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Her French Hotels for Less
Unbelievably Great Accommodations from $50 to $99USD


We know that Journeywomen are always on the lookout for great  deals--especially in the costlier cities. So we asked Margo Class�, a member of the Journeywoman Network and our hotel expert in that part of the world, to suggest some unique and inexpensive accommodations. Margo writes...

She loves to save...
Saving on accommodations means you can spend your money on the other important things such as sightseeing, food, shopping, and then even more delicious French food!

My criteria for selecting hotels are that they must be very clean, safe, inexpensive, centrally-located and, above all, have a private toilet and shower in the room. Of course, I try to include charming and quaint as criteria as well. All the hotels listed in this book are family-run unless otherwise indicated and have at least one room with a toilet. For me, the sole purpose of a hotel room is to provide a safe and comfortable place to sleep after an enjoyable day.
All hotels listed cost between $50 and $99 U.S. for two. For your convenience, prices are listed in Francs and Euro dollars, but we've included a cash converter to make things a little easier for you to figure out.

Paris, the City of Lights and every serious traveller's dream, is divided by the River Seine (east to west). The Right Bank is elegant, commercial, and more expensive than the Left, which is more of an artistic, university-type area. For each hotel, we've provided the closest Metro station to help you find your way.

Conver your francs ladies
Convert Your Francs, Mesdames

The artistic Left Bank... 

Hotel College de France

This is the perfect example of a Left Bank hotel. Expect nicely furnished, carpeted, sunny rooms in its six charming stories. Don't miss the lovely, large attic rooms with gorgeous French windows. This place has lots of character, great views, and a few balconies, always a plus in Paris!  Every room features a toilet and a bath or shower, and the invaluable hair drier. 
Check out #62, a particularly pretty and very large attic room.  It has wood-beamed ceilings, a balcony, and two French windows. Very nice!
Maubert Mutualit� (5th Arondissement)
Rates: 510F/78EUR single; 575F/88EUR double; 690F/105EUR triple; 1150/175EUR quad
Misc.: Visa, MC, DC, AX. English spoken (Marc), cable TV w/CNN
Address: 7, rue Th�nard
Contact: Tel: 0143267836. Fax: 0146345829. E-mail:
Eiffel Tower

Hotel Dragon
Fancy a night in a romantic canopy bed? Check out room #35 in this quaint 17th-century hotel. Dragon features lots of ambiance and simply- to nicely-furnished, carpeted rooms. There's a lovely interior patio and stone-cased stairs. A little tip--rooms that face the front are brightest. Most have bathrooms but remember that rooms with no showers or toilets are cheaper.
M�tro: St. Germain des Pr�s (6th Arondissement)
Rates: 430F/66EUR single; 565F/86EUR double; 740F/113EUR triple; 900F/137EUR quad; 1130F/172EUR (rm.#15/16)
Misc.: Visa, MC, AX. English spoken (Genevieve), cable TV w/CNN
Address: 36, rue Dragon.
Contact: Tel: 0145485105. Fax: 0142225162. Web site: E-mail:


And on the Right Bank... 

Hotel Londres Saint Honor�

Londres Saint Honor� is a wonderful, charming, five-storey 18th-century hotel. Rooms are large, nicely furnished, and carpeted. Some even have air-conditioning, and all are soundproofed and feature minibars and hair driers. There are laundry services and non-smoking rooms as well. Don't let this hotel fool you: you'll find reception one flight up.
Arc de TriompheM�tro: Tuileries (Near the Louvre in the 1st Arondissement)
Rates: 405-525F/62-80EUR single; 550-615F/78-94EUR double; 705F/107EUR triple; 790F/120EUR quad; 1300-1400F/198-213EUR suite/quint/sextet.
Misc.: Visa, MC, DC, AX. English spoken (ask for Lamine), cable TV w/CNN
Address: 13, rue Saint-Roch
Contact: Tel: 0142601562. Fax: 0142601600

Hotel Argenson

This is a fabulous, grand, old-style hotel with old-fashioned rooms.  They're carpeted and nice-sized, with lovely high ceilings (and most have bathrooms, but remember to check!).  Be warned--this hotel is in a noisy location. But this shouldn't be a worry, the rooms are soundproofed.  Breakfast is included in the rates and can be served in the room. P.S. Check to see if you're lucky enough to have one of the rooms with a balcony.
M�tro: Miromesnil (8th Arrondissement)
Rates: 340-430F/52-66EUR (bath) single; 420-480F/64-73EUR (double or 2 twin beds/bath) double; 570-605F/87-92EUR triple
Misc: Visa, MC. English spoken (Martine, Katia & Fariborz), TV
Address: 15, rue d'Argenson
Contact: Tel. 0142651687. Fax: 0147420206. Web






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