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A Journeywoman European Travel Tip Round-Up

Evelyn Hannon

With so many JourneyWomen heading off to Europe over the next few months we've decided to create a compilation of tips and articles to help you on your way. We've included insider city tips, hotels, restaurant suggestions and what to see and do, plus lots and lots of links. Now it is up to you to follow the paths most interesting to you. P.S. All prices were correct at time of writing. It's important to do your own checking as those figures might have changed. Bon Voyage!

Brussels, Belgium...

I heart BelgiumI was in Brussels in October. I stayed at a great little hotel named the Funkey Hotel. The hotel rooms are named after a deck of cards. Therefore, you might stay in the Queen of Heart room or the 7 of Spades. It is a short distance by bus to "La Grand Place" in Brussels. I would also like to recommend a very quaint brasserie that has a large selection of microbrewery Belgium beers and good food. It is located close to La Grand Place and it is called, the Nuetnigenough.
France, New York City, USA

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According to the Eyewitness Travel Guides, 'Paris is the world's capital of film appreciation. There are over 300 screens across the city -- the Champs-Elysées has the densest cinema strip in town'.

According to, 'Cinema tickets are about 10 € but usually half price on Mondays. New movies come out on Wednesday'.

According to the Mini Rough Guide to Paris, 'Cinema tickets rarely need to be purchased in advance. Some cinemas have lower rates on Monday or Wednesday, as well as reductions for students from Monday to Thursday. Some matinees also have discounts.'

Going to Paris? Click here for more tips.

Barcelona, Spain...

Tapas! Yum!I was in Barcelona on my own for 3 days last June. Having lived in Spain, I know that there's no point in going to a non-touristy restaurant before 10 p.m. as they're deserted. And 10 is early for Spain. But as a solo traveller with a lot to cram into a day, I opted to have a good meal in the neighbourhood bar that I happened to be wandering around at lunch time. The 'menu del dia' usually has a starter, a main course and a dessert and a half litre of wine for around 10 euros. It was a nice respite from the heat and ideal for checking out the locals. Then if I needed a snack in the evening, it was tapas or pinchitos - mini open sandwiches. Don't forget to treat yourself to the Spanish equivalent of champagne, cava, which comes from Catalunya. Salud!
Maggie, Ottawa, Canada

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London, England...

ChefWalk into Books For Cooks in Nottinghill. It smells good. You look around. You see shelves crammed with books reaching from floor to ceiling, central tables piled high with yet more books, and you marvel - are all these books really cookbooks? Then, at the back of the shop, you spot the kitchen from which those appetising aromas exude. There is cookery in the air as well as on the shelves of this bookshop. Once discovered, food lovers wonder how they ever survived before Books For Cooks! Shop closed: Sunday, Monday and the last three weeks in August.

Address: 4 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill, London, W11 1NN
Nearest tube: Ladbroke Grove

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Madrid, Spain...

You must try Hostal Santillan. We had two nights at this hostel, which is in the most beautiful city right in the heart of Madrid. The rooms are top rate standard with lovely ensuited bathrooms. The owners were fabulous, there was an elevator, tea and coffee machine and lots of assistance. I would and I do highly recommend this lovely hostel. You will not find a better location or better value in the heart of Madrid.
Lynn, Brisbane, Australia

Going to Madrid, Spain? Click here for more tips.





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