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Kathmandu -- Her Favorite Restaurants


She eats out in Kathmandu...

The following are notes I've made about ten restaurants that are my current
Thamel District favorites. Enjoy!


  • Brezel Bakery
    Upstairs and outside with a charming rooftop view for outstanding sandwiches and soups. It's across from the venerable Kathmandu Guest House.
  • Everest Steak House
    Filet steaks (water buffalo) imported from India served with sauces, thick French fries and fresh vegetables. For non-steak lovers the varied creative menu also offers Chicken Shashlick and Vegetable Momo (Tibetan raviolis or wontons). Prices are high for Nepal but are considered on the low side for travellers. Plan to spend about $US3.00 for a steak dinner.
I love Anne-Marie's pizza!
  • Fire and Ice
    Charming Anne-Marie (from Naples, Italy) opened her popular pizzeria and ice cream parlor a few years ago. It's always crowded but the short wait is worth it. Pizzas, minestrone soup, and soft ice cream are her specialties.
  • K.C's
    When I don't want to splurge, I often have a stir fry with tofu and miso here. However, for a slightly upscale dinner, try their Sizzling Garlic Steak Platter (again, water buffalo) or Grilled Chicken with a Tubor beer. This spot also serves the only big baked potatoes in town. As an after-trek-treat, finish your meal with a dangerously delicious piece of Double Chocolate Cake. Bonus: K.C.'s upstairs balcony has a view of Thamel's lights and rooftops.
  • Kilroy's Restaurant
    A new popular garden restaurant with a very creative Irish co-owner and chef. Tasty Continental specialties are artistically served on classy pottery. Their best dessert is carmel Tarte Tartin. You can dress up here if you're feeling festive.
  • Krua Thai
    The place you want to be for fresh authentic Thai food set in a twinkling garden. View the cooking in a glassed-in sparkling stainless steel kitchen. This restaurant has a private banquet room for groups.
  • Northfield Cafe
    Reliable for any meal. Menu includes Kathmandu Mexican! Taste is only vaguely Mexican, but delicious. Northfield is a gathering place and hangout for Americans and other foreigners. Next to the classic 1960's Kathmandu Guest House.
  • Pumpernickel Bakery
    Wonderful for a quick breakfast outdoors, or inside if it's cold or raining. Stand in line to order fresh-squeezed orange juice and a bagel or a huge cinnamon roll along with tea or coffee. Here, you'll rub shoulders with the bustling trekking crowd and experience the yummy aroma of baked bread and pastries.
  • Feed 'n Read
    Owned by and located directly behind Pilgrim's Book House in central Thamel, this patio cafe is perfect any time of day. Fresh citrus or apple juice, crunchy wheat toast with homemade apple butter, and scrambled eggs make for a satisfying breakfast. Indian dishes for dinner are good and their momos (like won tons) make a great snack with a pot of tea or lemon soda. Who knows? You may find yourself sitting next to a hopeful writer trying to make her first publication deal.
  • Thamel House
    Enjoy well-presented typical Nepali cuisine in a pagoda-style one hundred year old residence. Expect white-clothed tables, candlelight, and an elegant fixed-price meal of curries, dal bhaat (lentils over rice), bandel tareko (wild boar) or fried chicken with trimmings--all theatrically served by Nepalese-uniformed English-speaking waiters. Big splurge!

To the front of the bus, ladies...

Groovy VanTravelling by Nepali bus that's very crowded? In this case, the smartest place for a female traveller to be is in the front section of the vehicle. Here women alone as well as women with kiddies are often given seating preference. How nice!

On your way to Nepal? Before heading up into thin air, be a savvy Journeywoman. Be aware of altitude sickness.





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