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26 Reasons for Women to Love New York City

Evelyn Hannon

New York is one of those iconic cities that is known worldwide. The lights of Broadway, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park are recognizable images that appear in books, movies and television. It is a magnet that draws people young and old and when they get there they are presented with thousands of things to do. In this article our aim is to help you through some of the choices.

We've canvassed the members of our Journeywoman Network, our followers on Twitter, reviewed past articles and scoured our Journeywoman Newsletter for both interesting ways and money-saving ways to appreciate this fabulous destination. Enjoy everybody!

THE BEST FALAFEL IN NEW YORK CITY -- I'd like to recommend Mamoun's to other Journeywoman travellers. Established in 1971 when I was in middle school, this Middle-Eastern treasure gets better and better. It's hands down, the best falafel in all of New York City, including my Lower East Side neighborhood. The original Mamoun's is still on MacDougal Street in the West Village. The newest Manhattan location is St. Mark's Place in the East Village. Their classic falafel sandwich was $1.50 when I was in college. Now it's $3.00. Still a great deal.

Submitted by Gina, New York City, USA


GREAT GUESTHOUSE IN NEW YORK CITY -- I'd like to recommend Chelsea Pines Inn on 14th St in NYC to other Journeywoman readers. It's located on the border between Chelsea to the north and the West Village to the south; a few steps to the closest subway line; and a block from the fantastic High Line and Chelsea Market to the west. In prior trips I'd always felt a little uncomfortable exploring areas around hotels (because the less expensive ones were more in business areas than in neighborhoods) but in this area we walked and walked everywhere. The owner and all the employees at the Chelsea Pines were fun, wonderful and helpful. The rooms are themed around old movie posters (the owner's father used to own a movie house and knew some of the old stars); they are up-to-date, comfortable and clean, and the toiletries are Gilchrist& Soames. Breakfast is in a sunny garden room (or in the garde n itself in good weather), and you can grab fruit or cookies in the kitchen around the clock. Best of all, for NYC the prices are quite good.

Submitted by Robin, S. Hamilton, USA


BEST SANDWICH IN NEW YORK CITY -- Bedouin Tent's leg of lamb with onion, tomato & homemade lemon-mint mayonnaise in fresh pita is hands down the best sandwich for me (405 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY). A close second: the banh mi sandwiches from Ba Xuyen (4222 8th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY) & they have a surprisingly plentiful set of sandwich options, including meatballs, and the bread is always fresh.

Submitted by Jodi Ettenberg, Website: Twitter: @legalnomads


WE LIKED THIS HOTEL -- We stayed at Hotel on the Ave on 77th and Broadway and it was a fabulous choice. The location was perfect for what we wanted to see and do, our nicely decorated rooms were spacious, and the shower stall in our modern bathroom was big enough for a mom to wash five kiddies at the same time. We got a newspaper outside our door and coffee was served in the lobby each morning. There was free WiFi in the lobby as well. However, most important to us was the genial hotel staff who offered service with a smile each and every time we requested it. When one of the women realized she had left her iphone power cord at home the assistant manager happily shared his with her and saved the day. Plus there were two female conscierge desks in the lobby and those girls knew their stuff. This hotel definitely earned a Gold Star rating from us. We all agreed we'd come back here 'in a New York minute.' For Hotel on the Ave's specials and packages, click here

Submitted by Rosalie, Montreal, Canada


DISCOUNT PHARMACY IN NEW YORK CITY -- On my last trip to NYC I stumbled upon Pasteur Pharmacy at 53 East 34th Street (between Madison and Park Avenue). It is a small space, totally unassuming filled to the brim with everything under the sun. Deodorants, shampoos, styling products, vitamins - you name it, they have it. My mission was to locate a certain brand name hair product, I found it tucked away in a corner and at a little less than I could buy it for in Toronto or on the brand's online stores both in Canada and the USA. I wished I had more time to browse through their nooks and crannies and stock up on their endless supply of 'stuff.'

Submitted by Leslie, Toronto, Canada


NEW YORK TOUR GUIDE OFFERS HER PERSONAL TIPS -- I lead tours of New York City history, and am a great student of all things New York. (1) Budget food at Shake Shacks all around town. Get there before lunch or dinnertime for shorter lines; they serve a perfect if not huge hamburger for $3.75 (2) Get your bras at Macy's, Orchard Corset Lower East Side and Town Shop on the Upper West Side. (3) For shoe shops that specialize in comfort and sizes, check out Harry's, Tip Top and Eneslow. (4) For kitchen gadgets visit Sur La Table, 75 Spring Street in Soho. (5) For hair cuts, I recommend Kathleen Riley in Greenwich Village at 212-627-1522 who is excellent. She does hair for some TV shows. (6) For a good manicure that's inexpensive, try Spa Nail at 18th St & Seventh Ave. (7) For the best walking tours in town I'd recommend my own. Visit my website:

Submitted by Joyce, New York City, USA


WE FOUND HOTEL METRO IN NEW YORK THRU JOURNEYWOMAN -- This hotel was recently beautifully redone in Art Deco style. My daughter and I stayed there for nine days and it was fabulous. The location is brilliant; it's on a short block on 35th St between 5th and 6th Avenues. From the gorgeous open roof terrace, the Empire State Building is right next to you with all its magical changes of lighting, and Macy's Department Store is just at the end of the block. You are near everything central and in easy reach of everywhere else. There is a gym, there is breakfast included (and it's on for hours, so no rush), with myriad muffins, bags of bagels, cereals, fruit and toast, and they offer free tea and coffee round the clock. There is a cocktail bar and restaurant at the hotel too. As first time visitors, it was magical for us to be right in the thick of the iconic sights of New York. The beds were very comfortable and yes, the rooms were small, but that's always the case in city centre hotels anywhere. Tel: 212 947 2500. Website:

Submitted by Valerie, Whitley Bay, England


RESERVE AT THIS RESTAURANT ONE MONTH AHEAD -- It's called, Otto Enoteca. By planning ahead - precisely one month ahead - you can secure a reservation at one of Mario Batali's restaurants. They don't take reservations any more than a month out and a day later and you may miss out. Otto is designed to resemble an Italian train station. I caught up with friends for dinner there but the bar is great for solo travellers. We were able to sample and share a number of dishes including a beautiful raw asparagus dish with parmesan cheese, an intriguing pasta dish with cauliflower, and the most amazing gelato I've ever had - olive oil gelato drizzled with basil syrup. It's really worth the effort to time your reservation carefully.

Submitted by: Janice Waugh Website: Twitter @solotraveler


RELIABLE EAST VILLAGE EATS IN NEW YORK CITY -- An East Village NYC favorite of mine is The Smith Restaurant serving up an assortment of American standards with a flare and offering generous portions. Brunch and supper are usually packed with NYU students and East Village locals, but a late lunch is a perfect way to relax after shopping or museum visiting. While the prices are not a bargain, the quality is quite good and there's a comfortable atmosphere. Brunch is wonderful (try to get there early to beat the crowd) and there's a Sunday night burger and beer special for $15. See the website for menus. The Smith, 55 3rd Avenue, between 10th & 11th St. P.S. Don't mistake it for the Nevada Smith Sportsbar across the street.

Submitted by Madi, New York City, USA


Top 20 Cheap Eats New York City

JourneyWoman Jodi Ettenberg is a former New York lawyer who left legal practice to pursue her dream of seeing the world, one country at a time. Travelling since April 1, 2008, she writes about her obsessive love of street food, transportation misadventures and the politics of the places she visits. You can follow Jodi via her Legal Nomads blog or on Twitter. We asked Jodi to tell us about her favorite cheap eats in New York.




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