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The Mooncup Menstrual Cup - The Travelling Woman's Dream


Restaurants Worldwide JourneyWomen Love


Salad King in Toronto, Canada...

Both these restaurants belong to the same family. In Toronto we have a diverse population from many ethnic backgrounds. This has provided us with some of the best ethnic restaurants in North America. Both Linda and Salad King serve the best Thai food outside of Thailand. Salad King is downstairs and is set up for the students and local business people looking for great food quick and cheap. Upstairs the food is the same but the atmosphere is different. This is a neat place for quiet intimate dinners or just relaxing with friends around a great meal. The Pad Thai shrimp, vegetarian or chicken is the best I have ever tasted. The various curry dishes are amazing. You can have them as spicy or mild as you like -- they aim to please. This hidden gem has been the best kept secret in Toronto. Upstairs or down you will not be disappointed. Prices are reasonable with lunch or dinner under $10 (Cdn) downstairs and $20 (Cdn) upstairs. They are located at 335 Yonge Street (Gould and Yonge, one block north of Dundas Street)
Shirley, Toronto, Canada


Apple Farm Inn in San Luis Obispo, California...

I recommend the Apple Farm Inn & Restaurant, Gift Shop & Bakery. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the food is 'homestyle' featuring roast turkey with trimmings, chicken & dumplings, steaks, seafood, salads, popular local wines, homemade pies, and everybody's favorite hot apple dumplings. There's free coffee, comfortable seating, lots of atmosphere provided by Tiffany lamps, quilts and colorful old produce labels on the walls, and fresh flowers everywhere. The gift shop features everything 'apple' with many quality gifts for young and old (their old-fashioned apple butter is delicious). Most of the friendly waiters and waitresses are students at the nearby college. If you're on the Central Coast of California, don't miss the Apple Farm. They're located at 2015 Monterey Street. Tel: 805-544-6100 Website:


The Roka in Bisbee, Arizona, USA...

My favorite neighborhood bar offers semi casual dining -- the staff are mostly aspiring artists, musicians and actors. Diners enjoy a friendly atmosphere and you can stay as long as you like. Head chef and owner Rod Haas always has a special new wine to try. The meals include soup, salad, sorbet and entree however the portions are European and you do not over eat. Bartender Fred is convivial and provides a great place to meet locals. Bisbee is a retirement destination attracting a wide range of interesting people, the film industry, and world travelers. It's located in a former mining town, one mile high. This makes it a cool getaway in the summer. Reservations are a good idea. Address: 35 Main Street. Tel: 520-432-5153
Karen, Bisbee, Arizona, USA


Jane's on the Common in Halifax, Canada...

Hello from Halifax, Nova Scotia. New restaurants pop up here like crocuses in the Spring and can disappear just as quickly it seems. But one of the best has survived several seasons, and is called Jane's on the Common, located a comfortable 15 minute walk from the downtown core of Halifax (not surprisingly, overlooking the Halifax Commons). Its menu is limited but well thought out, offering meat, seafood and vegetarian choices, wonderful soups and salads, and daily specials. Decor design is eclectic, and if the wide-open view of activity on the sidewalk and the Commons across the street isn't enough to keep you engaged, the wonderful food and interesting clientele will. This restaurant was voted one of Canada's Best new Restaurants by EnRoute Magazine. You can learn more by visiting its website at
Kathy, Nova Scotia, US


One World Café in Salt Lake City, USA

There is an amazing restaurant in Salt Lake City called One World Café. Denise Cerrita, the owner, has a motto: "Everyone eats." At her warm inviting Café there is no menu. Denise prepares whatever is fresh and often organic and she offers up amazing creations daily. Food is served with love, buffet style. You decide how much you want of what items and it is placed on your plate by kind servers. Denise feels that how you are treated is as important as what you are eating. You choose to eat in one of several interesting rooms -- part the beads and sit on cushions on the floor in one room or continue to a room that feels like a small apartment with sofa, chairs and a dining table, or simply sit outside and enjoy the majestic blue skies of Utah. When you are through eating, it is you who decides how much to pay for your meal. You simply put money through a slot in a wooden box that is discreetly located near the door. You may be dining next to a CEO or a homeless person. At One World Café, everyone eats--and with dignity. Located on 300 East between South Temple and 100 South in downtown Salt Lake City.
Lily, Salt Lake City, USA




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