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26 Reasons for Women to Love New York City


WHERE DO NEW YORK CHEFS BUY THEIR SPICES? -- Foodie alert! Check out Kalustyans on Lexington and 28th. They carry every spice, pea, bean, rice, and grain you can imagine. They also carry 180 varieties of imported teas and 50 imported varieties of coffee. P.S. Here's a tiny secret; go upstairs to their little lunch counter for great falafel, baba ganoush and hummus.

Submitted by Marsha, New York City, USA


DO YOU LIKE INDIAN FOOD? -- There is an area around Lexington Avenue and 28th Street in Manhattan where there are many Indian restaurants. Me and my girlfriends meet for weekday lunch at the ones that have buffets. These buffets are usually well-priced and with all that food you can generally save money by having a lighter dinner. The restaurant names change frequently so the names aren't so important - just walk up Lexington and look in, see if the place is full and, of course, read the reviews that are posted in the windows.

Submitted by Marsha, New York City, USA


WALK THE HIGH LINE -- This is a public park built on the reclaimed remnants of past freight train lines. Back in the day, trains were used to transport produce, meat and manufactured goods into the city; but by the 1980's trucks were the preferred means of transportation and these train lines were abandoned. However, by 2002 New York City made it its policy to preserve and reuse the High Line as a public park. Nowadays, New Yorkers and visitors alike turn to the High Line for a respite from the city's bustling noise and activity. It has become a great place to relax, read a book, have a picnic or simply take a peaceful walk.

Submitted by Bianca Bauza, Barcelona, Spain. Website: Twitter: @nomadbiba


EXPLORE THE LOWER EAST SIDE -- Here are four things I'd like to suggest you see in this area of NYC. (1) Off the beaten track to explore: New York Tenement Museum It's well worth visiting this center and taking one or more guided tours (97 Orchard Street). Costumed interpreters explain what life was like for the immigrant families. (2) After that, take a walking tour of the neighborhood and try some of the great local food (Katz Deli is a good option). There's lots of good info on the museum's website or check our the Lower East Side History Project's tour schedule at (3) Pop into this great hotel in the area: The Blue Moon Hotel, 100 Orchard Street, (212) 533-9080. Your great-grandparents wouldn't believe how this 19th century building has been restored to what it is today. (4) Another gorgeous restoration is The 19th Century Eldridge Synagogue which underwent restoration a few years ago and is well worth a visit. Feel free to check out my photos of the Lower East Side neighbourhood.

Submitted by Diane, El Cerito, USA


FREE STUFF NEWSLETTER -- A terrific source for free and almost-free events is I usually subscribe to the skint daily email a few days before my trip, just to get a feel for the type of things that are going on for free or for very little cost.The Skint starts with 'around town today', then follows with upcoming weekend events. There are always so many wonderful ways to spend your time in the Big Apple without spending a lot of money, you just have to take the time and do your research.

Submitted by Debra, Toronto, Canada


NEW YORK SUNDAYS EASY ON YOUR BUDGET -- Sundays offer endless opportunities for visitors to get great deals in New York. The Soho Rep Theatre sells show tickets for 99 cents. Just make sure to get there an hour early, as the line can get long. HEre's what their site says about the deal. 'Selected Sunday performance are just 99¢! Soho Rep is thrilled to offer 99¢ Sundays on selected Sunday performances to make our shows accessible to the widest audiences possible. We welcome anyone and everyone, no matter if it's your first time to Soho Rep or your 20th time!' For more info their website is¢-sundays

Submitted by Jessica Festa, New York City, USA. Website: Jessie on a Journey Twitter: @jessonajourney


A HOSTEL TO CONSIDER IN NYC -- Jazz on Amsterdam Ave hostel offers females 8, 6 or 4-bed dorms some of them en suite and air-conditioned. It is also quite new so all the facilities are modern and the decor has a good splash of colour. Women will like the fashionable location on the Upper West Side, just a few minutes from Central Park and with plenty of bars and restaurants on their doorstep. The hostel offers a comfy lounge area as well as a roof deck. Staff organise outings and events throughout the week so guests have plenty of opportunities to meet their fellow travellers.

Submitted by Evelyn, Toronto, Canada


THREE NEW YORK CITY SUMMER TIPS -- i do a two month sublet in Brooklyn every summer. Here are some of my favorite things to do in NYC. (1) A group called, Time's Up does a moonlight ride around Central Park once a month. It's amazing! I've actualy brought a second hand bike from them previously, for around $100. Much cheaper than a rental and I donated it back at the end of my stay. NY has amazing bike paths these days. (2) There are free movies and writing classes in Bryant Park during the summer. Take advantage! (3) During the summer there is also a free ferry running to Governors Island. It takes about eight minutes, offers great views of the Statue of Liberty ant it's like being transported to another world. Check their website for their schedule. Have fun, everybody!

Submitted by 30 Traveler, New Zealand. Website: Twitter: @30traveler


FRESH ORGANIC FOOD STOP IN NEW YORK CITY -- For lunch or snacks or just coffee visit Whole Foods, the one in Time Warner on 59 Street is best; you can buy lunch etc. and they have an area to sit down and eat and another in which you can purchase wine or beer with your purchased meal and also enjoy it there. Or, take it to Central Park which is just across the street.

Submitted by Olga, New York City, USA


BONUS TIP Lunch and million dollar view

For a bargain lunch with a million dollar view, head to Kinokuniya, 1073 Sixth Avenue, just south of 42nd Street. It's the main NYC branch of the Japanese book store chain (spend some time browsing after you eat). Up a tiny escalator lies Zaiya, a Japanese cafe. For as little as $5, you can get a bento box lunch. Spend a bit more, and get miso soup and a beverage. The grilled salmon version is my favorite. There are also desserts, good coffee and green tea, and finger sandwiches, too. Eat at a counter overlooking Bryant Park and the New York Public Library or take your lunch across the street to one of the cafe tables or the lawn.

Submitted by Micki Maynard Blog: Twitter: @culinarywoman



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