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Journeywoman International Dim Sum Directory


Dim Sum treats in the USA


The Pacific Moon, Asian restaurant in suburban Cincinnati (Montgomery) at serves just plain wonderful food of all sorts of Asian styles, including primarily Chinese. They do wonderful dim sum on Saturdays and Sundays. It compares favorably with dim sum I've eaten around the world, including Hong Kong, Singapore, mainland China, San Francisco, and Washington DC. Chef and owner Alex Chin has been cooking and serving wonderful food since he owned a small restaurant closer to the city -- the Chin Dynasty, which was near my own neighborbood. Address: 8300 Market Place Lane, Montgomery, OH 45242 Tel: (513) 891-0091
Paula, Cincinnati, USA




San Antonio
Hi! I live in San Antonio, Texas, and Golden Wok is the only dim sum place here. We love it and it gets rave reviews. On weekends there are lines to get in, and they do have carts that come around for your choices. Other times, you can order dim sum from the menu. Address: 8822 Wurzbach Road. Tel: 210-615-8282. Website:
P.S. I'm a big fan of your JW website. Keep up the great work. Thanks.
Molly, San Antonio, USA




In Burlington, Vermont I recommend Five Spice Cafe for dim sum. Food is excellent, wait staff is excellent. I would most certainly go there again when visiting Burlington. Address: 175 Church Street. Tel: 802. 864.4045. Website:
Dolores, USA




Tucked away in the corner of an office building in Arligton is China Garden. This resaurant is well known in the Chinese community in the Washington, DC area. Each weekend, they serve traditional dim sum. The servers push carts around loaded with all sorts of tasty offerings. The dim sum is excellent - as good as any I have tried in Hong Kong. Luckily, this is right in my back yard. Address: 1100 Wilson Blvd. Tel: (703) 525-5317.
Valerie, Arlington, USA


Virginia Beach
I recommend Jade Villa in Virginia Beach, Virginia, of all places! Very authentic food. Available Saturdays & Sundays from 11am to 2 pm. Address: 353 Independence Blvd. Tel: 757-473-2228
Jennifer, Virginia Beach, Virginia




I want to let other JW readers know about Seattle's many excellent dim sum places. With a good-sized international district it's got quite a few. It's almost a tie for my favorite. Both have plenty of seating. Number One and edging out my runner-up is China Gate which has consistently fresh and unusual varieties of dim sum, along with the standards. Address: 516 Seventh Ave South. Tel: 206-624-1730 Second, House of Hong is always very good too, and huge. A recent remodel has opened up the place immensely which gives the carts of steaming, fresh food plenty of room to reach you. Address: 409 Eighth Ave South. Tel: 206-622-7997. Website:

My personal theory is that the busy waitresses in any dim sum restaurant are all on commission - because if you don't convey a firm "no" when they make their offerings, it all ends up on your table almost faster than the speed of light:-).
Kyle, Seattle, USA


I know a great dim sum restaurant that is always packed with Asian and non-Asian customers in Kent, Washington USA. It is called Imperial Garden Seafood Restaurant and serves dim sum all day. Their website is The food has great variety and is served from shrimp dishes to chicken and lemon desserts. Check it out.
Kathleen, Kent, USA



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