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Journeywoman International Dim Sum Directory


Dim Sum Treats in Asia


Shang Palace -- offers the best Dim Sum I have had anywhere. Better than any restaurant in China. Shang Palace's Dim Sum is varied, fresh and very small. Lots of variety - from vegetarian to meat and seafood. The servers bring carts by the table and you choose what you want. Cuisine: Cantonese, with vegetarian options. The only warning is: the restaurant is air conditioned and very cold when you step out of 32C noontime temperature - so bring a wrap. Address: 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350
Julia, Nanaimo, Canada


My favourite dim sum restaurants in Singapore are the Crystal Jade chain of restaurants found in different parts in Singapore. My favourite ones are at Holland Village (yes they have two restaurants within a stone's throw of each other. They serve food with slightly different concepts, with their emphasis on cuisine from different parts of China)

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
241 Holland Ave
Tel: 64633186

Crystal Jade Seafood Kitchen Pte Ltd
2 Lor Mambong
Tel: 64690300

2) Mayim in West Mall.
Mindy, Singapore



Chiang mai
Living in southeast Asia for 33 years, I have tasted a lot of dim sum in all styles of settings from off the street in Bangkok, Chiang mai and Sipsongpanna in southern China. But the most anticipated venue was in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Chiang mai, northern Thailand. The dim sum buffet is Baht 500 per person. The lovely steamed pieces served in the dainty bowls were delicious but the luxury serving pieces and superior restaurant added dimensions that I had not experienced before anywhere. Who wants to come on over and join me?
Margaret, Bangkok, Thailand




Delhi's Oberoi Hotel plays host to a wonderful dim sum restaurant called Taipan on its top floor. Ask for a table by the window. Don't miss the sticky rice. Website:



Hong Kong...

Dragon I -- is HK's trendiest night club but by day becomes a lovely venue to enjoy dim sum with a twist. Ask for an outside table at the stunning Centrium Building setting on 60 Wyndham Street in Central. Tel: + 852 3110 1222 Website:
Sa, Hong Kong


Yung Kee restaurant in Hong Kong's central district is one of the oldest and most well-known family-run restaurants in HK. What began as a BBQ goose stall over five decades ago, is now a multi-storey restaurant whose chef was featured on an episode of Iron Chef. Each level has a different degree of formality, from noodle soup and rice on the entry-level, to large formal gatherings and banquets on the upper levels, and even a VIP lounge for the HK elite. The dim sum is wonderful and can be consumed in a varying degree of environments, from laid back shorts and t-shirts to business suits. In a fast paced city always following new trends, this is a restaurant that has been a favourite of locals for generations. Website:
Ceridwyn, Ottawa, Canada


My favourite dim sum restaurant is on Cheung Chau Island, a 30-minute ferry ride from Hong Kong Island. Long Island Restaurant is right on the harbourfront, and serves freshly made dim sum all day long, for unbelievably low prices. Tables are both inside and outside, and have a view of live-aboard fishing boats with a background of islands and mountains.
Antonia, Hong Kong


For an authentic and very inexpensive dim sum experience in Hong Kong, the Han Po restaurant located beside the BP International House hotel in Kowloon is one of the best. The shrimp har gow are to die for, and two hours after we began feasting, our bill totalled less than HK$100, including a box of egg tarts to go! The experience was enhanced by our early morning start time, as we enjoyed the meal alongside a roomful of Chinese patrons, many of them who were boisterous older ladies who obviously made this a morning ritual with their girlfriends. Enjoy!
Flora, Toronto, Canada


The following three restaurants listed below are my favourite places for dim sum in Hong Kong:
Shop 001, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong
Tel: 2845 4555
Conveniently located in a shopping mall - the food is outstanding.

Luk Yu Tea House
G/F, 24-26 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 2523 1970
This restaurant has been around for years... and has a very loyal following. Visitors from overseas usually love the unique traditional decor and fabulous food.

Victoria City Seafood Restaurant
2/F, Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: 2827 9938
Some of the best dim sum in Hong Kong
Anisha, Hong Kong


I'd like to recommend Happy Garden Restaurant located at Harbour City, Kowloon, HK. The easiest way to find it is that it is located across the Marco Polo Gateway Hotel back door and right beside a 7-11. Although this place can get busy and bustling, it can still feel like you are eating in a family's home. The food selection is wide, mostly comfort food, and quite reasonable.

They are open until 2AM and when I went there very late at night a couple of years back to grab some hot corn soup and rice for my godchildren, it was the same servers from when we were there that same morning! They recognized us and remembered that we had kids with us who were quite picky with their food.
Bunny, Manila, Philippines

In our family's opinion the Luk Yu Tea House, Hong Kong, has the best dim sum. The food is delicious. If you get there before lunch you get the traditional service of food being presented in bamboo baskets instead of ordering off a menu. They're very tolerant of young children, my granddaughters were 4 1/2 & 16 months when we were there in September 2005. They really do like children, something we saw all over Hong Kong. Remember to bring the baby sling to secure the little one to the chair. We didn't find many high chairs in non-Western Hong Kong restaurants and the one we did looked more like little thrones without any straps to secure a child. Overall, we'd go back in a heartbeat.
Krys, Independence, USA


For the best dim sum brunch in the world, try this out when you JourneyWomen are in Hong Kong. It's the dim sum restaurant one floor above Maxim's at the HK Star Ferry station at Central district. It's got a Chinese name, but just mention the dim sum restaurant in Central and everyone knows what it is. First-come-first-served and Sundays, the queue is long. The restaurant overlooks the Victoria Harbour and is absolutely huge. Dim sum comes already prepared and paraded by the tables in dim sum carts, with the attendants pushing the carts hawking their names in Chinese. But even if you don't know what they're saying, the dim sum's right there in front of you so point to which one you want. The variety of dim sum is endless, so the more people in your party, the more variety you can try.

P.S. If you are dining alone in Hong Kong and want to try dim sum, the Holiday Inn Golden Mile has a reasonably priced restaurant where the waiters all speak English and can recommend the best dim sum choices.
Cecilia, Arlington, USA


How to dim sum in HK...

Dear Friends at Journeywoman,
My very favorite way to do dim sum is with a group of 10-12 friends after church on Sunday. We gather a group--sometimes including a tourist or two who visited St. Andrew's Anglican Church--and mosey through Kowloon Park. This park displays the unique character of Hong Kong--people from all over the world live in harmony together here--and the gardens, trees, exotic birds, lion dancing, statues, roses are wonders to behold. McDonald's has a kiosk where you can purchase a cold drink or ice cream--that's all--no burgers! I usually lead the walk and take great delight in winding the way through alleys to short-cut the traffic and sidewalks teaming with people.

Jade Garden is located in Star House, 4/F, on Salisbury Road in Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, overlooking Victoria Harbour and Star Ferry. This is a very popular dim sum restaurant, and sometimes we have to wait for a table. With such a large group, our favorite table is by the windows looking out at the spectacular view of the Harbour and Hong Kong Island.

Tea is the first order placed, and we usually have a pot of jasmine tea and another pot of Chinese tea. Both pots are accompanied by sister pots of hot water for diluting the strong tea. Ordering is a communal affair, with one person taking suggestions for favorite dishes and sometimes something new. Chicken feet are not a favorite of mine, but I do enjoy just about everything else. Once the order is placed, the dishes begin to arrive one, two or three at a time and are placed on the large lazy susan in the center of the table for everyone to share.

In addition to all the food ordered, other items are selected from dim sum carts offered by wait staff. They push the carts through the tables showing a variety of tempting dishes. Who can resist? There's always room for several more selections!

My very favorite dim sum experience contains turnip cakes, rice rolls with shredded meat, steamed buns with barbecued beef and steamed glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf. Dim sum in Hong Kong is a leisurely meal and a time for friends and family members to enjoy conversation, extraordinarily good food, cups and cups of tea and the beautiful harbour view.

No matter how much food is consumed, there's always room for dessert. Mango pudding and fried dough with banana centers are delicious. We are always rather amazed at the quantity of food consumed. The slow pace of dim sum culture explains this. No one rushes, and some even play cards or read the papers. The check must be requested -- a wonderful custom in Hong Kong that allows diners to sit at table for hours undisturbed. The check at Jade Garden is more than reasonable -- it's surprisingly low--no more than US$8 per person. The waterfront provides a relaxing path for a slow stroll after dim sum--no more than slow after such a sumptuous meal! Sent to you with a zeal for dim sum.
Janet, Hong Kong



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