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50 JourneyWomen Share their Travel Dreams...


Portland, Oregon...
In spite of the fact that I've traveled throughout the world, If I could live anywhere for the next seven years, it would be my houseboat on the Columbia River in Portland Oregon. I wake up every morning with a view of the water; watch great blue herons flying in front of my bedroom window, and eat meals on my deck feeling grateful to be alive.
Esther, Portland, Oregon, USA
Cairo, Egypt...
I'd love to spend the next seven years in Cairo, because it would mean, for me, coming of age in a city that is the complete opposite of mine. Cairo has awe-inspiring infrastructure, a fabulous language, a lovely religion, as well as both a protective attitude towards females and a way of life that I'd seriously consider giving up chocolate to experience.
Glenoy, Jamaica, West Indies
Paris, France...
If I could live in any city for the next seven years, it would be Paris. The beauty of the architecture, the history of the country, the people, the food, the culture and the feeling that I was 'home' would keep me entranced for the whole 7 years. Not to mention, it would take me 7 years to see and absorb all there is to know about Paris.
Terri, Dallas, Texas, USA
Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, The Galapagos...
I would love to spend seven years living in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos. This is a beautiful, tranquil location surrounded by nature and many species of wildlife in the world's best known environmentally sensitive area. The Galapagos have a wonderful year round climate and I would love to spend my days photographing the animals, relaxing on a patio reading a book, and keeping a journal about my

Cheryl, USA
Siesta Key, Florida, USA...
A photograph of Siesta Key, on Florida’s Gulf coast, was the fantasy desktop that inspired me each morning when logging into my computer at work in downtown Phoenix. Amazing powder-soft white sand that never burned my feet; warm, calm turquoise water to swim and play in; manatees and dolphins, pelicans and wading sanderlings - how could I turn dream into reality? Seven years later, I’m living my dream - the magic of that desktop photograph!
Carole, Siesta Key, Florida, USA
Paris, France...
I choose Paris. To spend my afternoons sipping ambience outside café Les Deux Magots; to loll on a bridge dreaming romantically over the Seine; to breathe in every color of every flower at Jardin des Tuileries, to dangle my legs over the jetty on Isle de la Cité, smiling, as the old fisherman from Normandy relives his stories; to nod at the tourists rushing from musée to musée and know I have years to slowly drink it all in – ahh, that would be magnifique.
Cathie, Surrey, British Columbia, USA
For the next seven years I would move to Stratford-upon-Avon, England, where I would indulge my passions for gardening, theatre and travel. There I'd have a year-round garden, impossible in Canada, and be centrally located for visits to all the great gardens of England. Shakespeare would be in my neighbourhood, and a short hop to London would put me on a direct flight to the rest of the world.
Bunty, Vernon Bridge, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Rincon, Puerto Rico...
I would live somewhere on the Caribbean like Ricón (literally translated: Corner), Puerto Rico. I would rent a small cottage near the ocean and live most frugally on fish and tropical vegetables and I would finally learn to relax. I would have a home phone and computer, but no cell phone and would learn to listen more and more to my inner voice and not all the outside voices constantly trying to get my attention.
Laura, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Amman, Jordan...
If I could spend the next seven years somewhere? In a place many have only heard of in the news, if at all, I found a city bursting with surprises that I came to cherish by the time I had to leave. Amman, Jordan. Nowadays, I sit in class and daydream about the smoky hooka lounges where I met some of my best friends and the subtle fragrance of jasmine wafting around a corner, unseen but present in a way I can’t quite describe.
Brianne, Houston, Texas, USA
Paris, France...
I'd definitely choose Paris! The city of my youth. My love affair with Paris began 30 years ago before a career, husbands and children. To have seven years to renew my taste for brioches, revive a lost French tongue, and rediscover this remarkable city's nuances would be heaven. Street vendors calling me by name, the corner café readying my latte before I even place my order, a gentleman passionately suggesting a romantic tryst... oh la-la!
Ben, Toronto, Canada
Cairo, Egypt...
This would probably not be every young, single woman’s choice, but my dream is to find myself magically living in Cairo, Egypt. I have spent what feels like only moments in this fascinating city but I would love to explore it more, not as a traveler but as a resident; exploring the markets and off-the-very-beaten-path modern wonders of this city and getting to know its welcoming locals as an equal.
Amy, Toronto, Canada
Florence, Italy...
Florence has always been my great escape. Whenever I needed a break, Florence was first choice. My first time in my beloved city was when I was 18 years old, and I have returned every year since. Except last year, when I became a mother. Still, Florence was my great escape last year. Suffering post natal depression, breast abscesses and a coccyx problem – whenever I closed my eyes and started dreaming about living on Piazza Santo Spirito with my daughter, I was instantly happy!
Krista, Den Haag, Netherlands
Paris, France...
I'm 61 years old, and my dream has always been to live in Paris. I studied French in grade school and plastered my childhood bedroom with travel posters of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. I visited Paris for the first time last year, and after all that time yearning for it, being in that magical city was like coming home. Even if youth is gone, my spirit still longs to live in Paris. NO SPACEP.S. Thanks, Evelyn, for giving us Journeywoman. It's an inspiration.
Barbara, North Aurora, Illinois, USA
Paris, France...
If I could choose a spot to live in for the next seven years I'd (without a doubt) choose Paris - because that is where my heart has found a home.
Pamm, Boulder, USA
Anywhere in Italy...
For the next seven years I would magically move myself to Italy. The intrigue of a new country, a new language, fabulous food & wines would easily persuade me. I would love to lose myself in the culture and become a “local”!
Marti, Georgia, USA
Vancouver, Canada...
I would live in Vancouver. Two of my best friends live there, and I love the peacefulness of the water and the majesty of the mountains, which are right at your doorstep.
Tina, Brisbane, Australia
Arunachala, India...
I would like to live in India for seven years to learn more about the spiritual significance of their most famous hill of light, Arunachala. It is said that Arunachala is the most sacred site of all sacred sites in the world. I would love to experience this sacredness for myself.
Adrienne, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Florence, Italy...
With seven years in Florence I'd come to know Michelangelo and Botticelli's art well. I'd walk the Tuscany coast and drink in the Mediterranean landscape along with lots of Chianti. I'd visit olive orchards, vineyards, and chestnut groves and maybe magically learn to cook. I'd go to local saints day celebrations and dance to the music at night. I'd eat sumptuous food and drink cappuccino every morning in the piazza.
Marybeth, Greensboro, NC, USA
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA...
The roar of the ocean and salty air at Myrtle Beach, SC calls my name. I've watched this city grow from a small beach community into a large beach town, especially during the summer months, however, with all the year-round and Christmas shows, it has become a year-round destination. The two churches of Christ I attend in this area have wonderful programs that I would love to volunteer to help with.
Diane, Charleston, West Virginia, USA
The Hill Country of Texas...
It's not so much a city but an area - the hill country of Texas next to a river that I could spend the next seven years in. The reason is that it is still basically an untouched and natural part of our country. It has access to wonderful cities like Austin and San Antonio, Texas - culturally rich areas - yet the hill country is still primitive and natural. I couldn't image a better place to be in touch with nature and be creative. I write, and nature has always inspired me so I know I could be in touch with my creative side - maybe start painting again, or weaving or pottery - all parts of my past life and not my present. So it would be an area that would allow me to bask in nature and delve into my creative juices with my baby Bichon by my side!
Christine, Northport, USA
New York City, USA...
New York City has more diversity than anyplace in the world. The international hub of the world packed into a relatively small island, museums packed with art of the world, cuisine available from every country, voices speaking every language imaginable, best theatre, sports, green parks, waterfalls, a busy hub of transportation, opera, jazz, popular music, great libraries, retail facilities from exclusive to mundane. All the excitement that anyone can imagine and there for the taking across the world via educational facilities, TV and the sharing of this energy world wide. The only negative about NYC is that it is expensive to reap the harvest of all that is offered. However, many of the assets are free for the taking which balances all the costly benefits!
Ann, Clifton Park, NY, USA

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