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Best Black Forest Cake in Peru
Feel like pampering yourself during the rigors of travel in northern Peru? Make sure your journey takes you through the city of Trujillo, and don't miss a visit to Cafe Romano. An oasis of fine food and attentive service, it's almost worth the trip to Trujillo just for their selection of deserts; including the best black forest cake south of the Panama Canal!
Daisy Kunstaetter, Quito, Ecuador.
Ed. note: Daisy is the editor of The Latin American Travel Advisor and a member of the Journeywoman Network. Want to connect with her? Just click here

Throw Away Your Undies, Ladies!
When I have a pair of underwear or socks that are showing wear, I simply put them in a bag in the closet. Then when I travel, I pack them and throw them away after one use. This lightens my load every day. I did this all through Europe, Great Britain and Costa Rica.
Erin Flinn, Bakerfield, USA

Free Magazine in Singapore
This is a message for women visiting my corner of the world. I'd like you to know that in Singapore, there's a magazine simply called IS which is distributed free (every first and third Friday of the month) at many cafes, restaurants and Tower Books. It is chock full of the most interesting things including a directory of planned events. This is a very good way to learn about the city and to copy what the locals are doing.
Ng Xiang Lynn, Singapore

She Pack Pictures
When traveling I find that others are interested in where I am from... so before leaving I gather a few small pictures of my home town and its scenery, such as totem poles, glaciers and whales. You can glue them into your travel journal, or make a wallet sized album. It's a very good conversation starter in a new place and it also helps on lonely evenings when you realize how far you are from home.
Cameo, Ketchikan, Alaska
Ed. note: I usually carry a set of postcards bought at one of the tourist shops where I live. I find this a perfect way of showing off my hometown.

Beware of Women Carrying Babies in Italy
While travelling in certain areas of Italy such as Pisa or Rome, beware of women who are lingering by souvenir stands holding babies. They may be getting ready to rob you. Their babies are not real babies -- they're dolls which the women will throw to you. You, of course, will want to stop the (fake) baby from falling and as you reach out to catch it, the women will snatch your purse. Be forewarned!
E. Pessin, Port Washington, USA

Best Public Transport Deal in Sydney, Australia
I'd like women around the world to know that one of the best bargains around Sydney is the Public Transport Red Weekly ticket for $23. This pass allows you to travel all over Sydney on buses, trains and ferries for 7 days. Take ferries all over the Harbor from Circular Quay (pronounced "Key") and enjoy our spectacular city from the water. This ticket is used by weekly workers, but is so much cheaper for travellers than the daily tickets. Happy Travels!
Teena Hughes, Kirribilli, Australia
Ed. note: Teena Hughes maintains a very helpful and well-designed webpage all about her hometown, Sydney Australia and, much more . Want to take a peek? It's called, Absolutely Faaabulous! Australia and you can find it at:

Chicago Designer Shoe Discounts
I'd like other Journeywoman to know that in Chicago, both Halsted and Armitage Streets offer lots of lovely little boutiques and cafes. For designer shoes at discount prices, try Lori's Designer Shoes (773-281-5655) at 824 W. Armitage, near Halsted.
Sharon Wingler, Chicago, USA
Ed. note: For more female-friendly advice about Chicago, you 'll enjoy the articles She Cavorts in Chicago and Chicago Women Chat.

Iron your money!
In many countries locals often prefer receiving US dollars in exchange for goods and services rather than their own currency. In places like Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Khirghiz Republic and Tajikistan, they do not like new money (as it could be counterfeit), but prefer "gently used" bills with no marks or tears. P.S. You can fit more money into your moneybelt if you iron it. I also give it a shot of spray starch just to crisp it up a bit. The setting for wool is just about right.
Esther Perica, Arlington Heights, IL
Ed. note: If you crisp it up, doesn't it look like new again? Won't the locals think it's counterfeit?

Her Germany Washroom Advice
Ladies, never be without a 50 pfennig piece in Germany! All public washrooms that I used required 50 pf. to get in. Also they never seemed to have hot water, soap or paper towels. Best to carry antiseptic wipes with you for washing your hands and face.
Marilyn Frazer, Toronto, Canada

Cheap Way to Belize
You can save hundreds on airfare by taking advantage of one of the cheaper fares to the Mexican resort, Cancun. From there, take a DeLuxe bus to Chetumal, Mexico, another bus across the border to Corozal, Belize. In Belize, you'll be traveling on Battys Bros Bus. Fare from Corozal to Belize City is $4.25 U.S. These buses are comfortable and even show movies aboard.
Ruth Halcomb, Network for Living Abroad Newsletter, USA

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