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Where Do JourneyWomen Sleep in New York City?

Broadway Inn...

My very favorite and best located Bed & Breakfast is Broadway Inn. It's located just one block from Times Square on 46th St. and right across the street from Restaurant Row (46th St.) is the street with all the great, relatively cheap, restaurants in New York City. My favorite restaurant is the Hour Glass, fix price pre-theater menu. Broadway Inn is called a B&B but I think its more like a boutique hotel. The developer bought several brownstones in a row, connected them, remodelling them into a great little hotel with new furnishings. Pleasant, attentive staff and a continental breakfast included. Broadway Inn also gives you all sorts of discount vouchers for eating places and plays etc., and what else can I say but location, location, location. Also its only two-three stories high so those of you that don't like the 30th floor for what ever reason will enjoy being here. There are steps (maybe 8) to get to the lobby but there is always an attendant to bring your luggage up the stairs. This hotel is a well kept secret! Website:
Billie, Lexington, USA

My absolutely favorite place to stay in New York is called the Broadway Inn. The reasons I love this place is that it's in the heart of Times Square, the staff is so friendly and nice and helpful (and very long term so they seem to know everyone), rooms are very clean and comfortable, price is great for New York (singles from $125 in the heart of New York!), and their price includes a great little breakfast buffet in a very cosy setting. I would recommend it above anywhere else I've stayed in New York.
Jan Manson, Vancouver, Canada

Just took myself off to my home town, where my feet never touch the ground: New York City - one week of bliss! Stayed at a hotel which didn't break the bank, and if you don't mind a couple of flights of stairs (great help offered for luggage, etc.), it is really a great find. The Broadway Inn is right in the very soul of the Broadway theatre district. Phone #: 800-826-6300. The single rooms are very tiny - but with all conveniences necessary; the 'suites', for under $300 per night, are divine. I defy anyone to discover cheaper accommodation with so much charm in that area. And THEN...just get on that 5th Ave. bus and head down to Washington Square (seniors ride anywhere for a mere 4 quarters - you need to have this change - no bills), pick up The Village Voice to find out what is REALLY going on entertainment-wise, and then walk about Bleeker and Christopher streets, pop into one of the dozens of adorable cafes for lunch or whatever, and savour the diversity! It's enchanting. Stop uptown at Sardi's (YES!), for supper. Even tho' I was alone, everyone talked to me and I had a terrific meal at a really acceptable price. Whilst waiting to find a cab - VERY difficult - a young man on one of those little bicycle jitneys came along and offered me a ride. I overpaid him because his ride became a huge highlight of my entire trip; better even than Coney Island! (Guess you'd have to be a senior to know what I mean.) Could go on and on. But then....I LOVE NEW YORK!
Ellen, Toronto, Canada


Seafarers & International House...

A new-found favorite hostel/hotel in New York City is the Seafarers & International House located at Union Square. The address is 123 E. 15th Street, tel: 212-677-4800. Rooms are available with private bath ($109 for a single) and less with a shared bath. My room was a corner one and was clean and spacious (larger than the Westside YMCA near Lincoln Center). The Union Square Greenmarket is a long block away, subways and bases are a short block away, buses are a longer block away in the opposite direction, a block away are several major stores (Trader Joe's, chain drug stores, restaurants). There is free internet service on the mezzanine, free food occasionally in the lobby, coffee/tea costs 25 cents in the lobby and the hotel staff is very accommodating and efficient (when the front desk isn't inundated with back-packers). Best news! No sales tax is charged because it is a Lutheran Mission and therefore is exempt from sales taxes. Website:
Roxanna, Carmel, USA


Park South Hotel...

My favorite NY hotel is Park South, located at 124 East 28th Street, 212-448-1024. Why? It’s cozy, central located, has a terrific restaurant (The Black Duck) for a delicious dinner after a day of traveling or touring. Rooms are done up in that sleek but comfortable 21st century boutique hotel style. All in all -- along with their complimentary breakfast -- a very good place to stay. That's why I make every effort to stay there every time I go to New York. Website:
Kris, Austin, USA

I've been going to the Park South Hotel for the past three years. It's a well kept secret and it's my favorite because of the cleanliness and updated rooms, even though they are small. The room has all the amenities -- the price very reasonable. I paid $205.00 per night. The biggest plus is the buffet breakfast which consists of fresh pastry, bagels, english muffin , fruit, cereals of all kind, cheeses, slices of ham (plus juice, tea, coffee all in the cozy dining room. with tablecloths on the tables. They keep replenishing the food and its always fresh. The same room serves dinner served at night which is wonderful). The bar is always busy with the most interesting people both locals and guests. The employees are all very helpful and friendly. This hotel has a computer room as well as a health club. A real find.
Marci, Delray Beach, USA


Wall Street Inn...

I recommend the Wall Street Inn at 9 William Street. It's in the financial district so it is much quieter at night. There are very nice restaurants and pubs within a five block radius. It is close to the Staten Island ferry terminal and the Brooklyn Bridge. Chinatown is a 20 minute walk away. The building has a great history -- it feels European. Prices are very reasonable, staff is kind. There's a sauna and workout room in the basement. Extra tip: Ask for the 7th floor if you want a Jacuzzi bathtub and a larger room (a little more money) Website:
Avril, Boynton Beach, USA


Jolly Hotel...

My favorite NYC hotel is called the Jolly Hotel and it's situated on Madison Ave & 38th Street. It offers a convenient, quiet location with a European flair I have found in very few US hotels. Breakfast selections are tasty and also follow European style. Décor is fabulous old world/modern. If you're staying here I recommend Chez Laurence Patisserie -- a bistro close by with great lunch and pastries (245 Madison Ave).
Wendy, Ellicott City, USA


Yummy brunch in New York City...

If you find yourself in New York City, please treat yourself to a meal at Norma's in Le Parker Meridien Hotel, 118 W 57th St. Breakfast is all they serve (until 3 pm, every day). And what breakfasts they are! Picture two-inch thick French Toast, waffles stuffed with fruit and topped with fruit and surrounded by more fruit, lobster frittata with caviar...well, you get the picture. They start you off with a shot glass of the smoothie of the day and finish off with a small bag of dried, crispy orange slices. In between, you get more calories than you care to count, but oh, what a way to blow your diet. It's definitely pricey, but considering that you can eat enough for breakfast AND lunch, you can justify it to yourself. Of course you'll walk all those calories off on the way to MOMA, the Met and the Guggenheim. Have fun everybody!
Terry, Washington, DC, USA

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