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Paris -- A Haven for Chocolate Lovers

American Journeywoman, Sally Peabody specializes in Paris. She writes about culinary artisans, tea, chocolate, off-the-beaten-path quarters and other Paris topics for online and print media. We asked Sally to share some of her favorite chocolate boutiques as well as salons de chocolat in Paris. This is the delicious response we received. Read it, print it, take it with you on your next trip to Paris. A bit of gorgeous chocolate goes a long way when you are sightseeing and pounding the pavement in the City of Lights. Sally writes...

Paris is paradise for women who believe delectable chocolates are a basic food group. Even better, Paris is tops for its sheer abundance of venerable and upstart master-chocolatiers who create boundary-breaking flavors. When you visit you must make note of the exquisite shops with their mind-bendingly beautiful displays, their small salons de chocolat serving decadent, handcrafted chocolate beverages, perfect patisserie and beautiful bonbons. Then there are the glorious Parisian salons de thé serving fine teas and chocolate in various delectable guises, and voila! The possibilities are infinite for anything from a quick pick-me-up to leisurely savoring.

While each Parisian quarter has its beloved chocolate shops, many are indisputably world class in their quality. Here is my female-friendly sampler of worthwhile venues for chocolate-lovers.


John Paul Hevin...
We’ll start with the right bank. The rue St. Honoré is home to two noted chocolatiers, conveniently located just a few blocks apart. The boutique and tearoom of master chocolatier Jean Paul Hevin is a must-visit. The unmistakable scent of rich, dark chocolate envelops you as you enter. Take the time to assess the remarkable selection of chocolates and luscious chocolate-based patisserie available here. Hevin’s chocolates are the finest and his selections evolve constantly. The sweet tearoom upstairs is a lovely lunch spot for those women desiring sophisticated salads of all types. Still, this spot is even better in late afternoon when one can relax over a Mariage Frères tea or a chocolat chaud with one of the twenty-plus exquisite patisseries. Address: 231 rue St. Honoré.


Michel Cluizel...
Just a few blocks from Hevin, Michel Cluizel has a glorious boutique filled with his chocolate creations, all beautifully displayed and packaged. This is a chocolate shop only, no salon, and is very vaut-le-voyage. Great for both gifts and immediate enjoyment. Address: 201 rue St. Honoré.


Mazet, Confiseur Deluxe...
Shoppers know the Avenue Victor Hugo for its fashion boutiques, but two marvelous chocolate boutiques add immeasurably to the mix. Mazet Confiseur Deluxe at number 116 is the sole Paris shop of this Montargis-based chocolatier. Lovers of tea and chocolate must try the rich, dark treats filled with top-quality matcha and the irresistible little “Chokothés” -- round chocolates flavored with Darjeeling tea enrobing spicy ginger. Simply delicious! Now add to this perfection the fact that these Chokothé candies are packed in adorable boxes resembling tiny pink pocketbooks. So clever. Such great gifts!


Bossier located at 184 Avenue Victor Hugo, is your second chocolate-destination, close to the shopping delights of Passy. Bossier, founded in 1827, features their special “Petales de Fleurs” which are white, milk and dark chocolate molded to resemble rose petals, flavored with various spices, or crispy tea leaves, lavender, floral scents and other good things. Bossier crafts a full selection of fine chocolates, including several infused with teas. The shop features a selection of custom tea-blends, including a tea with chocolate mélange (mix). The friendly staff is always happy to discuss pairing teas and chocolates with their clientele.


Christian Constant...
On the left bank, master chocolatier Christian Constant’s boutique and adjacent salon de chocolat are must-visit destinations for exquisite chocolates and patisserie. Located just off the Luxembourg Gardens and close to the shopping delights of St. Germain, Constant is a luminous star in the glorious Paris-chocolate-galaxy.

Constant is a true artist, fascinated by his métier. He travels the world to source the best chocolate. His current focus is on expanding his selection of chocolates flavored with pure floral essences, infusing premium chocolate with subtle, handmade essential oils, to create redolent small masterpieces. He also crafts dark chocolates flavored with teas plus a broad selection of French chocolate-classics. Constant's glorious pastries include the “Sonia Rykiel,” a tart incorporating luscious chocolate ganache and perfectly arranged so-thin slices of banana. Oh my goodness it's pure heaven!

With its select menu of gourmet salads, sandwiches and a hot plat du jour, Constant’s tiny salon is a great destination for lunch. And of course, throughout the afternoon the salon is a fine destination for a cup of decadent chocolat chaud, tea, coffee and patisserie or ice cream. Located at 37 rue d’Assas, a street once home to Gertrude Stein, the experience of visiting Christian Constant causes one to wax philosophical about life’s serendipities.


Peter Beier Chokolade...
This list of boutiques very well worth a visit would not be complete without mentioning Peter Beier Chokolade, 62 rue Monsieur le Prince, just off the Latin-Quarter-side of the Luxembourg Gardens. This is the Paris-shop of Denmark’s premier artisanal chocolatier and it is noteworthy for several reasons. The proprietaires, Lars and Lene Boehme are engaging and speak fine English. The chocolates are both classic and creative -- try the addictive small chocolate rounds topped with chili and roasted pumpkin seeds. This shop, somewhat unusually for Paris, sells dark milk as well as white chocolates. The Boehmes' white chocolate is loaded with flavor and worth a try, even for totally committed dark-chocolate lovers. Upstairs you’ll find a sweet little salon with comfy chairs and a menu of handcrafted chocolate drinks. Other unusual products, great for gifting, include jars of chocolate body-paint (edible!) and chocolate pyramids, perfect for making single portions of hot chocolate back home.


Happy sampling, sipping and savoring, JourneyWomen. You will indeed be in paradise!

Did you know?

eifel tower; orangeThe 119-year old Eiffel Tower is 1,063 feet high, Including the 79 foot TV antenna atop its roof. That's about 80+ stories tall. No wonder TV reception is so good in Paris.

It takes tons of paint to keep the tower free of rust. In order to maintain a uniform appearance to an observer on the ground, three separate colors of paint are used, with the darkest on the bottom and the lightest at the top. Reminds the viewer of Disney's Cinderella castles with their smaller than life size windows higher up to create the illusion of height.

If you'd like more woman-friendly information about Paris, just click here and you'll be amazed at all the goodies you will find.

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