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50 JourneyWomen Share their Travel Dreams...


Evelyn Hannon

We sent the question out in a newsletter. It went something like this... 'They say that every seven years a woman becomes a completely different person. If you could magically choose the city you'd like to live in for the next seven years, tell us in 75 words or less which one it would be and why.'

It was as if the floodgates to our JW members' travel dreams opened and the messages just kept coming and coming and coming. Some respondents were older, some just starting their journey and many, many women in the age range of 35-50 told us what they wished for 'in their future.'

We heard from JourneyWomen located all over Canada and the USA. They wrote, too, from the West Indies, Czech Republic, Kuwait City, Australia, South Africa and many more juicy spots around the world. They chose Italy as their dream destination (a lot) and Paris and Malta and New York City and the Galapagos along with many, many more juicy spots around the world.

It was great fun for us to compile. It gave us incredible wanderlust. We hope you have fun reading...

Southwest England...
I'd nestle into Glastonbury, once known as the "Isle of Avalon" and said to be the final resting place of King Arthur and Guinevere. This ancient town in Southwest England once opened out to the sea, and nearly every morning, a milky mist still swirls around the countryside, slowly burning off to reveal emerald grasses, the mystical hill known as the Tor, and scatterings of sheep. Whimsy and spirituality play a delicious game of hide-and-seek here, and speaking of delicious: the Indian restaurants and the pastry shops served up some of the best food I've ever tasted!
Marilyn, Kensington, USA
If I could pick up and move to anyplace on earth for the next seven years, it would have to be Paris. I would rent a small apartment close to Montmarte and experience the art, beauty, food and the wine (always the wine) of this extraordinary city. I love Paris because it is always fresh. The streets radiant excitement and people watching is an event. I could wander the city with abandon and become part of its story. It's a magical place where everyone can live out their dreams. Whether you choose to be a part of the crowd or stand alone, Paris will never let you down. C'est la vie!
Phyllis, St. Louis, USA
Santa Fe, New Mexico...
The colours of the sky, night and day
Stars you can touch
the colours of adobe
The spirit and energy from the Pueblos
This energy turning into creativity of artists
Opera, visual arts crafts, and how Sante Fe folks wear their clothes
The sense of peace in the desert
The beauty in the flowers
Majesty of the mountains
The spirit of the ancients inhabiting that area.
Hot springs and bathing in the shadow of mountains

Georgina, Toronto, Canada
Seville, Spain...
For seven years? Hmm... so many choices... Tokyo, Paris, New York... no, no, my first gut answer: I would love to be in Seville. I visited Seville over twelve years ago and it was 'le coup de foudre'. It's hard to describe how there was this connection between this city and me.
Lara, Montreal, Canada
New York City, USA...
If by magic I could live anywhere for the next seven years, I would choose New York City. I was born in Brooklyn, went to high school in Manhattan, then left at 18 to study at McGill University in Montreal where I have stayed for 40 years. New York calls me back; I want to live in its 24/7 rhythms and find inspiration for my art through all my newly excited senses.
Christine, Montreal, Canada
Tuscany, Italy...
I raised eight small kids - between nap time, piles of dirty laundry and stacks of dirty dishes, I found a few minutes to write every day. Traveling very far wasn't an option back then - we had so many mouths to feed and money was sometimes of short supply! Now, the nest is empty. For the next seven years, I could live in Tuscany , Italy in a little private villa in the midst of a beautiful vineyard.
Marcella, Logansport, Los Angeles, USA
Edinburgh, Scotland...
I'm approaching my 75th birthday. The next seven years may be my last. All my life I have been reading mystery stories set in Great Britain. Ian Duncan writes about Edinburgh and the surrounding area. I read avidly everything Alexander McColl Smith writes about this city and its residents. It would give me great pleasure to be there long enough to walk Edinburgh streets and feel just a bit at home.
Joan, Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada
New York City, USA...
Ahhh New York, New York! The number “seven”, is often a biblical period of servitude resulting in profound insights, or a spectacular return on the investment. New York certainly fits the bill for a seven year odyssey. Each year could be dedicated to an aspect of life in the Big Apple: history, culture and ethnicity, the arts, gastronomy, urban space and architecture, spirituality and last, but not least, what makes a New Yorker and New Yorker!
Lynda, Toronto, Canada
Sorrento, Italy...
I would like to live in Sorrento, Italy for the next seven years. Italy has always fascinated me and I would love to experience the Italian way of life, learn the language and become fully immersed in the culture. I feel that Sorrento is "calling me." I would like to complete my life's journey by living in this piece of paradise. I think it would provide me with the most perfect travel and living experience as well as providing me with many wonderful memories.
Margaret, Montreal, Canada
Sydney, Australia...
I would love to live in Sydney for the next seven years to find out whether Australian’s really do enjoy a laid back lifestyle that they are known for or whether this is infact a myth!
Also I’d like to catch up with my aunt who emigrated when I was a child to find out what my dad was like when he was younger as he doesn’t talk about family much.

Sharon, Salisbury, United Kingdom
Caya, Caulker, Belize...
The place where I would live in for the next seven years would be Caya Caulker, Belize. After one day people say hi using your name, there are no cars, sand covers the entire island. It's the one place on earth that is still slow paced, if you walk too fast the locals will tell you to go slow! Best of all some of the pubs were canadian owned so it felt like home.
Rosie, Saskatoon, Canada
Seven years too long...
The thought of spending seven years in one city is more than I can bear. Two years is the most I could fathom in any one place, especially having been magically transported along with a magical unearned income. My next stops, to intensely learn about and love two years at a time, would be (in order): Yosemite Village, San Francisco, Brewster, MA and one year in Los Angeles. Further explanation is longer than 75 words!
Margaret, California, USA
Paris, France...
My destination would be the lovely and alluring city of Paris. I’d entrench myself in the language and culture, living the life of a true Parisian. My morning routine would start with a stop at a neighbourhood café for tea and croissants and afternoons would be spent either visiting the many museums I haven’t had the time to see, renting a bike to ride out to the suburbs or strolling through the numerous parks.
Sue, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
Torino, Italy...
My Italian adventures have convinced me that I belong in Piemonte. Torino is a beautiful, small city; an easy drive to mountains or sea. Food. If you have eaten in Piemontese restaurants, you KNOW the food is some of Italy’s best. Wines. Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera…and many more that don’t begin with the letter ‘B.’ And finally, why else would I have been spending so much of my spare time with Rosetta Stone?
Susan, Siler City, North Carolina, USA
Valletta, Malta...
The city I would like to live in for seven years has to be Valletta. Valletta, capital of the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino and a UNESCO heritage site. A most beautiful city surrounded on three sides by the sea and enclosed by 16th century bastion walls. A city full of history and beautiful buildings, being founded by the Knights of St John in 1565. Whether it's meeting the Maltese, swimming, walking or taking a cruise around the islands, Malta holds a very special place in my heart.
Sandra A. Maguire Cape Town, South Africa
Florence, Italy...
If every seven years a woman becomes a new person, then I want to become a sketcher...and what better place than Florence, Italy? Since I write and take photos sketching is the next piece of my puzzle. Florence...its streets, bridges, domes and markets will provide me with subjects. Florence...its delicious food and wine will sustain me. Florence...its gelato will encourage me. Florence beckons. Grab my sketchbook and passport. I'll send you postcards...and sketches.
Wendy, California, USA

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