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Nice in Nairobi
There is a very good travel agency in Nairobi, very helpful, not expensive, and rather punctual. They are nice to women (not the typical macho man African attitude) The address is: Game Trackers, Camping Safaris, Finance House, Banda Street, P.O. Box 62042. Tel. 338927 OR 22703
Claudia, Tam Tam Femmes/Congo.
Ed. note: Travelling to Africa? -- Tam Tam Femme/Congo is a network of women in various African countries. They offer practical information and support to women moving to an African country for a long period of time, with particular regard to women travelling with their children. However, their data bank includes information (such as security, doctors, communications, etc.) that might be of help to any woman traveller. It is free to join their organization. You can reach them at Tam Tam Femme, Website:, email:

Wild Women Adventures
Check out This inventive and amusing site belongs to Wild Women Adventures offering such female-centered trips as Erin Go Brahless in Ireland and What�s Mayan is Yours in Mexico. These women have also created a wacky brochure offering "insane but dignified" trips for all wild travelling women. Their free publication is almost guaranteed to make you laugh out loud! For further info call 1-800-992-1322
From Journeywoman Files

London Taxi Tip
To get from London to Heathrow Airport is very expensive if you're travelling by official black cabs. However, you can call Eagle Radio Cars (0171 328 8585) or Millennium Cars (0171 624 6767). These companies use mini cabs and can get you to the airport for almost half the price.
Leslie Ehm, London, England

"No No" Foods -- Pregnant Traveller
I read about this in Fit Pregnancy Magazine and thought it would be helpful for other women to know. Are you a pregnant traveller? Stay away from brie, sushi and herbal teas anywhere in the world. Underlying bacteria in these three foods products can be hazardous to pregnant women and their developing fetuses.
Caroline Allan, Washington, USA

Women Take Taxis in Peru
Whether you're travelling solo or with a friend, my advice is never to walk anywhere in Peru after dark. To avoid being mugged, take taxis even when the distances are very, very short. Ask your driver to watch that you make it safely into your hotel, restaurant or anywhere else you're going. I walked (with a man friend) and we were both mugged!
Rhona W., Toronto, Canada

Culinary Divas Take note!
On your next visit to Ireland, you can take part in Irish cooking classes at the Ballyhack Cookery Centre in Co. Wexford. I recommend their Demonstration Lunch where the chefs cook while chatting to class participants. You watch, you learn, and then everyone enjoys a delicious Irish lunch together (wine included). The price in '97 was 20 Irish Punts. For further info: call/fax: 051-389284
Bill Passmore, Baganalstown, Ireland

Over Attentive in Italy
Here's a helpful hint for journey women travelling through Italy. Anytime you're being pestered by over-attentive men, use the words "lasciatemi in pace!" (leave me alone!) And then, try to look indifferent when they attempt to "chat you up." Getting into a conversation will only make it harder for you to get away from the persistent pestering.
Ruth Halcomb, Network for Living Abroad, California, USA

She Fools Them in Addis Abada
My friend Simonetta spent quite a few days in Addis Ababa, and wanted to enjoy the beautiful markets, but was always bothered by crowds of children and men, so she disguised herself. She bought a sort of sari to cover her head and part of the body, carried a plastic bag (the ones you always get at the market if you buy fruits, etc.) and put some vegetables inside. She took no camera nor map with her, and simply walked three hours long enjoying the market without being noticed. It's worth a try!
Claudia, Milano, Italy

E-mail Access in Germany
Looking for e-mail access in German cities? Try inquiring at any computer store. Since they sell the equipment and software, they usually know if there are any cybercafes and where they are located. In a number of instances, I found the internet cafes did not charge for sending e-mail. You only had to purchase a card if you wanted to do some surfing. Another bit of advice...look for a T-Comm shop (the German telephone company) and T-Line which is what their internet service is called. The employees here seemed happy to let me use their computer to send an e-mail message and didn�t charge me a thing.
Marilyn Fraser, Mississauga, Canada

Avoid "Funny -Tummy"
I found the best way to protect yourself against bowel troubles as you travel. Very easy! Coat your stomach by popping a few chewable Pepto-bismol tablets daily. These come in little packs and 3-5 a day provide a nice protective lining against those nasty little bugs.
Monica Flores, San Diego, USA
Ed. note: But... travellers must still take proper precautions with their food and water and proper innoculations. Otherwise your tummy will definitely become "very funny."

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