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Just-roasted chicken and communal tables...

Rôtisserie du Beaujolais:
hen I lived in Paris, we were always celebrating something – a birthday, a friend's arrival, a friend's departure, our youth. To be honest, we didn't need much of a reason to celebrate. But on such occasions, we often ended up at the Rôtisserie de Beaujolais, the casual counterpart of its fancy across-the-street neighbor, the legendary Tour d'Argent. The moderately priced Rôtisserie offers a warm, bright, ultra-French ambiance, where friendly black-and-white-clad waiters shuttle classic dishes like just-roasted chicken and confit de canard to and from the open kitchen. You can up the ante with side dishes like the butter-rich mashed potatoes, and don't be surprised if the in-house cat stops to lounge on the back of your banquet. eiffel towerThe desserts (we loved the pistachio crème brûlôe, the île flottante, and the tarte tatin) will send you swooning out the door and onto the Pont de la Tournelle, which provides an incredible nighttime view of Notre Dame. Address: 19 quai de la Tournelle, 5th arrondissement.

Submitted by: Tory Hoen Website:


La Cave de l'Os à Moelle:
or gastronomic adventurers in search of an alternative experience, La Cave de l'Os à Moelle offers an off-the-beaten-path retreat at a great price. Part-restaurant, part-wine shop, this cozy eatery serves up a 20-Euro prix fixe which includes access to a multi-course buffet that's whipped up in the kitchen of upscale l'Os à Moelle, located across the street. (You'll literally see waiters running back and forth between the two throughout the night). After picking a bottle off the shelf (bargains abound since they're priced at retail value), you'll sit at a communal table where you can chat up your neighbors – the crowd is friendly and international – or keep to your own crew. Last time I was there, we were conveniently seated next to a group of dreamy French guys. No one had any complaints. Address: 181 rue Lourmel, 14th arrondissement. Tel: 01 45 57 28 28.

Submitted by: Erica Berman. Website:



Chalk boards and mostly locals...

Café du Marché:
his place on the rue Cler in the 7th arrondissement is one of my favorite places to eat in Paris. It is so emblematic of what Paris represents: good food, good company and the time to enjoy it all. There is no printed menu. eiffel towerChalkboards display the day's offerings, and at prices that are ridiculously reasonable. A poulet rôti (rotisserie chicken), a glass of wine and a dessert cost me around 16 euros. Address: 38, rue Cler.


Restaurant des Beaux-Arts:
his restaurant on the rue Mazarine in the 6th is where I will meet up with friends around midday. The lunch formule for 12,50 euros lets you enjoy a main course, salad, dessert and wine. It is located in the heart of St-Germain-des-Pres, but it's almost exclusively frequented by the local residents. In the words of a friend (an American expat who lives in Paris), "the charming, down-at-the-heel décor completes the ambiance." Address: 80 rue Mazarine.

Submitted by Linda Donohue. Website:



Very French and very Mediterranean...

Le Bistrot de 7eme:
ach spring and autumn when we arrive in Paris it is always on a Sunday. For dinner we walk from our hotel, the fabulous Hotel Muguet where we have been staying for over ten years to Le Bistrot de 7eme 56, boulevard de La Tour-Maubourg. Metro: La Tour-Maubourg.eiffel tower With consistently good food at reasonable prices and open on Sundays my groups are always enchanted with their first dinner in Paris. Tel 01-45-51-93-08 Very French atmosphere. Cosy and comfortable.


Restaurant Pasco:
nother reasonably priced restaurant in the 7th, Restaurant Pasco is about two steps from our hotel. It overlooks Les Invalides and has many loyal neighbourhood fans. It offers modern Mediterranean cuisine and is served with care by Pasco the owner and his charming entourage. Address: 74, boulevard de La Tour Maubourg Metro, La Tour Maubourg tel. 01 44 18 33 26. We would never miss these two restaurants when we are in Paris.

Submitted by Kathi Oliver. Website:


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