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A little Shopping Street in Stockholm
she shares her insider�s secrets...

Rosalie Nestenius was born and raised in the Philippines and is today the president of Whistlebait, an online marketing and promotions company specializing in travel-related websites. Rosalie is currently based in both Georgia, USA and Stockholm, Sweden. She writes...

Surrounded by water, the Swedish capital city of Stockholm possesses an old-world charm that has made it one of my favorite cities in the world. The old, very narrow, winding streets of the Old Town (�Gamla Stan�), the well-preserved architecture, the fancy streets of Biblioteksgatan, Hamngatan, and Drottninggatan where tourists and Stockholmers alike do their shopping rounds, are all dear to me.

My heart beats best for Södermalm...

However, my heart beats best for Södermalm, known to be the more bohemian part of city. It is a mere 20-minute walk from Stockholm�s city center. The atmosphere here is very informal, and the absence of glitter is noticeable. heartAnd yet, this is where you find Stockholm�s unique stores which carry carefully-selected items which are otherwise hard to find elsewhere.

When visiting Södermalm, I strongly recommend that you visit the street called G�tgatsbacken, which is actually a part of a longer street called G�tgatan. G�tgatsbacken got its name because it is the northern part of the street situated on a little hill. If walking is not your cup of tea, the street can be reached by the underground train (tunnelbana). Get off at the station called Slussen and take the exit towards G�tgatan. You will find yourself right in the middle of G�tgatsbacken when you emerge from the underground station.

Shopping stops I recommend...

Olsson Och Dåm G�tgatan 59 is a very colorful, fun shop with beautiful gift items and practical things for the home. Don�t forget to visit the cellar where you can find modern Swedish furniture and home decorating articles.

Gudrun Sjöden, G�tgatan 44 carries clothing items with splashes of color so rare in a city where a large majority of the population dresses in trendy blacks, browns, or greys. Half my home�s interior decoration (curtains, bedsheets, pillows, rugs) come from this shop.

Ordning Och Reda, G�tgatan 32 is a shop that celebrates the Swedish devotion to structure and order. They have a popular collection of bags, notebooks, pens, folders, photo albums in matching bright colors.

The building located at G�tgatan 31 houses a number of shops worth visiting.

Take a break at Wayne's Coffee. But first pop into Press Stop for your fill of magazines and newspapers from all over the world.

Designtorget (The Design Square) showcases modern Swedish design and artistry. It has a collection of the works of both up-and-coming as well as established Swedish designers and craftsmen. The shop has everything, from earrings to wine glasses, mirrors, clothing, slippers and toys.

Granit is much like Ordning och Reda, but articles are mostly in blacks and whites. Don�t forget to ask to see their version of the paper clip which is so simple, functional, and unique in its design that you won�t even suspect it was a paper clip!

After half a day going through all the goodies that G�tgatsbacken has to offer, walk to the very north end of the street and turn right. Lift your head a bit and and you will see what seems to be a boat elevated high up in the air.

This is Gondolen (The Gondola), which prides itself as being the restaurant with the most magnificient view of Stockholm. The crowd consists of locals entertaining their foreign guests, romantic couples, business people, and Stockholmers simply adoring the sights of their splendid city .

You can choose to stay in the bar for an early evening drink, or in the restaurant to indulge in a classic Swedish meal. The food is delicious, and the service is excellent, although, beware... meals can be quite pricey.

But then, hey... don�t you deserve it?

Enjoy your time in Stockholm, ladies!

Ed. note: Rosalie Nestenius looks forward to networking with other journeywoman around the world. She can be reached at:

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tropical drink

More shopping in Stockholm...





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