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Journeywoman International Dim Sum Directory


Dim Sum treats in Canada



My name is Jamie and I have the best Dim Sum restaurant anywhere, right here in Hamilton, Ontario. I used to have to travel to Toronto to get a good dim sum lunch but since I have discovered this restaurant, all that has changed. Catherine and Sam own and run the Crystal Dynasty Chinese Restaurant. They are not only friendly and gracious but Sam cooks the best dim sum I have ever had anywhere in the world (including Hong Kong and mainland China). I bring all of my friends and family whenever they come here. I invite any journeywomen (and their friends) to come to Hamilton to have this delightful food. Address: 94 Cannon Street West, Unit 3 & 4. Tel: (905) 308-8208 P.S.Thanks for such an inspiring newsletter. I always read it three or four times and savour every word.
Jamie, Hamilton, Canada


Cameron Chinese Seafood -- I have been living in China for the last 3 years. You might have expected that I would be telling you about my favourite dim sum restaurant here. But I am not going to do that, because I have never been to a dim sum restaurant in the city where I have lived most of the time, Beijing. One reason is because dim sum restaurants are far more popular and common in the south of China.

On the other hand, when I am back in Canada, I am starved for my 'real' Chinese food. I like to head to Kitchener (the city beside my hometown of Cambridge) to Cameron Chinese Seafood for a fix. Steamed barbecue pork buns and turnip cake--here I come! 21 Cameron Street. Tel: 576-3030.
Linda, Beijing, China


My suggestion for delicious Dim Sum is the Yangtze Dining Lounge. Address: 700 Somerset St. W. Tel: 613-236-0555. Expect it to be very busy on weekends, but well worth the wait.
Helen, Ottawa, Canada


My best experience with Dim Sum was one of my first experiences. The Yangtze in Ottawa in the heart of China Town is amazing. It opened my eyes to a whole new type of dining experience. Address: 700 Somerset St W (Near Cambridge N). Tel: 613 236 0555.
Olga , Guelph, Canada


There are lots of dim sum restaurants in our city but here are two that stand out in my books. Both of these are atypical of the stereotypical Chinese restaurants. That is, they are quiet and have a contemporary ambience. They serve very good to excellent dim sum choices, but definitely cost a bit more.

Cha Liu is an all day dim sum (small) restaurant on a 2nd floor which overlooks Yonge Street. (N. of Eglinton). Order is by al a carte menu. Tel: 2352 Yonge St., 2nd Fl. Tel: 416-485-1725. Website:

Lai Wah Heen is located inside the Metropolitan Hotel; take the elevator up a couple of floors. Expect standard (plus newly created selections) of dim sum. Contemporary décor, quiet, good service and delicious dim sum by al a carte. Address: 108 Chestnut Street. Tel: (416) 977-9899. Website:
Lily, Toronto, Canada


I live in Switzerland but my favorite Dim Sum restaurant is in Toronto. It's called Dynasty. Whenever I go to Toronto I have to have Dynasty's Dim Sum at least once. Lots of Chinese patrons there which is a good sign. Sometimes it does get quite busy and loud, but the food is worth it. Yummie. Here are the details -- Address: 131 Bloor St. W 2nd Floor. Tel: (416) 923-2323. Website:
Barbara, Bern, Switzerland


I just have to write to you about our favourite spot in Toronto which is about one hour west of where we live. After a day of shopping or galleries in Toronto we always visit The Whistling Oyster at 11 Duncan Street downtown in the theatre district. They have a wonderful Dim Sum menu. But that's not all. Every day between 3 and 6 p.m. is happy hour when you can order smaller inexpensive versions of all of their Dim Sum menu items. This is a great way to taste a wide variety of what they have available. Table seating is available with a view to the kitchen and you can also order at the bar which is what we prefer. Shelley makes everyone feel welcome, there is ususally lots of chatting between customers and it is not long before you feel like you are part of the gang visiting your own local hangout. Check it out, you will not be disappointed! Website:
Mary Lou, Cold Springs, Canada


My favourite Cantonese dim sum restaurant is Jade Dynasty Chinese Cuisine at 5505 Leslie Street (northeast corner of Leslie and Finch intersection) in North York, Ontario, M2H 3W6. Phone: 416-492-3688. To start, this restaurant serves a very good quality tea. Dim sum is served on linen tablecloths rather than plastic sheeting. I tend to go with friends who share a love of shrimp. We call our lunch "Shrimpfest". We order shrimp based- dim sum. Jade Dynasty orders a very good quality of shrimp and they do not skimp on quantities stuffed into noodles. Ordering is done off of an extensive order sheet and supplementary offerings are made by circulating wait staff. This restaurant has a private room for groups of 25 - a great idea for family gatherings, and reunions. Prices are reasonable, service is good. I have been eating dim sum in Toronto for over 25 years and this happens to be my favourite place.

P.S. Many Torontonians will recommend Lai Wah Heen in the Metropolitan Hotel at 108 Chestnut Street in downtown Toronto. It's located just one block north of Toronto City Hall. Phone: 416-977-9899. They have an elaborate if not extravagant Cantonese dim sum menu with lots of seafood including lobster as well as Peking duck. They offer an a la carte menu or set dinners. The New York Times claims they serve the best dim sum in Toronto if not North America. I simply find that it is very expensive for what dim sum is intended to be - an informal meal shared with family and friends, with little pleasing mouthfuls of food.
Jane, Toronto, Canada


In Thornhill, I recommend Furama House Chinese Restaurant. Address: 100 Steeles W, Thornhill Tel: (905) 731-3288. The food is reasonably priced, tasty and diners are offered a good variety. This restaurant is at the north end of Toronto, just west of Yonge St (the major artery). Having tasted Dim Sum in London, Vancouver and San Francisco as well as Toronto I can still say that Furama House is an excellent choice.
Wendy, Richmond Hill, Canada


Rol San is a solid dim sum restaurant with two distinct seating areas for customers. Its shop front is recognizable to those who remember to look for two neon lobsters in the window. Once the front area fills up, customers will be seated in the back overflow room. Never assume that the place cannot hold any more people. Rol San delivers on dim sum favourites such as cheung fun (rice rolls with beef, shrimp or BBQ pork) and has wonderful steamed items such as har gow or siu mai. I love Phoenix Claws but wouldn't expect it to be the main draw for even the most devoted dim sum aficionado! This is a happening spot, especially for families out for weekend dim sum on the Spadina strip. Rol San's helpful and efficient staff may seem harried but they do not hurry the customers. Address: 323 Spadina Avenue (at St. Andrews Street). Tel: 416-977-1128.
Jse-Che, Toronto, Canada




There's something extraordinary about Montreal's Red Ruby Rouge for the quality of its Dim Sum and its setting. Address: 1008 Clark, Montreal, Quebec. Tel. 514-390-8828. Website: Nestled in the heart of Montreal's Chinatown, Red Ruby Rouge is an adventure -- from the anticipation of awaiting your table number to be called, to the expansive room of assorted red clothed tables facing a wall of windows and the unfolding drama of fellow diners, travellers and regulars alike. Nearly enough to eclipse the passing carts of wondrous Dim Sum ... but not quite. Yum! Best wishes and bon appétit!
Anastasia, Montreal, Canada




We have an awesome Dim Sum restaurant in town called The Mandarin. It doesn't have a website, but their contact info is: 244-1818. The owner is named Paul Lee, and he also happens to be a professor of physiology at the University of Saskatchewan. As their advertisement says "welcome to traditional Chinese food" and "if your favourite dish is not listed, please ask". And ask we did, as my Dad's favourite Dim Sum dish from Victoria BC was always baby octopus. So Paul, the owner, ended up bringing them in, just to please my Dad. And, when they weren't done as they had been in Victoria, Paul changed the recipe to reflect the deep fried nature of the original dish.

Paul makes you feel so welcome, getting to know people by name and coming over to your table every time to catch up and share a hearty laugh with you. We recently celebrated my father's 60th birthday there, and Paul and staff did an amazing job with the (about) 9 courses that they served for the party. Every time the staff came out with a new dish people cheered and then groaned with the realization of how full they were but how badly they wanted to eat some of the new dish! Every Saturday and Sunday, no matter when you go, the restaurant is always full with Chinese and non-Chinese families and usually you can run into someone you know.
Chloe, Saskatoon, Canada


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