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She Finds Twenty Great Ways to Enjoy Italy


Evelyn Hannon

Italy is one of Journeywoman's favorite destinations. There is just so much to enjoy. We love the food, fashion, culture, extraordinary scenery and the absolute music of the Italian language. We've travelled to Italy solo, with girlfriends and on a group learning holiday. Each had its own perfect pleasure. Each provided its own perfect memories.

Perhaps you haven't tried Italy yet? Or, maybe you love it so much you can't wait to get back. Either way we've collected a wonderful sampling of 20 ways to enjoy Italia alone, with friends, family or with a complete new group of travellers. Take your pick, ladies. They all sound fabulous to us. Enjoy!

Women/Wine/Food/Fun in Italy...

Join my small (4-12) culinary tours/cooking classes to Italy and let me share with you the rich assortment of friends and colleagues in the country that has captured my heart - we'll visit an amazing group: baker, butcher, winemaker, balsamic master, olive oil producer, cheese makers, grappa processors, chefs, fishermen. All while staying in beautiful accommodations throughout Italy: Tuscany, Umbria, Venice, Riviera/Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Apulia. Phone: 1-888-636-1602, Bev Gruber's Everyday Gourmet Traveler, Seattle, USA.

Absolute Accommodations...

Offers comfortable and well-located apartments in London, Paris and Rome and charming cottages in Scotland. Our delightful villas in the South of France and the most popular regions of Italy are ideal for friends traveling together, couples or families. We know our properties personally and can recommend the perfect accommodation for your needs.
Phone: 800-577-1011


Journey To Tuscany With A Well-Known Author...

This is truly an opportunity to see and experience Tuscany through the eyes of a writer and photographer. If you’ve ever wanted an insider’s perspective join “Blue Guide’s” Paul Blanchard on this remarkable trip into the heart of Italy. You’ll discover that this is one region that can never be overrated. Contact Woman’s World Travel for more details.
Tel: 800-651-5008

Make Your Own Breakfast in Padua, Italy...

"Beavita” apartment is near the historical centre of Padua: brightly coloured, fully furnished, with two bicycles and wireless Internet service at your disposal. It’s the ideal place to start discovering Padua, Venice, Verona, Vicenza, all the interesting sites of our Veneto region. You will find … a good sofa to relax upon, all the necessary information and, most of all, a sincere courtesy.

Travel World Discovery...

Specializes in customized vacations to Italy and France for individuals and small groups. We offer travelers with discerning taste, the opportunity to experience the flavour of a country by providing knowledgeable, English speaking tour guides and traditional accomodations. Our service is fully personalized and to encourage travelling, our prices are unbeatable. Contact us at so we can plan your next vacation or visit us at


Eliotropica Travel Services in Italy...

Let our staff of female advisors help you to immerse yourself in the Italian culture, meet Italians, exchange experiences. Join our customized tours and special sailing trips or let us help you plan your own exciting itinerary in our country. One of our travel consultants will support you in organizing your journey and during your stay. Art, culture, fashion, design, nature -- take your pick. Get to the real essence of Italy and many other European destinations. Tel./Fax +39-(0)583-956465


Bonus tip! Convents offer accommodation in Italy...

I'd like women travelling to Rome to know that along with welcoming pilgrims, many convents are now opening their doors to international tourists. Some convents offer regular hotel-type accommodations while others remain very basic -- no TV, bar or telephone. Breakfasts are often included and some convents even serve lovely budget dinners cooked and served by the nuns. Chances are you'll be meeting very interesting travellers from around the world. Of course safety, spirituality and reasonable curfew reign supreme at all of these establishments. For further information see: (1) (2)
Evelyn, Toronto, Canada


More About Italy... 2/3/4





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