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Bikini Bathers Beware... no bikinis

On public beaches there are few foreign tourists, and almost all Egyptian women swim in their clothes. On private beaches, you’ll feel far less self-conscious as you’ll be amongst other women (both Egyptian and tourists) who will be wearing swimming gear.
(Natania Jansz, Miranda Davies, More Women Travel, Rough Guide Special)

Harassed in Egypt...

Whoa!  Great bod, babe!A reader reports another point of view...
Based on her travels, the following is part of a report sent to us from Elizabeth Eaves, a Journeywoman based in Seattle,Washington.

Make no mistake, you will be cat-called, whistled at, proposed to and, occasionally pinched. This is particularly true in big cities and in crowded, developing countries like Egypt and Indonesia. It can certainly be annoying. I find the best policy for dealing with the constant verbal barrage is simply to ignore it. In nearly all cases, it presents no physical threat. It helps to dress conservatively, and in ultra-orthodox countries like Yemen and Pakistan, I often felt more comfortable covering my hair as well. If you are actually touched, immediately turn around and shout at the offender, in the local language if you know any -- it helps to learn a few good insults. This will attract unwanted attention to your harasser, and most likely cause him to scuttle away in embarrassment.

Travelling with girlfriends -- a good thing in Egypt

Why? Because in Egypt while a male travelling partner can be lovely, it will also shield you from the very culture you are visiting. In Muslim countries. It’s a guy kind of thing... Hawkers, taxi drivers and friendly strangers will prefer to speak to him, answering your friend even if ‘you’ have directly asked a question. However, with a female travelling partner, strangers are forced to speak to one or the other of you.

Secondly, your western guy can only ever see one half of Muslim culture - - the male half. It is very rare for a Muslim woman to address a strange foreign man, and no self-respecting Muslim man is going to invite a male stranger home to meet his wife and female relatives. With a female friend, you will have far more invitations into people’s homes, and be able to spend time with whole families together.

(Source: Elizabeth Eaves, Seattle, Washington, USA)

Ed. note: If you are travelling in this country with a male friend and you’re booking hotels, etc, please remember to refer to him as your husband or you will not be considered a respectable woman.

What to Wear in Egypt -- Her First Hand Advice

A Journeywoman classified ad...

Ed. note: Whenever one of our classified advertisers offers tours to a country we are featuring, we like to reprint their ad at the close of the article...just in case it might entice any of you to travel.

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