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50 JourneyWomen Share their Travel Dreams...


Montecatini Terme, Italy...
I would like to live in Montecatini Terme, Italy for the next seven years. It is a wonderful small town in Tuscany with spas. I want to stroll the town after dinner and catch a train to Florence or Lucca when the spirit moves me. I want to take an hours drive to the coast and Cinque Terre. If I get a thirst, the Chianti region is close by.
Chris, Leland, North Carolina, USA
British Columbia, Canada...
Currently I live in a small town in Southern BC and to be honest, as much as I LOVE to travel and have seen amazing places, there really is no better place that British Columbia and my little City of Castlegar.
Shelly, Castlegar, Canada
Granada, Nicaragua...
I would like to live in Granada, Nicaragua, for seven years. Situated on the shore of Lake Nicaragua, I could enjoy colonial architecture,
volcanoes in the distance, and a small, bustling city to learn about
Nicaraguan culture.

Regina, Largo, Florida, USA
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico...
If I had to choose a place on this earth to live for the next seven years, if money was no object, my choice would be Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. But that can not be the topic of this paragraph because I have never been there……..I just spend hours dreaming of going and what I hope it would be like once I got there. I have, however, been to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania and it would be my next best choice. Tropics, ocean, sand, and a gentle people beat out cold North Americans any time of the day.
Louise, Edmonton, Canada
Chicago, USA...
Even though I’ve been to many international cities, I would choose Chicago for its ability to inspire creativity, encourage neighborliness, and provide new places to explore. I can get my fix of multiculturalism without carrying a passport. I am a Midwesterner at heart and the level-headedness of the heartland reminds me of why I love the US. It’s wonderful to visit another country for a few hours yet fall sleep in your own bed!
Mary, currently in Camp Arifjan outside Kuwait City, Kuwait
Rome, Italy...
One year is necessary to discover each of the seven hills of Rome. Each rise tells a long and different story. But altogether, the topography of Rome sets a stage for a city that is predictably unpredictable. A city where I would like to spend the next seven years, meeting locals. Rome is revealed in its people and how they coexist among their history. Watch them light-heartedly and energetically eat, then simultaneously scold you for breaching an unspoken culinary canon, and discover that what will never cease to amaze you are not its monuments and fountains, but how the Romans continue to behave in and around, and despite, these marvels.
Theresa Potenza, USA +Rome, Italy
Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo...
Make those seven years count, don't play it safe, dive off an edge. Use them to remember it's how we should live every seven of our lives. Now which edge? I think it must be Kuching. Sarawak. Borneo. Land of the White Rajas. Headhunters. Outlawed, yes, but you see the throat tattoos still, often. It was all of them that got me there to begin with. That's where I'd go back. Time travel.
Joanna, Bisbee Arizona, USA
Vancouver, Canada...
Imagine living in a cosmopolitan city inside a snazzy glass condo. If you get
cabin fever, then ski fresh powder down glorious Whistler Mountain, kayak with orca killer whales,
or zoom your bike through Stanley Park's forests and totem poles.
You'll still make it home for a dinner of fresh sushi.
That's my dream city, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Sharon, Charleston, North Carolina, USA
Barcelona, Spain...
I've been having an on again, off again romance with Barcelona for 14 years. Too many one night's time for a commitment. Art, architecture, tapas bars, vino tinto, La Ramblas, cafe con leche, Gaudi, Dali, and a language that thrills and confounds me all need time to be explored. Seven years would be a great way to bask in all the magic of my favorite city.
Erin, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Paisley, Scotland...
Paisley Scotland is where I would like to stay. My ears tell my heart I am home every time I step off the plane. The abbey soothes my soul, the
climate energizes my body, and the history makes me proud. Family ties are strong, but they stretch to let me see the
rest of Scotland in all its' grandure. Short trips just don't do it justice.

Davina, St Catharines, Canada
Colmar, France...
In the early 1900's, my mother's family emigrated from Colmar, Alsace, France. With seven years, I could research, explore and trace my French-German roots. While on this quest, I would immerse myself in the heritage and history of the area. The goal being to understand the people and as a result eventually blend in…be a regular at the neighborhood cafe, exchange pleasantries with locals, and think and dream in French.
Connie, Chicago, USA

Ortegia, Sicily...
I just returned from a fantastic place. Ortegia, a little peninsula off the coast of Siracusa Sicily. I was a solo traveler, content in my own solitude. Days spent in and on the sea, the beautiful sea. Days spent amongst temples, ruins, stone palazzos, lemon and olive groves, ancient greek mariners (brawny gods of pleasure), sea caves, and hidden alleyways built millennius ago.... I was lost and found sicilian home cooking - gelatos, crushed ice drinks flavored with fruit and almonds, coffee with hand whipped cream, chocolate pasta, tamarind with lemon, ricotta cheese, pistacho nuts, arancini's and bellinis and grilled sicilian fish caught hours before. I found a sailor who motored me around the island and showed me old caves along the sea with water so clear you could see fish swimming along the bottom l5' below. He later speared a few and grilled them for my dinner. Sicilian men favor and appreciate women! The journey became the goal. Before, the destination was the most important thing. Now, the destination was an afterthought… the journey was everything. I want to live there, paint and write for the next 7 years in Ortygia , Sicily, a place that will mesmerize my dreams until I go back.
Belle, Prague, Czech Republic


Rome, Italy...
OMG. It would have to be Rome. Seven years in Rome. I've dreamed of living there ever since a week trip in 2000 with a girlfriend. Its so ... well ... incredible. The very first night we were in a hotel on the rooftop garden and we could see the lit up Coliseum AND the Vatican and we were drinking champagne with the very young flirtatious front desk man. The food, the art, the fountains, the people, everything, was just amazing. For me though, it was the weird juxtaposition of all the cars and scooters driving around the ancient structures like it was just so normal. I couldn't get over that. America is so young compared to this city. I could feel the ancient spirit in the air and it was exhilarating. Rome ruled the World at one time and can you imagine what it was like to actually BE Roman and know how mighty you are? Just to walk in the footsteps of this amazing civilization was humbling. My bags are packed.
Barbara, Lake Worth, USA
Gloucester County, Virginia...
Seven years! Women change every seven years they say, but what about women who are 77 – do we change twice? Well I am ready to be completely transformed! My transformation time could easily be in a little suite in Gloucester County in Virginia where oleander blossoms outside my window perfume the air, shouting colours of apricot, copper and lilac to anyone who happens to walk in. I’ve left my northern Canadian home for this southern American State where I will spend the next seven years of transformation. When one is a genealogical buff the thought of being in such a place steeped in history can make your blood pressure soar. Especially when you think perhaps an ancestor might be lurking on a page in the next museum you visit. I’d get out my IPod Touch and write and store notes quickly so not to lose the moment and the excitement of the ‘find’. Detective work can be exhausting; and I need refreshment – perhaps one of those mint juleps they always mention southern ladies sipping. I wonder what it will taste like as I hurry down the street to find one. It’s delicious!! I relax on an outdoor vine laden verandah tea house, sipping and sipping, and thinking about all the snow bound friends back home. The magical mind can take us anywhere, and I am content.
Barbara, Claresholm, Alberta, USA

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