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Journeywoman International Dim Sum Directory


Dim Sum treats in the USA


In Miami, on 163rd Street, there is a treasure called Jumbo not to be confused with the many buffet jumbos down this part of the world. Jumbo offers delicious Dim Sum. They offer scrumptious dumplings of all varieties and the staff are happy to tell you about ‘special’ dishes that are not on the menu (of course you must ask). I discovered this restaurant after trying many, many dim sum restaurants in Miami when I moved here from New Mexico. Because I've worked in New York City’s Chinatown for 11 years I am very familiar with what delicious Dim Sum tastes like. The minute I moved to Miami I went on a quest and you can imagine my delight when after trying over 38 Chinese restaurants in Miami I stumbled upon Jumbo at 1242 N.E. 163rd Street, Miami Florida, 33162, Phone: 305-956-5677.
Mara, Miami, Florida




Legend Seafood Restaurant -- I have a favorite Dim Sum place here in Honolulu, Hawaii. My name is Maiko, and the one I love is called the 'Legend Seafood Restaurant'. I don't know of any website, but it is located at 100 N. Beretania St. at the Chinese Cultural Plaza downtown. The phone number is (808) 532-1868. The food is wonderful and it's fairly inexpensive. It gets pretty crowded though so I find that it's better to go at lunch time. If you do want to eat dinner there, you should probably get a reservation.
Maiko, Honolulu, Hawaii.


I have two recommendations for Honolulu. The first is Legends in the Chinese Cultural Plaza (see above for details). Their seafood restaurant is on one side of the mall, vegetarian on the other (this Chinatown establishment specializes in Buddhist temple cuisine). My second recommendation is Happy Days located at 3553 Wai'alae Ave., Kaimuki. Both come highly recommended by the Chinese community in Honolulu.
Jan, Honolulu, USA




In Boston, the best place by far for dim sum is the China Pearl in Chinatown. (9 Tyler Street, 617-426-4338, a few storefronts from Kneeland Street). They don't have a website, but are reviewed by online sources. There are several floors of dim sum goodness on Sunday mornings. If you arrive too late, you will find yourself at the end of a long line of people waiting to get in, so be sure to come early. It is well worth listening to the alarm go off on a Sunday morning.
Kerry. Boston, USA




One of the best Dim Sum restaurants that I've been at is Yummy's in Minneapolis. My daughter lives in Minneapolis and when I visit her we always check out restaurants. My only criteria when I visit her is to go to a restaurant with cuisine that cannot be matched in my area. Yummy's clearly fits the bill. Website: Yummy's


New York...

New York City
Yesterday I joined my family at Dim Sum Go Go, 5 East Broadway, New York, NY 10038. We were 12 adults (including teenagers and one five year old) plus a baby at a long table in the rear of the restaurant. Though my daughter and her husband know this this place well, it was my first visit. As the consummate native New Yorker, I have eaten in many local restaurants, and I would rate this as excellent, especially for those who prefer simplicity to grandeur.

First, from a printed menu we selected an assortment of individual fried, baked, steamed rice rolls, steamed, vegetable dim sum; the restaurant also offers 10 pc. platters, plus desserts. We also ordered other food. Instead of the usual heavily fried chunks of vegetables, chicken in most Chinese restaurants, we ate diced and slivered selections with light sauces. The waiters were very patient and helpful, and one remained at the table to assemble the ingredients for Peking Duck for each person. The restaurant is in one room, medium-sized, not noisy, and clean. Located near Chinatown's Chatham Square, it is easy to find. Telephone: (212) 732-0797.
Shirley, New York City, USA


I have lived in New York City for two years (I moved here from Malaysia via London). The best place in NYC to have dim sum is a place called the Golden Unicorn. It's under the Manhattan Bridge in a tiny three floor maze of a mall. Traditional pushcarts and the ever-efficient Chinese pack out the two levels of dining so go early on the weekend (before 11 am). The traditional (steamed pork dumplings, sticky rice in lotus leaf) and the non- traditional for Caucasians (duck tongue, chicken feet) are clearly labelled on the pushcarts in English and in Chinese with pictures for the newbie.
Iris, New York, USA


I live in Manhattan in NYC. There are two places, both in Chinatown, which have been my dim sum favorites for years:
(Number one) HSF, 46 Bowery (Cross Street: Between Canal Street and Bayard Street), Tel: (212) 374-1319. Website:

(Number 2) Nice Restaurant, 35 E Broadway, (212) 406-9510. Website:
Enjoy, everybody!
Susan, New York City, USA


Dine on delicious dim sum at the massive restaurant Jing Fong in Chinatown. Pick and choose from a selection of small plates such as steamed shrimp dumplings, roast pork buns and sticky rice with lotus leaf from rolling carts that whiz by the tables. Address: 20 Elizabeth St. Tel: 212-964-5256.
Arlene, Manhattan, USA

My vote goes to World Tong Seafood Restaurant. Address: 6202 18th Avenue at 62nd Street, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Tel: (718) 236-8118 One very well known foodie in NYC has deemed this "the best dim sum outside of Hong Kong".
Ellen, New York City, USA


I'd like to tell everybody about Joe's Shanghai, at 136-21 37th Ave, Flushing, NY. Their phone is 718-539-3838. People flock there just for their steamed rolls -- with either pork or crab meat buns. The best ever! You can go in a group or if you go alone, there are communal tables where you can sit with other singles.
Lourdes, Islip Terrace, USA


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