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Aussie Women Share Sydney Secrets

A woman-friendly B&B...

I live in Sydney and I have had overseas friends stay at this B&B and they raved about it. Bondi Beach Homestay is a sweet little place with very welcoming and friendly hosts. It's located 10 minutes out of the hustle and bustle of the city but still within easy reach by public transport bus. You can take long relaxing walks along the beach and there are loads of interesting cafes & restaurants nearby. Good value for your money and you get to enjoy one of Sydney's most famous beaches.
Website: Email:
Karen, Sydney, Australia

Sun goddesses beware...

The sun in Australia is hot, hot, hot and should be treated with extreme caution! If you want to be kind to your skin, wear sunscreen all the time even if you're not at the beach and sun bathing. No need to bring sunscreen lotions from home. We sell so many different brands -- some you might never see any place else. Treat yourself to a wide-brimmed crushable hat as well. They come in a variety of interesting styles and colors and are oh-so-easy to pack. In fact, these hats and lotions will make great gifts for Mom, Granny, Aunt Mabel and girlfriends back home.
Carla, Sydney, Australia

Cheap eats in Court...

For a really cheap and simple meal (omelette, sandwiches, etc.), or just to sit with a cup of coffee and gaze for as long as you like at one of the best views of Eastern Sydney and the Harbour, go to the coffee shop on the 14th Floor of the Supreme Court building (across the road from the hospital on Macquarie St. about half a block towards Hyde Park). It's open to the public from about 7 am to 5 pm weekdays. For breakfast, get there early and you'll have no trouble scoring one of the tables overlooking the Domain and the Botanical Gardens. During Court recesses (around 11 am for morning tea and during lunch from about 12.30 to 2.00 pm), you probably won't be lucky enough to get a window table but will see barristers in their wigs and gowns having coffee with their instructing solicitors and clients. All this for less than the $3 you'll pay for coffee. While you're there, almost every Courtroom is open to the public so check them out if that's your interest.
Margot, Sydney, Australia

A lovely sightseeing walk...

I live in Sydney and absolutely love it! This tip is something that doesn't appear in guidebooks. Thought it would be great for any Journeywoman who wants a different type of sightseeing. The thing I like to do is walk my dog from my home in Mosman Bay around to Cremorne point. This is not a tourist attraction at all. It is just a lovely walking path that winds around the water foreshores and ends up looking over the harbour to the city (the view taking in the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge). There are ferry stops along the walk. A traveller could catch the ferry from Circular Quay to Mosman Bay, walk the path around to Cremorne point (about 45 minutes), then catch the Ferry back into the city from Cremorne. Far cheaper than a harbour cruise and you see a lovely part of Sydney.
Anna, Sydney, Australia

A day in the country...

Sydney is a fun city but you must sample the surrounding country side as well. Catch a train up to the Blue Mountains for the day --it's an easy two hour trip. You can stop at Leura for morning tea or lunch, then enjoy some interesting shopping, art galleries and antique hunting in this beautifully quaint relaxed village atmosphere. Pop into the Fountain of Light book store or the Megalong book shop and find out what Sydneysiders are reading. Continue to the town of Katoomba to see the Three Sisters - unusual rock formations overlooking the gorgeous blue mountains. There's hiking in the area, there's also a cable car across one of the valleys, and a vertical train trip to the bottom of one of the valleys - a sure way to get the adrenaline pumping. P.S. Don't go during the weekend -- it is far too crowded with lineups for everything.
Peta, an American who lived in Australia for 10 years.

Travelling with babies...

If you plan to bring your babies or toddlers to Australia, I suggest that you avoid being here in the height of summer -- late December and January. It is just too hot for young ones then. Older children and teens can enjoy our many beaches and water sports but tiny babies will just be cranky in the heat. The best months to travel with little kiddies are September, October, April and May. The weather is lovely for outdoor activities then.
Lee, a mom in Sydney, Australia

A department store for men...

Whether you're a serious shopper or simply a browser, I suggest a visit to Gowings, Sydney's department store especially for men. This company first opened its doors in 1868, they are committed to offering "made in Australia" brands and believe in using natural fibers in the clothing items they offer. I found their products so interesting that I checked out most of the levels -- there's books, trendy surfing gear, the softest cotton P.J.'s, soaps, socks, camping gear, specialty gift items and much more. P.S. When you tire of looking at the merchandise, cast an eye on all those shopping around you -- men, men, men each more rugged and lovely than the next. Worth the trip! (three locations, 319 George Street - Oxford Street, corner Crown and Market Street corner of George)
Evelyn Hannon, Editor, Journeywoman

Australian wine tasting 101...

The first Australian state to grow vines was New South Wales, which today makes 27% of Australia's wine. The Lower Hunter Valley is an historic grape-growing area less than 100 miles north of Sydney with a very warm, damp climate and heavy soils. Semillon, Shiraz, and Chardonnay are produced here. When visiting in Australia you can enjoy tastings at the many wineries and restaurants scattered across this region. Learn what your favorites are and dazzle your friends with your knowledge when you get home.
(Source: JW files and Wine for Dummies, Hungry Minds, USA)

There's lots more woman-centered information about Australia. Click here

Journeywoman thanks our sponsors...

All of the information in this article has been researched independently by We thank the Australian Tourist Commission, Air New Zealand and South Corp Wines for sponsoring GIRLTALK AUSTRALIA, a women's cyberguide to Sydney and Melbourne.

This cyberguide is constantly being updated with new articles and tips. If you'd like to be notified when new additions are posted or if you have a woman-friendly travel product related to Australia that you feel will be appropriate for inclusion in this guide, please send an e-mail to with AUSTRALIA in the subject line and let us know.





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