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Women's Best Restaurants Worldwide...


Evelyn Hannon

We all have our favorite local restaurants no matter where in the world we live. Knowing about these restaurants is a wonderful help to other JourneyWomen travelling to destinations that are new to them. Getting advice from a sister-in-travel means that you are getting 'real' advice, not advice that has been posted by unimaginative restaurants with large advertising budgets to draw customers to their establishments. Based on readers' emails we believe these spots are the real deal -- places that will be memorable for the food and/or atmosphere. If anybody tests any of these places and feels that the reviews are incorrect, please let us know and we'll make the necessary changes. Enjoy, everybody!

P.S. All of the restaurants listed in this article have been added to our larger directory of women-friendly restaurants around the world. It's a 'must read' before you travel. Click here.

Do you have a hometown restaurant you'd like to recommend? Please send a mini review to:, put hometown food in the subject line and don't forget contact information for the restaurant, your first name and the city you live in. Thank you!

Chinese in Toronto...
My favorite restaurant in Toronto's Chinatown would be Taste of China at 338 Spadina Ave. Phone (416) 348-8828. Loads of Chinese patrons dine here and it's almost right across from Lee Garden which has become a tourist mecca. The decor is very ordinary but not the food. You might catch a glimpse of famous local chef, Susur Lee having his favourite chicken dish here -- Cold Steamed chicken. This is chicken supposedly steeped in special Chinese wine, and steamed. It’s served with diced green union & grated ginger and it's my absolute favourite as well. For any Journeywoman vegetarians I recommend two of my faves, Broccoli with Egg Tofu and Enoki Mushroom and Snowpeas Shoots with King Oyster Mushrooms. My mouth is watering while I’m writing this...
Shirley, Toronto, Canada

Ed. note: When savvy Shirley Lum writes about food and Toronto's Chinatown we listen. She offers 'A Taste of the World - Neighbourhood Bicycle Tours & Walks Inc.'


Chinese in San Francisco...
Yank Sing for years has served the finest dim sum! Two generations of Chinese American women has formed this restaurant's menu, with steamed dumplings at their finest. Steamed snow pea sprout dumplings have tender and lightly seasoned, and still bright green filling. Lobster dumplings are generously stuffed. Other favorites are shrimp dumplings and spinach dumplings. Yank Sing is famous for its soup dumplings, in which the filling actually contains soup as well as meat. Peking duck is terrific, as is chicken lettuce leaf. Service is friendly and extremely efficient. Top the dim sum lunch off with home made sweet tofu. Yank Sing is a must stop for San Francisco!
Leonore, San Francisco, USA


Reuben Sandwich in Anchorage...
Cafe Amsterdam serves the best Reuben sandwich in these parts! Their other food is very good and reasonably priced as well. As a local I can tell you that it's a place where all the other ‘locals’ eat. Address: 530 E Benson Blvd Ste 3, tel: 907.274.0074
Kathleen, Anchorage, USA


Modern European in Melbourne...
First and best local restaurant in my books is Cicciolina (130 Acland Street, St Kilda), the place where I first met my sweetheart nine years ago. Named after the stripper voted into the Italian Government it has been our special place (and many other Melburnians, too) since then. We love the superb attention you receive from the wait staff, the divine food and the fact that you CAN'T book. Now that might put some off but we always get in and not because we're 'regulars' but we usually go earlyish (before 7pm) or for lunch (early again 12pm). They have a bar at the back (and there's no smoking at all in restaurants or bars here now). Owned by three women, two of whom are the chefs, we eat the most gorgeous meals (faves are the thai fish cakes with lime mayonnaise, ceviche of tuna with dill, olive oil and crusty toasted bread, with a lovely glass of bubbly and ended with a luscious dark chocky pudding with hot chocolate inside, cream and persian fairyfloss on the side! Phone: (03) 9525 3333. This restaurant doesn't have its own website, check this review that I found: ( Enjoy everybody!
Lisa, Melbourne, Australia


Tapas in Vancouver...
One of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver B.C. is Brix - the food is fabulous, wonderful tapas, the best cheese/fruit platter in the City, there's a great wine list, and the courtyard patio (fully covered two stories above) is, to me, a lot like a beautiful European courtyard, with sparkling lights and the best atmosphere. To round it all out, the service is superb as well.
Vicki, Vancouver, Canada


Pizza and pasta in Miami...
The Big Cheese, a hangout near the University of Miami is a favorite of students and local families, who appreciate the casual atmosphere and Italian-American cuisine. Decor is casual with lots of sports memorabilia. The menu features a wide array of pizza, pastas, subs, salads, fried calamari and buffalo wings. Portions here are made to feed at least two, so if you're vying for dinner and dessert, order one entree to share or expect to take some to go. 8080 SW 67th Ave, Phone: (305) 662-6855. Website:
Carolyn, Miami, USA


Best burger in Calgary...
I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and the best eats, is a hamburger joint called Peter's Drive-In on 16 Avenue North East. They've been in operation in Calgary for over 25 years, just the one location, and people line up and drive thru. Now when you're out and about in my town you can eat like a local. Yum! P.S. On a sunny day, it's fun to eat at their picnic tables.
Monica, Calgary


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