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25 Things Women Should Know Before Visiting Las Vegas


Don't forget to tip...
Speaking of which, Las Vegas has a very generous tipping culture. Everybody here expects a tip. Be sure to have plenty of dollar bills on you at all times. If you should find yourself out of ones, you can generally break a larger bill in the casinos at “bill breaker” machines.


Nightlife requires extra vigilence...
Las Vegas is famous for its nightlife and nightclubs. If you like to dance until dawn, you will not have a problem finding somewhere to do that. Most people are at the nightclubs for the same reason you are: To have a good time. That said, it’s a good idea to practice common sense safety at the clubs: Don’t drink to excess. As a woman, you may have men offering to buy you drinks. That’s fine, just make sure to make them nonalcoholic drinks once you’ve reached your limit. Always keep your eye on your drink, so no one has an opportunity to slip a drug into it.


For the price of a drink...
If you’re looking for less expensive nighttime entertainment, go listen to a lounge band or dueling piano show, both of which are free as long as you’re purchasing a drink now and again. Dueling piano shows are fun, and can be a great way to meet other travelers.


Forget formal tours...
Don’t waste your money on a formal tour of the Las Vegas Strip; you can easily self-tour the Strip. Do consider a tour for a lengthy day trip outside of Las Vegas (for instance, to the Grand Canyon), or for experiential activities such as a helicopter tour or horseback riding.


Vegas from on high...
The Las Vegas Strip is at its most beautiful from a height at night. There are several ways you can get that sky-high view: 869 feet up from the top of the Stratosphere for about $16 dollars (which buys you 360-degree views of the city); 460 feet up from the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas for $10-15; from upper-story lounges such as the Ghostbar at the Palms or Voodoo Lounge at the Rio for the cost of a drink; or by helicopter (for about $70). There are also some restaurants offering stunning views from on high, such as the Voodoo Steakhouse at the Rio, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris, and the Top of the World at the Stratosphere.


Solo dining tips...
Las Vegas sees a lot of solo visitors every year, so no need to feel self-conscious dining alone here. If you’re in the mood to chat, you can dine at the bar, if you feel like eating quickly, there are buffets, and if you feel like savoring your meal in solitude, I recommend a table with a view. Try a restaurant with patio dining overlooking the Bellagio Fountains, such as Olives or Mon Ami Gabi; or, for people-watching, one that faces into a shopping area (there are several at Caesar’s Forum Shops), a casino, or indoor plaza (such as St. Mark’s Square at the Venetian). There are also a few dinner shows in Las Vegas (Tony ‘N Tina’s wedding, The Rat Pack is Back, and Tournament of Kings).


Player's club cards...
If you plan to do any gambling at all, sign up for a player’s club card in every casino you play in. Why? By inserting your card into a slot machine or giving it to the pit boss at a table game, you will accrue rewards points that can be used for comps (free stuff) or at the very least, be eligible for discount hotel rates for future trips that the general public is not eligible for (based on your play).


Seek out quiet spots...
Looking for a quiet spot away from the sensory chaos of Las Vegas? Try a spa, the Flamingo Gardens and wildlife habitat, MGM Grand’s West Wing Bar, the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage, or the Mystic Falls Atrium at Sam’s Town (accessible from the Strip and Downtown by free shuttle). Often times you can find comfy couches and chairs tucked away in quiet areas of hotels near the conference centers. If you have access to a car, your best bet for some peace and quiet is getting off the Strip and/or out of town (the Springs Preserve walking trails, Red Rock Canyon, or Mt. Charleston are all possibilities).


Don’t forget to pack...
– Vegas is a 24/7 party town. Not everyone quiets down after midnight.
A watch – Casinos do not have clocks, because they want you to forget what time it is while you’re gambling.
A sweater – Even when the temperatures outside are soaring to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, casinos, restaurants, and hotels have the air conditioning cranked to Arctic temperatures.
Eye drops and nasal spray – The air in Las Vegas is very dry and can lead to dry eyes and nosebleeds if you’re not used to it.
Sunblock – The sun shines brightly in Vegas, even in the winter.
A small flashlight – Restaurants and bars in Las Vegas can be so dark at night it’s difficult to read the menu or your bill. It’s good to have a flashlight, just in case.


BONUS - If you need a doctor...

Need medical attention? The Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino houses an urgent care facility and it is an option for those with problems not serious enough to require a hospital visit. It's open Mondays through Fridays from 9am to 5pm only and walk-ins are welcome. Tel: 702.309.5144

If you need a prescription filled, Walgreens (3763 Las Vegas Blvd. S., across from the Monte Carlo) is open 24 hours a day. Tel: 702.739.9638

(Source: The excellent guidebook, 'Las Vegas Spend Less See More' by Pauline Frommer)

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