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LET'S START WITH A CONTEST POSTED ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE LAST MONTH -- In it we asked our readers to give this 'Journeywoman Bear' an appropriate travel name. We received hundreds of suggestions from around the world, each one more creative than the next:-- Spirit, Atlas, Miles, Rambling Rose, Bear With Me and Amelia BearHeart to name a few. Everybody wanted this very huggable Tempur Pedic pal made of soft and lovely memory foam to call their own.

Name That Bear

But we could only have one winner. After much thought and debate we chose the sophisticated French name, 'PassePartout' submitted by Nancy H. in Silver Springs, USA. Passepartout is a character in Jules Verne's novel, Around the World in Eighty Days. The name translates literally to "Goes-Everywhere," perfect for a Journeywoman Bear who is intent on seeing the world. Congrats, Nancy. Please send your mailing address to editor@journeywoman.com and Passpartout will be on his way.

Evenlyn Hannon, Editor, Journeywoman.com


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JOURNEYWOMAN EDITOR EVELYN HANNON PRACTICES WHAT SHE PREACHES -- I'm goin' a travelin' and will be away all of November recharging my batteries. That means that the next newsletter will be published in January 2014. Happy holidays and ... be good while I'm gone, kiddies!

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UNTIL OUR NEXT MAILING -- I wish you fun reading, lots of laughter and safe, wonderful, exciting journeys. You definitely deserve it!


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