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Use Rubber Bands When Packing
When packing, roll clothes and secure with rubber bands. This keeps your clothes from wrinkling, packs tighter so you can fit more in your suitcase, and the rubber bands come in handy for lots of things - not the least of which being to tie up your hair on a hot August day!
Melissa Combs, LA, USA

Best Fish & Chips in London
Picked Up in Passing... "I ate the best fish and chips of my life (haddock and chips, to be exact) at Maxwell's, located on Haverstock Hill, opposite the Belsize Park underground station."
Marion Kane, Toronto Star, Canada

Nice Knickers in Dublin
Here's a real girl's tip for you....Looking for moderately priced "fun" lingerie in Dublin? I suggest you try "The Knickerbox" located in the St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre.
Finola Sloyan, Dublin, Ireland

Smarties in the Rainforest
On a recent trip in the Amazon Rainforest, I took along a bag of goodies I could munch on and share with my fellow adventurists. The group favourite had to be - SMARTIES - They held up fabulously well in the heat & humidity of the rainforest.
Patsy Prevost, Sarnia, Canada
Ed.note: This is important stuff! Where else but in Journeywoman can a woman learn about which candies don't melt in the rainforest?

She Loves Her Photographer's Vest
Have you ever thought of wearing a photographer's vest when you travel? I find it great for holding my passport, money and travelors checks. I don't need a purse and my hands are always free.
Linda, Sacramento, USA

Tan Without the Sun
Looking forward to looking great on holiday? Want to improve or keep your tan without extra sun? Beta carotene is a coloring pigment that will enhance the dark tone of the skin. Guess which vegetable has the most? Carrots! Eat lots of them!
Melissa Putt, Healthy Habits, Canada

Wear Rubber Thongs in Shower
A warning! Electric showers are common in many Latin American countries, especially in more economical hotels. Although the prospect of stepping under a stream of water heated directly by electric current may seem frightening at first, it need not be. These devices are safe when properly grounded. However, don't take chances! Wearing a pair of rubber thongs will protect you against electric shock that might possibly occur. (P.S. The best thing about these showers is that they never run out of hot water! )
Daisy K., Quito, Ecuador
Ed.note: Sounds a little scary to me but better to be safe than sorry. Pack those rubber thongs, ladies! P.S. Daisy is the Editor of the Latin American Travel Advisory and an expert on that part of the world. She can be reached at

Fancy Fish in Amsterdam
Looking for an impressive selection of fish dishes? Then go to Sluizer, a busy and very well known mecca for fish lovers in Amsterdam. The restaurant has an intimate atmosphere, and draws a diverse crowd. It's located close to the Rembrandtplein and is perfect for dinner after a long day of shopping. P.S. This is actually one of 2 adjoining restaurants of the same name. Go to the one called the "Visrestaurant". Reservation recommended. (Utrechtsestraat) Tel:45 +31 (0)20-626 35 57
Jan Hagestein, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Worth a Chuckle
Miss your pet on vacation? The Hotel Monacco Seattle offers a complimentary goldfish to console lonesome guests. Want to know more? Call 1-800-945-2240.
Toronto Star, Toronto, Canada

Womenswords in the Wild West
For those JW who are interested in womens' bookstores around the world, add this one to your list. Book Woman is located in Austin, Texas at 918 W. 12th Street and they're open seven days a week. Phone number: (512) 472-2785 P.S. They carry childrens' books and T-shirts, too!
Lisa Tamaris Becker, Austin, USA

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