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Twelve Things a Woman Will Enjoy in Winnipeg

Female-friendly food stops ...


From hotel breakfasts to burger joints, bakeries and higher end restaurants, Winnipeg did not disappoint. My Fort Garry Hotel stay included a full buffet breakfast served in their elegant Broadway Room. Chat with the chef at his station, tell him how you'd like your eggs or what you'd like in your omelet and he'll cook it to order in minutes. Take my advice - his scrambled eggs and smoked salmon plate was divine.

Please remember the name Boon Burger Cafe at 79 Sherbrook Street. This was one of my lunch stops and what a great choice it was. Boon Burgers is a small eatery with a very cool selection of vegan burgers (in a very different type of bun) served with baked yukon gold potatoes or a selection of salads. Picture this example from their menu - The Buddha burger consists of a curried chickpea patty, creamy curry mayo, red pepper peach chutney, sliced cucumber, tomato, red onion and lettuce. Or you can try their Thanksgiving burger with (of course) cranberries that also looked so very tasty. You can check out their complete menu online at: Boon Burger is completely solo friendly. Seating is at two very long tables with benches on either side. You can't help but talk to the folks sitting around you. I did and they turned out to be a husband and wife discussing plans for their upcoming trip to the Amazon. I had a terrific time there. Even if you're not a vegan, I think you will, too. Website:

For an afternoon snack, I stopped in at Tall Grass Prairie Bakery at 859 Westminister in the Wolseley neighbourhood. The shop is owned and operated by two families of Manitoba Hudderite farmers who grow their own local organic grains. They even mill their whole grain flour daily using stone mills on their own premises. Tall Grass is passionate about the craft of baking and their goodies are quickly snapped up at the store's two locations (second location is in The Forks Market). A friend suggested I try their signature whole wheat cinnamon buns. Oh my goodness. They were huge, they were delicious and I wish I could have had two. Website:

I highly recommend Peasant Cookery both for it's interesting food and lively bistro atmosphere. I met 'Montreal friends' who were happy to join me for dinner at what they claimed was 'one of their favorite Winnipeg restaurants.' We began with the flavourful house specialty, charcuturie, a selection of homemade dry cured sausages, terrines and pates, served with pickled veggies and home baked breads. Main courses included 10 good, solid food choices that went from Flat Iron Steak to Aged Cheddar Gnocchi to Pork Schnitzel. I honestly wished I could have tried all of them. My roasted chicken served with sage and thyme spaetzle was so good I hated to come to the end of it. Add to that a delightful server who regaled us with stories of the building's history alluding to a time when Turkish Baths were housed in the basement and perhaps, maybe, YIKES! ... a brothel. P.S. Single JourneyWomen can choose to eat at the busy bar where there's every opportunity of sitting beside an interesting Winnipegger who'll tell you much more about their friendly city. Address: 100-283 Bannatyne Reservations recommended. Website: P.P.S. My dinner partners suggested that after dark it's best to take a taxi back to your hotel from this busy 'club area.'

My last evening in Winnipeg I chose to relax and have my dinner in the Fort Garry Hotel's Palm Lounge. And relax I did in one of their cozy club chairs enjoying the highest end (100% prime rib) best beef burgers I have ever tasted! With fries or salad, my bill came to $15.00 and I'd do it all over again and again and again. It was that good! P.S. Still have room for dessert? Try the Lemon Meringue Tart with Rasperry Coule. Yum!

Learn about Inuit Art at the WAG ...


The Winnipeg Art Gallery is Western Canada's oldest public gallery celebrating its 100th birthday in 2013. For Journeywoman it was a special treat to find out that the WAG houses the largest collection of inuit art in the world with women artists nicely represented. Look out for work by Germaine Arnaktauyok. According to the WAG literature, her design of a drum dancer was chosen to appear on Canada's two dollar coin commemorating the formation of the territory of Nunavut. Mary Yuusipik Singaqti does extraordinary textile work of wool felt and embroidery thread on wool duffle. It's a treat to see the art they've created. Website:

Self-guided walking tour of the Manitoba Legislative grounds...


Pick up a free walking tour leaflet in the legislative building lobby and begin your stroll on the lovely lawns surrounding the grand neo-classical building. There are 40 memorials and monuments that relate to highlights of Manitoba's history. Four in particular that women will appreciate are (1) Queen Victoria who sits stern faced right in front of the Legislative Building (2) Queen Elizabeth II created by Manitoba artist, Leo Mol (3) the Tri-Services Monument that commemorates the army, navy and air-force women who served during the two World Wars (4) Nellie McClung the activist who helped Manitoba women to become the first in Canada to win the right to vote. P.S. For information on guided tours of the Legislative Building interior, please call the Visitor Tour Program at 204 945 5813.


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