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Women's Best Restaurants Worldwide...


Italian in Salt Lake City...
In Salt Lake City, Utah, it's Cucina Toscana that the locals flock to. Honestly, it is as good as the restaurants in Rome. The owner/manager is from Italy and uses his family's secret recipes. He is very friendly and will come chat with you at your table, and probably bring out some "free" appetizers. The Caesar salad is prepared table-side and the pasta, fish, gelato are all wonderful. The long tables give it an atmosphere of bistro in Italy. Full bar and great wine list, too! A little pricey and dieters beware! Address: 307 Pierpont Ave, tel:(801) 328-3463
Bless, Salt Lake City, USA


Fresh & healthy in Yellow Springs, Ohio...
Never heard of Yellow Springs? It's 30 minutes from Dayton. The Winds Cafe and Bakery is a fabulous, women-owned and run restaurant (for the last 20 years) in my neck of the woods. Cooking is European style with an American twist. Lots of local organics featured in the summer, Bistro Night on Wednesdays. They have an excellent menu: See: P.S. Be sure to get a "Take me to the Winds!" tee- shirt and visit the friendly wine cellar housed next door. If you don't have time for a small or large plate, stop in the bakery for the best molasses cookie ever. My own doesn't even come close. Address: 215 Xenia Ave, tel: 937.767.1144.
Anni, Yellow Springs, USA


Traditional in Zurich...
I live in Zurich, Switzerland and my favorite restaurant is called "Oepfelchammer". It is open since 1801 so it is quite impressive to eat there and there are only a few tables (reservations are a must!). They serve the very traditional Zurich meal: Zuercher Geschnetzeltes mit Rösti (thinly slices veal in a mushroom cream sauce with hash brown potatoes). It's just delicious! The restaurant is located in the old town (Niederdorf): Rindermarkt 12, tel: +41-44-251 2336. Website: (Swiss)
Karine, Zurich, Switzerland


Mexican in Boston...
My favorite restaurant in Boston, MA, is the Border Cafe. It is a small chain of Mexican restaurants, my favorite location being Cambridge, MA. The chips are baked right there on the premises and are always warm and delicious. The salsa is fantastic! The best appetizer is the cajun shrimp - spicy popcorn shrimp that are so addictive. And the fajitas can't be beat. They also make a mean margarita! The atmosphere is casual and fun. They never disappoint. The fact that they are always busy can attest to that. Check their website for location details.
Jackie, Somerville, USA


Best burger in Pasadena...
Pie 'n Burger is a fixture in my hometown, Pasadena, California. It's on California Street just one door east of Lake Avenue. This burger cannot be beaten anywhere! After one of these treats it's hard to have room for the pie but even if you just have room for one bite you must try the strawberry pie. According to their website: 'Michael Osborn is the current owner of Pie 'n Burger. He began eating there as a 9-year-old kid soon after it opened in 1963. His family lived in Arizona, but his grandmother, whom he visited each summer, lived in Arcadia and worked at the old Bullocks Pasadena around the corner from the diner. He loved the burgers. He loved the strawberry pie. As a USC student, he started working at Pie 'N Burger in 1972 and has been there ever since'. Address: 913 E California Blvd, tel: 626.795.1123. Website:
Helen, Pasadena, USA


Thai near Toronto's Pearson Airport...
I'm the first to admit that there's not much reason to travel to my hometown, Etobicoke Ontario. However, if you're stuck in Pearson International Airport in Toronto and dying for some great food, here is my pick: My Thai Kitchen. A 10 minute drive (or 30 mins via public transit from the Airport), this place is a gem. Signature dishes such as Mango Salad, Cashew Chicken and Pineapple and Red Curry are among the best I have ever tasted. The decor is authentic Asian and the staff, dressed in traditional costume, are always friendly and efficient. I take all my out-of-town friends here. If you ever find yourself in West Toronto, this is the first place to go. Address: 3080 Bloor Street W., Etobicoke. Tel: (416) 233-2218
Lynne, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada


Mexican in El Paso...
The L&J Cafe is a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant located across the street from the Concordia Cemetary, where western famous and infamous persons like J. Wesley Hardin (reputed to have killed more people than Billy the Kid) are buried. The cafe itself is so popular with locals that I recommend going well outside normal dining hours - no later than 11 am or after 2 pm for lunch. Happy hour starts at 4 and is best known, foodwise, for its mini-tacos and similar fare offered for $1. It's almost all Mexican (and I don't mean Tex-Mex) on the menu and everything I've tried has been very good. Prices are low to moderate. Address: 3622 E Missouri Ave. Tel: (915) 566-8418. Mucho gusto.
Carol, El Paso, USA


Indian near the Hunter Valley...
Visiting the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia? I would like to recomend the new restaurant called Paradesha that has opened in our local pub in East Gresford, near the Hunter Valley. Look for it inside the Beatty Hotel, in Park Street. You really can't miss it as there are only two roads into town and both meet there. Paradesha Restaurant has excellent Indian and interesting contemporary Australian meals. By the way, our village is a bustling, idyllic little spot in a very scenic area with B&B's, wineries, national parks and nice people. Well worth a visit.
Fiona, East Gresford, Australia

Women's words on bad food...

"Cold soup is a very tricky thing and it is a rare hostess who can carry it off. More often than not the dinner guest is left with the impression that had she only come a little earlier she could have gotten it while it was still hot.'
(Fran Lebowitz, Metropolitan Life, 1978)

'At a sidewalk table outside a crummy cafe facing the station, I gulped down a patch of lasagna. It was clammy-cold and looked like something that should be bandaged.'
(Patricia Hampl, Virgin Times, 1992).

'I came from a family that considered gravy a beverage.'
(Erma Bombeck, A Marriage Made in Heaven or Too Tired to Have an Affair, 1993)

'The soup, thin and dark and utterly savorless, tasted as if it had been drained out of the umbrella stand.'
(Margaret Hasey, With Malice Toward Some, 1938)

'Bread that must be sliced with an ax is bread that is too nourishing.'
(Fran Lebowitz, Metropolitain Life, 1978)

'As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists.'
(Joan Gussow, New York Times, 1986)

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