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The Bus vs. Cabs in London
I have just returned from Britain and would like to pass along this tip: If you find it a hassle getting across London from one mainline station to another, try the STATIONLINK bus. This stops at all mainline stations and costs only one pound. Buses (single decker) run both ways in a circular route about every hour, and there is lots of room for luggage. No need to pay high taxi rates! The Stationlink brochures can be picked up at any London Transport office. I got mine at Victoria Station.
Pauline Campbell, London, Ontario

Big Bargain in Budapest
How's this for a culture-friendly, budget night on the town? In Budapest, my girlfriend and I paid about $2.50 each for 2nd balcony seats at La Boheme. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and the people-watching during the four intermissions was almost as entertaining as the performance itself.
Frances Bartlett, Hong Kong

Renting A Summer Cottage Anywhere
Women usually hate creepy-crawlies! So, when setting up the kitchen in your summer holiday cottage, clean out kitchen drawers, wipe cutlery and utensils with a cloth dampened with concentrated lime juice. This concentrate acts as a repellent to bugs.
Cherry Kam, Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto, Canada

A Tip About A JW Tip
One of your recent tips referred to wearing slippers while flying. This is an excellent idea, however it should be emphatically noted that slippers must NEVER be worn during takeoff and landing. Nor should high heeled shoes ever be worn during that segment of a flight. Low, laced shoes should always be worn. Should the need to evacuate the aircraft occur, you might have to move very quickly. Possibly you might have to run through burning material. Thus the need for low, tightly laced shoes.
Fred Pack, retired Northwest Airlines Captain on behalf of Lois Pack, my child bride of 42 years
Ed. note: Fred, point well taken. Thanks so much for taking the time to offer your valuable expertise. It is much appreciated!

Best Food Bet in Berlin
Don't miss "KaDeWe", Berlin's biggest department store, with a 6th floor gourmet food department that's to die for. It's reportedly the biggest in the world outside one in Japan -- and has a fascinating history. It was originally opened right after WWII as a way to let West Germans indulge in delicacies that had been previously unavailable. It's not to be missed. 28 specialty cafes, each serving something unique-- like lobster and caviar.
Arlene Bleecker, New Jersey, USA

Women-only "Sleeps" in Quito
If you're looking for economical hassle-free accommodations in Quito, Ecuador, check out 'Hostal Eva Luna' on Calle Roca 630 near Avenida Amazonas, Tel: 234-799. This hostel is for women only and the modest price of US$5/night includes use of kitchen and laundry facilities. It might be worth looking in to! Daisy Kunstaetter, Quito, Equador
Ed. note: Daisy is the editor of the Latin American Travel Advisor in Quito, Ecuador. Her e-mail address is

Shopping and Socializing in Delhi, India
When in Delhi, be sure to check out the Central Cottage Industries on Janpath. You'll find a whole series of state emporiums located side by side. Lots of interesting things! When I was there doing my shopping, I discovered a cafeteria located amongst the emporiums. It was very cheap but more importantly, it was a place to sit down and people watch. That day it was filled with retired social service employees who came to socialize and have coffee -- all men! (but women are welcome and there were some there that day, too). I had quite the conversation while sharing a table! Great fun.
Jenni Lynnea, Vancouver, Canada

Good Guesthouse in Reykjavik, Iceland
I found very convenient lodging in Reykjavik, Iceland that I'd like to tell other JW about. I stayed at Guesthouse Tryggvagataa #14, run by owner, Anna P. Sigurardottir (telephone (91) 614590). The guesthouse is located on Tryggvagataa street right by the fishing harbor and within easy walking distance of everything in the old town-- the City Hall, the manmade ponds (Tijornin), the National Gallery of Iceland, the sound and light show, the Opera, restaurants and, of course, shopping. Cost per week approximately $US400 with a shared bath (right next door), sink in my room and a sumptuous breakfast each morning.
Arlene Polangin, Washington, USA

Be Culturally-Correct in New Zealand
If you are invited to a Kiwi's for "tea" don't eat ahead of time - "tea" is what they call their evening meal. Likewise if they ask you to bring a "plate" don't show up with a plate to eat on, they are looking for a completed dish, as in a pot-luck party.
Alene Miller, Auckland, New Zealand

Need a New Terry Robe?
I always buy my terry robes at hotels that provide robes for their guests. They're usually very durable (made to withstand many, many washings), nice and roomy (made to fit all sizes) and very well priced (because the hotel buys them in bulk for themselves). Even if the management doesn't advertise the fact that they sell robes, they're usually quite happy to allow you to make a purchase. Go on, try it!
Evelyn Hannon, JW Editor

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