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Which famous woman would you travel with?


Hayley Wickenheiser
Based on this Canadian hockey player's commitment to community work, I think we might travel together to make a difference. For example, Hayley travelled to Rwanda to promote the Right to Play initiative. Also, I hope Hayley would spot me a ticket to one of her hockey games!
Debbie McKeown
What better travel companion than one who is personable, outgoing, willing to talk to strangers and an entrepreneur to boot! We'd meet all sorts of interesting people, and be able to bounce business ideas off one another. Best of all, Oprah is 'not short of a bob or two' and would happily pick up the traveling costs.
Karen Zabawa
Bonnie Rait
She's intelligent, funny and has a unique perspective centered around music that could provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Her musical contacts - well known and not - would create opportunities to be a part of amazing music and life experiences everywhere.
Diana Smith
Maya Angelou
Having lived all over the world, she speaks at least five languages and probably knows someone interesting anyplace on the globe. Her stories could make even the longest layover palatable. What fun that would be!
Erica Marchand

Soeur Emmanuelle
I'd like to feel this Belgian/French nun's generosity, share a tiny piece of her life experience, feel her spirituality on top of everything... from the top of the world.
Gladis Roux

Princess Rania of Jordon
I admire her greatly as an articulate and intelligent young woman who is bridging the divide between traditional Muslim culture and the “new modern” Muslim woman. She is using her position to uplift Muslim women everywhere.
Kathy Groves
Carol Burnett
Not only is she funny, but she has lived through so much -- and come out a stronger woman, despite the many tragedies she has suffered. I would be endlessly entertained!
Heather Rosen
Gertrude Stein
A woman who's completely comfortable with herself, in any surroundings. In fact, I read she used her car as her personal space to write poetry. I think she'd be a great companion for a journey woman like me.
Helen Gallagher
Bessie Stringfield
Bessie started riding motorcycles when she was 16. She was the first African American woman to ride solo across the United States when she was 19. Also Europe, Brazil and Haiti in the 30's and 40's. She was a trailblazer!
Deitra Jackson
Angelina Jolie
It makes a lot of sense—she can go anywhere, has been recognized as a Global Goodwill Ambassador for her humanitarian work and seems both interesting and interested in the world around her.
Janice Pearson
Goldie Hawn
Can you imagine the fun and laughs you would have? Anywhere you travel would be through different eyes and perspective . I‘d have a stitch in my side the whole time. Laughing is Contagious!
Judy-Gwynn Williams
Laura Bush
She is well read and well traveled. She appears to have a pleasant, easy going air about her and having been a diplomat in her own right, would be welcomed wherever we traveled.
Karen Crabtree
Arianna Huffington
She's the editor of the Huffington Post so she'd have an opinion and a story for all the different places we meet. She's a humanitarian, an informer, and a teacher.
Katie Younkie
Jann Arden
She is rip-roaringly funny, loves food, new adventures, and she's a story teller. She can put up with rough conditions and make light of it and yet appreciates all the luxury money can buy. A perfect, easy, travel buddy.
Kay Lefevre
Joan Cusack
I've always enjoyed this actor's quirky humor and know we would never stop laughing. And . . . I might get to meet her brother!!!!! Bonus all around!
Kelle Hudson

My daughter
My first thought was my daughter since we both love the same things, it makes it easy. But she’s only famous to me!
I’d love to travel with Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love). I envy her moxie to do what she did and believe she’d make the ideal travel partner.

Kelly Beach

Nora Roberts
She has traveled to so many amazing destinations; I think it would be fabulous to see Ireland with someone who loves it just as much as I do.
Darlene Reilley
Jane Goodall
It would be heaven to tramp through the 'quiet' jungle to view her beloved Chimps, while soaking up her vast knowledge of the wild, plus savouring the serenity of her personality.
Elaine Lewis
Marybeth Bond
She is an amazing writer, an experienced traveler and a woman who lives her life empowering others to travel and live their lives to the fullest.
Angie Lugo
Eleanore of Aquitaine
This Queen and traveller in the Middle Ages had access to castles, churches, convents and more. For the ultimate insider view of the Christian Kingdoms of the Middle East, she was the one to accompany.
Anne M Sherlock
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
50 years ago Anne wrote 'Gift from the Sea' and it is as valid today as it was when she wrote it. Her unflappable adventuring by air - as pilot, or by sea, provided a amazing travel legacy.
Nora Camps
Mother Teresa
I would have loved to learn from her - to witness her kindness and generosity. She would have shown me the simple and good life.
Maggi Reid
Madelaine Albright
Our country is a great melting pot and she is one fine example of a naturalized citizen. Not only is she intelligent and well educated and an experienced world traveler, she was our first female secretary of state and the first secretary of state to visit North Korea. She's a highly regarded public speaker and a fine example to all women. Her credentials go on and on and on. In addition she a wife and mother and has an amazing collection of pins!
Ruth G. Sikes


Gertrude Bell
This Queen of the Desert and I would make excellent travelling partners. Although she was a proper Victorian lady, she climbed mountains, rode camels across arid deserts with T.E. Lawrence and Winston Churchill, and played a major role in creating the modern state of Iraq. Go, Gertrude!
Rosemary Neves


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