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Things She Learned About New York

Optician with lots of heart...

When my glasses broke, I was referred to Myoptics Opticians at 123 Prince Street by a native New Yorker. After visiting this small shop, I was so impressed with their service, inventory and expertise, I wanted to pass their name along to others -- especially those JourneyWomen living in New York City. Not only did I quickly find the new frames that I needed but the kind folks at Myoptics were able to locate a replacement part for my original pair (something that no other shop I visited was able to do). They offered service with a smile and got the job done quickly. They even hand-delivered my repaired glasses to where I was staying in Manhattan. Very impressive! Hours: 11-7 Mon-Sat, Sun 12-6. (Tel: 212.598.9306)

A Christmas Market...

If you're in New York before the Christmas holidays, Grand Central has a wonderful Christmas market, with vendors from a variety of shops around town. I was able to find several gifts there -- including some for myself -- at reasonable prices and with a minimal expenditure of time.
Elaine, Washington, USA

A Chinese Department Store...

On a recent foray into Chinatown, I found the fabulous Pearl River Mart and what absolute great fun I had there. This two-level department store located at 477 Broadway carries hundreds of well-priced, interesting items all (of course) made in China. For those women who enjoy wearing traditional Chinese clothing, be prepared to be tempted by everything from super slippers (at least 20 varieties) to chic Mandarin dresses to charming embroidered sateen jackets. There's one section devoted solely to food and you'll also get the opportunity to browse through paper products, lovely tableware, herbal teas, inexpensive home furnishings and more. JourneyWoman found Pearl River was a perfect place to stock up on gifts, both practical and whimsical and I challenge any other visiting female to leave this emporium empty handed. I came away with a winsome child's set of towels, a pink pair of mini chopsticks for little girls as well as several packets of stylish, bright red lacquered adult chopsticks. I almost bought a pair of black satin slippers with an original petal design ($6.95). So sorry I didn't! For a product preview go to

She runs with New Yorkers...

Journeywoman was delighted to meet with Carmen Brun, the General Manager of Crowne Plaza at the United Nations (304 East 42nd Street). Her hotel is so conveniently located (minutes from fantastic shopping, sightseeing, dining and only six blocks to the theater district). Added bonus: Carmen is an avid runner and she offered JourneyWomen these tips on terrific jogging paths in her city. She writes:

There are some great running places in Manhattan. My favorites include:

Central Park : There are several running routes throughout the park. These include a 6 mile loop, two different 5 mile loops (1 slightly hillier than the other), a 4 mile loop, a 1.4 hilly loop, a 1.7 flat loop and a 1.5 flat reservoir run.

Hudson river run: You can run along the Hudson on the new Westside path from the George Washington Bridge to Battery Park City. For additional mileage and great views of the city, run over the Brooklyn Bridge. The path picks up again on the Eastside up to approximately East 31st Street.

When JourneyWoman asked Carmen about jogging solo along these routes, this was her reply: During the day it is perfectly safe. I have run alone dozens of times on these same paths. In the evening, I would not recommend women running alone, especially if they are not familiar with the city. In fact, I would not recommend running alone at night no matter where the city.

Don't want to run alone? The New York Road Runners offers group runs in Central Park. See for days and times.

Ed. note: To learn more about our JourneyWoman's safety tips for female joggers, click here.

We've run a long way, baby...

Did you know that in 1970 only one woman ran the New York City Marathon? By 1980, there were 1,962 women to 12,050 men. By 1990, women made up close to one-fifth of the crowd -- 4,727 of 25,012. And in 1999, at 9,426 out of 32,503 runners, almost one in three marathoners was a woman. Wow!

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