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Seven Restaurants You Will Love in Venice...


L'Anice Stellato...

This nice and cosy place is well away from the tourist trails, on the backstreet of Cannaregio, at the back of the Jewish Ghetto. Very quiet and peaceful area both in winter and summer. This is another restaurant which specialises in Venetian typical dishes, above all fish ones, using all sorts of spices. You must try the spaghetti with the squid ink or the oven baked sea-bass, typical fish of the Venetian lagoon and the mixed fried fish and vegetable plate. The pasta most of the time is home-made. The place is pretty small (as most of restaurants in Venice) so I recommend you book a table first. An average meal will cost around 35 Euros per person. Address: Fondamenta de la Sensa, Cannaregio Tel: 041 72 07 44


Da Rioba...

This is another one of those places where many Venetians like to eat. Cute, young, informal but very well maintained place, it is located in the district of Canareggio, Fondamenta de la Misericordia, overlooking the canal, a really nice area, even for a walk in the evening and much quieter than the usual overcrowded calli. Here you must try the polenta con schie (typical small fried prawns) or the home made spaghetti alla busara, or even better the baccala mantecato, you will just love it. Prices are as usual around 35 Euros per person. Address: Fondamenta della Miseriacordia, Cannaregio Tel: 041 52 44 379


Al Nono Risorto...

A short walk from the Rialto Fish Market, another restaurant, with rustic décor, it is characterized especially by the striking pergola that shades the garden, where in summer eating lunch and dinner becomes a moment of relaxation and vacation. The name of the restaurant derives from a type of fish. The name 'risorto' seems to have been added because the restaurant was reopened after a long time (resurrected). The kitchen serves traditional Venetian dishes following the seasonality of ingredients, but also many other specialities of our lagoon. Always listen to the suggestions of the staff, they know best, believe me! They also offer a wide selection of pizzas and a fixed menu for around 17 Euros. The staff is always very attentive and kind. You should make reservations, especially during the summer because Al Nono is always full of Venetians. Address: Santa Croce 2337, Calle della Regina, Venezia. Tel: 041 524 1169. No credit cards.

I sincerely hope that these suggestions will be of some help to other JourneyWomen on their next trip to Venice.


Womens words on eating...

'Eating is never so simple as hunger.' (Erica Jong, 1991)

'Intemperance in eating is one of the most fruitful
of all causes of disease and death.' (Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1869)

'The interest in good meals is universal.' (Louise Neuschutz, 1948)

'When we eat we are like everybody else.' (Marcelene Cox, 1943)

'I'm inclined to think that eating is a private thing and should be
done alone, like other bodily functions.' (Sylvia Ashton-Warner, 1967)

'Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti.' (Sophia Laren, 1979)

'There is no harm in eating corn off the cob, the impoliteness
consists of looking at the person who is doing it.' (Mary Wilson Little, 1904)

'A waist is a terrible thing to mind.' (Jane Caminos, 1992)

'Noodles are not only amusing but delicious.' (Julia Child, 1978)


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