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Aussie Women Share Sydney Secrets

Evelyn Hannon

We are extremely lucky to have so many helpful Australian women as members of our Journeywoman Network. Over the past few months they have generously shared their thoughts about the city of Sydney not only via e-mail, but also face-to-face when I visited their charming city this year. From where the nicest collection of handsome Australian men can be found to modest accommodation under $A35, here are a dozen of their female-centered tidbits designed to make any Journeyman's time in Australia as much fun as it can possibly be.

The perfect Sydney evening...

Sydney is absolutely beautiful and I could shout its accolades across the world. An evening at the Opera House (we recently saw Madame Butterfly), preceded by dinner and drinks at the Bennelong Restaurant, overlooking Sydney Harbour and the Harbour Bridge is an exquisite experience. Follow that with milk shakes or coffee and dessert up Oxford Street in one of the quaint coffee shops or al fresco eatouts, and you have a perfect evening. I went with my husband but this itinerary can easily be enjoyed solo. never know who you'll meet along the way. Have fun ladies!
Maree, Sydney, Australia


You go girl...

This is a perfect tip for the female traveller who's always on the lookout for the nearest loo. Worry no more. Before heading out for a day of sightseeing, simply log onto the Aussie toilet map site ( and follow the instructions to locate the nearest lavatory to where you plan to be. Just point, click, print and... you're prepared 'to go'.
S Teena, Sydney, Australia


All things Italian in Sydney...

If pasta, pizza and handsome Italian men make your heart go pitter pat, you must make your way to Norton Street in Leichardt (a Sydney neighbourhood). This area specializes in wonderful Italian cuisine and atmosphere. Check out the 'Italian Forum', a Mediterranean style open air plaza packed with restaurants and boutiques. This is not budget shopping and dining -- prices are a tad extravagant so some Journeywomen might simply want to spend their time browsing here. Further up the street look for Il Vizio, a cafe located in the Norton Street Plaza that is well-know to locals for brewing the best cappuccinos in Sydney. I bet you'll have a great time here!
Christine, Sydney, Australia

Quakers offer modest accommodation...

Here's a tip few women know about. If you are a Quaker or if you are related to a Quaker, the Quaker Meeting House is a quiet and peaceful place to stay in Sydney, only two blocks from Central Station, close to Universities and the full range of city attractions. There are four bedrooms; two rooms have double beds, and two rooms each have two single beds. Guests (both men and women) have access to the kitchen and laundry at the Warden's discretion. Fees are a very modest but the house rules must be followed. To register your interest in using these facilities, please e-mail:
Sharon, Sydney, Australia

She explores The Rocks...

I live in Sydney and am happy to provide a few hints for JourneyWomen visiting our city. North of the famous Opera House is the area called, The Rocks -- historically one of the first areas to be settled by the British. Tourists just love this area so I thought I would help visitors to avoid the tourist traps. Let me steer you to where the locals congregate.

But first -- The Visitors Centre (106 George Street) is worth visiting for maps and guided walks. My advice is to wander up Argyle Street and discover the quieter streets, parks and pubs. Visit Clyde Bank, a Georgian House museum with art and furniture of the period. Climb up Observatory Hill, visit the Observatory and the National Trust gallery and shop, sit in the park and admire the gorgeous view of the rooftops.

s for eating and drinking in the Rocks, try the Thai restaurant called Sailors Thai located at 106 George Street. There is an expensive version (downstairs) and a cheaper version where guests eat at one long table community style at street level. This spot is fun, innovative and delicious. If you're a solo traveller just introduce yourself to the diners on either side of you. Aussies are extremely friendly.

nother convenient and delicious place for lunch if you are sightseeing near Macquarie Street is the Courtyard cafe, actually located right in the courtyard of Sydney Hospital. A lot of tourists don't know it's there -- so let's make this our secret. Courtyard Cafe serves great pasta, other Italian goodies, huge servings, all reasonably priced.
Crista, Sydney, Australia

Queen for a day...

I would like to pass on the name of my favorite salon in Sydney. It's called Trumps -- owned and operated by Nella Todaro - an excellent hairstylist and interesting woman. Nella and her staff took care of my hair for ten years while I was living in Sydney and working for Qantas Airways. In 1999, I returned home to the US and decided to go back to school and get my cosmetology license. In 2000 I returned to Sydney for the Olympics and worked for Nella in her salon. What fun! Not only is their hair salon upbeat and full of lovely, talented women, but they also have a great day spa - the elevator doors open and you walk into this wonderful smelling, relaxing oasis. Trumps is located at 283 George St, right in the heart of downtown Sydney. If you visit, please tell Nella I sent you!
Laurie, New Jersey, USA


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