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Restaurants Worldwide JourneyWomen Love


Seasons 52 in Orlando, Florida, USA...

Don't miss Seasons 52 on Sand Lake Road (near the parks and attractions); it's a new concept restaurant from the Darden chain (the Olive Garden folks). Seasons 52 features only fresh produce, their menu changes every week to feature what's freshest and in season (hence the 52 in the name); all low-cal, beautifully presented, tasty and healthy. Their grilled fish is wonderful and desserts are never more than 400 calories. The setting on the lake is gorgeous. Please plan ahead and call for a reservation or be prepared to wait at the bar (which is not bad, either). Editor's Note: JW has eaten here as well. The food, service and ambience is wonderful.
Barbara, Orlando, Florida


Bistro du Coin in Washington, DC...

Though noisy (meals are served in a loud and fun party atmosphere), this spot offers up great food and wine (mussels, steak frites, house paté). The decor includes a real zinc bar plus tables and chairs imported from Belgium and France. The front wall opens to the street when the weather is warm. Address: 1738 Connecticut Ave, NW. Tel: 202-234-6969 Metro: Dupont Circle (Red Line)
Arlene, Washington, DC, USA


Chinese noodles in Beijing, China...

There is a fantastic little Jiaoza Restuarant (Chinese noodles wrapped around meat and vegetables) one block east of Beijing United Family Hosptial on Jiang Tai Lu. It's a hole in the wall place but they have an English menu. Located in the Lido area, it's called The Tulip (actually an English sign) and has wood shingles on the outside. If you stay at Lido Holiday Inn, it is just a six minute walk. Order the jiaozas with a meat and a vegetable (ten to a plate) fried or steamed (I prefer the fried). The prices are cheap, cheap, cheap -- my family of six can eat a BIG dinner for less than ten dollars.
Ronnie, Beijing, China


Magnolia's Grill in Lunenburg, Canada...

My neighbourhood restaurant, Magnolia's Grill, is in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. The atmosphere is what hooked me first and the food keeps me going back. The walls are covered with photographs of events from the past - movies made in town, boats being launched, fun old movie posters, money from all over the world. There are wonderful salt and pepper shakers of all designs - no two the same. The Grill is small, seats no more than 40 and generally has a waiting list. The food - oh, oh, oh - great soups, salads, entrees, etc. But you can't leave without having the Key Lime Pie or the Chocolate Brownie. Address: 128 Montague Street. Tel: 902-634-3287
Judi, Nova Scotia, Canada


Beach Café in Sydney, Australia...

For Journeywomen travelling to Sydney why not enjoy one of Sydney's best beaches for breakfast or lunch? Balmoral Beach's quintessential beach café, Bathers Pavilion, is right on the water's edge. Built around 1921 as a beach changing shed, it has become a favourite restaurant and café for locals who laze over Sunday papers watching children play in the shallows or locals walking their dogs. The food is the essence of Australian cuisine, light, fresh and inspired by the sea. This is the sort of place you wander into after a walk on the beach, sand still on your feet and salt spray on your face. Sunglasses are a must... not only for the sunlight dancing off the waves but you just might want to close your eyes for a moment after your hearty Balmoral Breakfast.
Susan, Sydney, Australia




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