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Her Best Eats in San Francisco


Evelyn Hannon

Finding tasty food served in interesting surroundings always helps to make a great travel experience even better. As an outsider to the local culture one usually has to rely on restaurant suggestions offered by guidebooks, the hotel concierge or tourist magazines. These choices tend to be pricey and in touristy areas -- not always what a woman traveller is looking for. When compiling our Journeywoman list of "best eats," we consulted with our readers in San Francisco or members of our network that know the city well. We asked where they like to eat with their girlfriends. This article is made up of their varied responses. If you'd like to add your favorite San Francisco restaurant or eatery to this list, simply email and put the words 'best eats in SF' in the subject line.

Japanese Tea Garden...

There is no better treat in all of the city than to have tea in the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. It's about $4 to get into the Japanese Garden, well worth it. This garden is gorgeous, florid, sculpted down to each blade of grass. Take time to walk through the whole thing, then head to the tea house. Tea and snacks are only $3, and quite generous. You'll want to spend a long time relaxing here, so plan accordingly. Last tea is early--around 4 or 5pm.
Susan, San Francisco, USA

Baked garlic crab...

During crab season for the famous West Coast Dungeness (November to May) Vietnamese baked garlic crab, eaten with garlic noodles is a real highlight. Its so good, I practically swoon. The original "source" of this dish was the An family's Crustacean restaurant (1475 Polk St. at California), but many say that PDQ Crab House (2332 Clement St. (at 25th Avenue) is just as good for much less money (although not as fancy as Crustacean, which is upscale and has a no jeans and tennis shoe policy). Make a reservation at both these places or you'll have a very long wait. Bon Appetit!
Susan, San Francisco, USA

Her best sushi...

My favorite sushi place in San Francisco is Kabuto, a little neighborhood place mostly staffed by family. The sushi chef here is classically trained in Tokyo and yet still very creative. A snippet from a local SF Chronicle review says, "Kojima makes ceviche sushi, in which he spoons a dollop of raw marinated halibut in a deep-fried seaweed "taco" and seasons the mixture with lime and sea salt to create a cacophony of flavors and textures in one bite." Address: 5121 Geary Blvd. (near 16th Avenue), tel: (415) 752-5652. Reservations necessary. Other good and popular sushi spots are Ebisu (1283 Ninth Ave. between Lincoln and Irving) and also, Blowfish, a college vibe "party" place (2170 Bryant St).
Susan, San Francisco, USA

Munchies in the Mission...

There are many good restaurants in the Mission, quite a few on Valencia Street or close by. Delfino -- soulful Italian food (3621 18th St.), The Last Supper Club -- neighbourhood Italian (1199 Valencia St. at 23rd Street) and Limon-- serving Peruvian specialties (3316 17th St.) are just a few. Many of these restaurants are lively so be prepared for noise. SFGate, the Chronicle's web site, has a good restaurant guide so you can find out more about these and other restaurant suggestion. Click here to find out more.
Sandi, San Francisco, USA

Mexican in the Mission...

Here's a woman-friendly 'eatery' tip for JW readers. One of the best deals in San Francisco is Roosevelt's Tamale Parlour between Bryant and York (in the Mission). While the atmosphere is no-frills, for years Maria and her daughter Toni have been dishing up the best Mexican food in the City at inexpensive prices.
Kim, San Francisco, USA

Try Greens for fab veggie fare...

The Greens restaurant is absolutely deelish but oh-so -pricey. Female chef Annie Somerville creates a new menu daily. Great to dine in but many of us locals just get some of their fabulous food and sit outside with a view of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, and enjoy the view. Address: Fort Mason Bldg A, San Francisco. Tel: (415) 771-6222
Diane, Capitola/Santa Cruz, USA

More great San Francisco eats....




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