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JourneyWomen Suggest Super Sleeps in Spain


Sisters share pension in Leon...

My sister and I walked part of the Camino in 2002, starting in Leon.sun We found Pension Sandoval, Plaza San Francisco 19, in the old city. This 3rd floor walk-up was run by a very friendly woman, who did not speak English, (and we are very unilingual). Nevertheless, she made us feel very welcome. This accommodation was clean and the cost was only12 Euro -- a price which included a simple breakfast. The contact number is 987 21 20 41. Leon was an interesting old city with a simple gorgeous cathedral and, if this pension was not available, a traveller could choose one of the great hotels of the world (at the other end of the price scale ) -- The Parador San Marcos. We were content to just look at this beauty from the outside. It is a great example of wonderful Spanish architecture.
Lynne, British Colombia, Canada


Old city view in Cordoba...

While travelling in Cordoba about three years ago, I spent two evenings at the four-star Maimonides Hotel with my view opening onto the old city. This first class hotel is situated in a prime location in Cordoba, right in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, and is close to other area attractions.sun The room service was dependable with a few little extras thrown in, including a disposable razor that I am still using (must be something about Spanish steel). The cost, then, was on the upper end of reasonable -- well worth it -- the management was friendly and eager to be helpful. They provided a lock box for my passport and other essentials which they kept in a locked cupboard (very quaint). Attached to the hotel is a coffee shop which served the only brewed decaf expresso that I was able to get in all of Andalucia. It was a pleasant experience and I cannot wait to go back. Prices start at 112 euro. You can read an online description at:.
Address: Torrijos 4, Cordoba 14003, Spain.
Tel: 957-47-1500
Fax: 957-48-3803
Mary, Canada


A hostel in Cordoba...

I stayed at the best hostel I'd ever been to in Cordoba, Spain. Amazing courtyards, beautiful rooms, and very clean. The place is huge but fills up in the winter.sun It's right next to the mosque, tucked into amazing winding alleys but well worth the time it takes to find it. For further information contact:
ES C�rdoba (HI)
Plaza Jud� Levi, s/n.
E-14003 C�rdoba, SPAIN
Tel. 34-957290166
Fax 34-957290500
Jazmin, New York, USA


Two women in Seville...

My friend and I (two 20-something women traveling on our own) spent a week in Spain this past spring and we had a great time. We especially liked our hotel, Hostal Picasso in Seville. We recommend it without hesitation!

sunIt was a beautiful, brightly colored hotel (they use colors from Picasso's paintings to decorate), with very friendly and helpful service. We paid, I believe, around $55/night, but this was because we contacted the hotel directly. There are online booking sites that charge quite a bit more. There was at least one person on the staff who spoke English, which was very helpful, and it was easy to book our room by fax. We reserved a room with its own bathroom, but some of the rooms share a bathroom with another room for a cheaper price. Our room didn't have it's own outside window, but instead it had windows that opened into the lushly green atrium that looked down into the quaint and colorful lobby (we were on the third floor--no elevator, though). It was conveniently located to delicious restaurants, and beautiful architecture. They don't have their own website, but check this link, under "Picasso":
Shannon, Des Moines, Iowa, USA


A gem in southern Spain...

I've just returned from Spain and would like to suggest the town of Ronda and the Hotel Enfrente Arte which I found very female-friendly. This hotel is located in the oldest part of town and an easy walk to all attractions. Hotel Enfrente Arte is a small hotel and there is a very nice breakfast and lunch buffet that is included in the price of the room; all self-serve. There is also a free bar service which is also self-serve and available all day. It includes local wine, beer, juices and coffee. A large common patio overlooks the hills and valleys, a free computer is set off in a game room for access to your email. This is a very convenient place for any woman who is traveling alone.
Marialice, USA


Rural hideaway in Andalucia, Spain...

sunThis is a copy of an ad that appears in our classified section. Journeywoman has never visited this B&B herself, but we thought that JW members reading this article might be interested in this destination.

B&B AND SELF-CATERING IN ANDALUCIA, SPAIN Safe rural location in country on banks of Rio Guadiana, international boundary between Spain and Portugal. Close to unspoilt Analusian village Sanlucar de Guadiana. 40 km from beaches of Ayamonte. Great for walkers, artists, birdwatchers or simply relaxing. English proprietors. Airport transfers available. Own transportation recommended. E-mail: or check for online brochure. Tel: 0034 959 502030 or 003469181828









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