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Her Munich Meanderings
...resources for the female traveller


Happy Sinning, Ladies....
All tuckered out from doing the tourist thing? A tea stop at a lovely little Konditorei is guaranteed to restore your momentum. Check out a little German goodie called "mohrenkopf" -- chocolate shells filled with whipped cream. They're divine!

Christmas Tree

The Mother of All Flea Markets...
If you time your Munich visit for April, you can enjoy a mammoth flea market held the first day of a big yearly Fruhlingsfest on the Theresienwiese. This shopping event is without a doubt, the big mama of them all!

And each December, Christkindlmarkt (that very famous Christmas market) is held in the Marienplatz. This one is large, lovely and truly magical, ladies!
(Source: Journeywoman Files)

Munich After Dark...
Most of the time, I felt very comfortable in the evenings. Yet, because I did feel that way, I had to continuously remind myself to keep practicing big-city vigilance. As always, I sought out the advice of local women. They warned me about two things in particular -- to watch out, especially at night, in the vicinity of the main train station (Hauptbahnhof). It tends to be a tad seedy around there. And, being female, to avoid visiting Munich during the Oktoberfest (in late September) when "a lot of locals get drunk, pesky, and fall down all over the place."
(Source: Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman Editor)
Ed. note: To be fair to the Oktoberfest, and to offer a slightly different perscpective, I should also include a quote from another woman living in Munich who writes: "Thousands and thousands of women come to the Oktoberfest, there's no's just a lot rowdier downtown late at night."

Pine Trees

She's Out For Her Sunday Walk...
A group of outdoor loving locals walks every Sunday afternoon, usually meeting at Hauptbahnhof, and taking one of the S-Bahns for a 15K walk in the countryside. Interested? Call early Sunday AM for further info and directions. Tel: 69 22 88.
(Source: Munich in Your Pocket - Dee Pattee)

Standing on the Corner....
The Krauterweiberl are farm women who sell dried herbs, teas, fresh horseradish, spices, garlic and lavender on streetcorners downtown. You'll recognize them by their colorful folk dresses. Don't hurry by....their wares are good and fresh!
(Source: Munich in Your Pocket - Dee Pattee)


Fun Female Networking...
The American Association of University Women hold monthly meetings. Contact 67 23 64

German-American Women's Club holds regular monthly events, including an informal conversation group. They meet Tuesday mornings at Amerika Haus. Tel: 552 53 70 for up-to-date info.
(Source: Munich in Your Pocket - Dee Pattee)

Women's Only Steam Bath...
The Mullersches Volksbad (with it's outstanding art deco exterior) offers separate "women's only" hours in it's Romishches Dampfbad section. Bathing suits are optional, towels can be rented but you must not forget your sandals (the floor is very, very hot!). Watch stress disappear as you alternate warm and cool baths with steam rooms and massage. M-m-m-m wonderful! Tel: 23 61 3429 (Rosenheimerstrasse 1)

Thanks for the networking to...


  • Tara Wilkinson, Director of Public Relations, Choice Hotels ( who made sure that Journeywoman was spoiled silly at Comfort Inn's Andi, Munich City Center (Landwehrstrasse 33).

  • Cornelia G., a networking pal who lives and works in Munich. She offered Journeywoman her unconditional hospitality and happily shared her favorite Munich haunts. P.S. Cornelia is a topnotch German-English translator and a film fest aficionado. Care to network? Simply click here.

  • The folks at Canada 3000 who invited Journeywoman to experience their Toronto-Munich inaugural flight. As usual...a real treat!

  • Finally, Dee Pattee, an Anerican expat who wrote the excellent guide "Munich in Your Pocket , How to become a Munchner." This book began life in 1970 as a booklet for parents of the Munich International School and has been regularly updated since then to reflect the changes in the city. Absolutely perfect for the woman who is relocating! Interested in a copy? For details, e-mail:




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