhesive backing. Just peel and stick and watch how mens' behavior changes around you.
Emma, London, England

Another female-friendly packing tip...
I roll all my clothes when packing and then there is never any ironing at my destination. How do the clothes stay rolled up? I have a special trick. Just cut off the legs of old panty hose. Put your hand inside one of the cut-off legs, grab that rolled up t- shirt and pull it through. Voila! My things stay rolled up like assorted sausages.
Carole H., Toronto, Canada

A very woman-friendly read...
As a woman who has travelled alone for business, as well as pleasure, I highly recommend reading Gavin de Beckers' book "The Gift of Fear." Mr. de Becker has excellent advice for women travelling and living alone. The next time you are browsing in a bookshop, look for this title. You might end taking it home with you.
Nancy, Orlando, USA

Bargaining in China...
In China, get to the markets and shops very early in the morning. If you are the first customer of the day that's perfect because Chinese merchants are very superstitious and they consider the first customer to be the most important of all. In fact, they would rather take an extremely low offer from you than have you walk away. The superstition says that if you turn away the first customer of the day you will not have any good customers that day. So take my good advice -- the early shopper gets the bargain!
Lilian, Singapore

Great Journeywoman tip about Vietnam...
I used a travel tip from your Journeywoman Newletter and wanted to let you know how useful it was and what a great experience it led me to.
Dawn, Lethbridge, Canada
Ed. note: For those readers who do not yet subscribe to our travel tip newsletter, this is the tip Dawn is referring to...

I recently spent a few days in a wonderful little town called Hoi An in the middle of Vietnam. They have an amazing number of seamstresses there who have cloth shops. A great shop with a friendly staff, modern designs and professional work is Khoi Cloth Shop, 134 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An, Vietnam, Tel: 0510 861113. I got five pairs of pants made and three dresses and it cost me $68US. A great deal. They take all your measurements so the clothes fit perfectly. If you want them to make changes, they'll do it at no extra charge. They'll work in your time frame, either having the clothes made that day or the day after. These good businesspeople also gave me a lantern and a purse as a gift. Very hard to resist and a fun experience!
Mei Yin Tao, Hoi An, Vietnam

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