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Restaurants Worldwide JourneyWomen Love


Museum restaurant in Montreal, Canada...

I warmly recommend the bistro-style restaurant in the Pointe à Callière museum, in the Montréal Old Port. I work nearby, and it's one of the best deals for lunch (closed evenings) in that normally overpriced neighbourhood. Service is fast and efficient, and the view is gorgeous. The menu changes a lot so it's hard to recommend one thing: it serves "cuisine du marché", which means that the menu depends on what is fresh at that time of the year. That's a big part of this little bistro's charm. Address: 350 place Royale. See for more details on the museum itself.
Catherine, Montreal, Canada


Casbah Café in Chicago, USA...

My recommendation is the Casbah Café on Broadway. I've dined here several times and it is my favorite place. It's a small storefront, but the food and service and atmosphere is first class. I've never had a bad meal and have never had a bad experience. Cuisine is from everywhere on the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Falafel, kibbeh, kebabs, hummus, couscous, curries, dolmeh and, in a nod to the Northern Shore, pasta. Address: 3151 N. Broadway Alexandra, Chicago, USA
Alexandra, Chicago, USA


Ethiopia Down Under in Canberra, Australia...

Our favourite Canberra, Australia restaurant (in a suburban shopping centre) is called Ethiopia Down Under (easily accessible by bus). It's at the Pearce shopping centre - Hodgson Crescent, Pearce. It offers authentic Ethiopian food and coffee and beautiful homemade ice cream at reasonable prices. You may bring your own wine (no corkage charge) or buy it from an adjacent bottle shop. Best of all, the manager and staff are really beautiful, interesting, welcoming people. Telephone: 02. 6286.1659. Website:
Annette and Erin, Canberra, Australia


Wednesday Girls in Carmel, California, USA...

A fabulous experience for any woman visiting the Monterey Peninsula at anytime is to come to the Mission Ranch in Carmel on a Wednesday evening. This is when a group of local women get together and party. We have a self imposed label of the Wednesday Girls. Sometimes we have themes and sometimes we just act silly and have fun. This is not a late night event, but between 5:30 and 7:30. When the time changes there is a deck with heaters to watch the sunset over Pt. Lobos and the Pacific Ocean. The fresh food is fabulous and you can eat outside on the deck, in the restaurant or at the bar. The staff and service cannot be better. Just belly up to the bar, look for the Wednesday Girls and have fun, food and a frolicking good time. The Ranch is behind the Carmel Mission and if you ask anyone in town how to get there they will point the way.
Jesalee, Carmel, California, USA


Fee & Me in Tasmania, Australia...

It's a real treat to dine at Fee & Me in my Launceston neighbourhood. This multi award-wining restaurant is housed in a renovated historic 1835 building that was once a famous hospital. Fee & Me gives diners a choice of beautiful rooms, faultless high class service and modern Australian cuisine. Owner-Chef Fiona Hoskin has devised a unique menu, offering a series of entree-size dishes showcasing Tasmania's wonderful local food and wines. My daughter and I just had to have five courses each as the choices were so tempting -- fresh oysters, wallaby, hare pie, quail, lamb, seafood, duck and then ... there were those desserts. I think women will appreciate the smaller servings as they are designed to allow you to order a variety from the menu. Enjoy everybody! Address: 190 Charles Street. Tel: 03.6331.3195
Yvonne, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

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