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A little Shopping Street in Stockholm
she shares her insider�s secrets...

Female-friendly bits of info about Sweden....

  • the workforce Sweden has one of the highest percentages in the world of women in the workplace.

  • Fifty percent of Sweden�s government ministers are women.

  • The public transport system in Sweden is possibly the most efficient in the whole of Europe.

  • Overnight trains in Sweden have women-only compartments available.

  • Suitcase too heavy to carry upstairs? Don�t worry. Any building with three or more stories in Sweden must legally have a lift installed.
  • (Source: Sweden The Rough Guide)

    B & B = Boat and Breakfast in Stockholm

    cruiseshipMalardrottningen -- a tiny waterborne hotel converted from the former yacht of Barbara Hutton (Woolworth heiress and wife of Cary Grant, etcetera) -- floats in the waters of Stockholm's Lake Malaren, just a short walk from Old Town and practically in the shadow of City Hall (Stadhuset, where the Nobel Prize is awarded each year.) The intriguing B&B -- boat and breakfast, in this case -- offers unique accommodations. "This one bobs," says Christina Wilkstrom, an employee of the boatel. "Guests sleep very well; they like being rocked to sleep." Hutton received the yacht as a gift on her 18th birthday. The B&B has a distinctly nautical flavor, 59 quaint and quirky cabins, a sauna and a restaurant that ranks among Sweden's top ten. Single rates from $95 per night, splashier suites $220. Address: Riddarholmen, Stockholm 11128, Sweden. Phone: 011-46-8-24-36-00.
    (Source: Arlene Bleecker, cruise columnist, New Jersey, USA)

    Journeywoman�s Swedish Meatballs

    Doing the background research for this article on Sweden, my favorite recipe called �Swedish Meatballs� suddenly popped into my mind. I thought... Why not? This could be an opportune time to share a terrific little dish with other travellin� women. So, here it is -- complete with it�s secret ingredient-- grape jelly.

    cooking potINGREDIENTS
    2 lbs. ground meat
    1 egg
    1 tsp. salt
    1 clove garlic, minced
    1/4 tsp pepper
    1 grated onion
    1 large raw potato, grated
    1 bottle (smallest size) chili sauce
    1 bottle water (equal to the amount of chili sauce)
    1 small jar grape jelly.

    Mix meat, onion, potato, egg, salt, pepper and garlic together. Shape into approximately 60 bite-sized meat balls. Mix chili sauce, water and grape jelly, bring the mixture to a boil, reduce the heat to simmer and put the meatballs in the sauce. Cover and cook for one hour. Chill and remove layer of fat from the top. Reheat and serve hot, in the sauce, in a chafing dish or freeze for future use.
    (Source: Gourmet on the Go, Ideals Publishing Corp., USA)

    P.S. If you pass this recipe along to anybody else, please pass along the Journeywoman internet address as well ( We�d love to have your friends and relatives as part of the Journeywoman Network.
    Evelyn Hannon, Editor

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