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GirlTalk Chicago


GirlTalk Boston...


Food, food, food...

Indian food
cutleryI just wanted to let you know about a fantastic Indian restaurant in Boston. It's called Rangoli and the food there is wonderful -- Southern Indian Vegetarian. It's in the Allston suburb, easily accessible by the green Boston College 'B' line. From the Harvard Ave. stop it's only a short walk down Harvard Ave. to Brighton Ave. The restaurant is at 129 Brighton. Phone number is 617-562-0200. Enjoy!
Kathryn, Ottawa, Canada

Ed. note: Rangoli's was very high on many tip lists we received.

Chocolate ice cream
If you like chocolate ice cream and happen to go to Rangoli for Indian food, do not miss Herrel's, just a few doors away. Their chocolate ice cream is simply decadent. Make this your dessert stop of the day. Open until midnight. Close to Rangoli. Also, next to Rangoli there are two other good restaurants (whose names escape me at the moment). One is Cambodian the other is a small Italian place.
Yael, Ramat Gan, Israel

More ice cream
I want other JourneyWomen to know about this phenomenal place called Toscanini's Ice Cream in Cambridge. They have a rapturous selection of ice creams and sorbets. The ice sorbet flavors, like champagne, taste like they still have the bubbles flowing through them. Cassis is as deeply intoxicating as plum can be. But the heaven you can experience while on this earth is the Burnt Caramel flavor.
Jaynya, San Diego, USA

Fast food and shopping
Don't miss Quincy Marketplace and Fanueil Hall -- good shopping, fun pubs and tons of restaurants and quick bites of any type of food imaginable in a cobblestoned setting in the heart of Boston.
Jennifer, Boston USA

Vietnamese budget choice
I'm a librarian and avid traveler. One of my favorite non-expensive ethnic restaurants is actually a small chain around here - Pho Pasteur. They are found in great locations - Harvard Square in Cambridge, Newbury Street in Boston (one of the little basement places) as well as in the theatre district in case you take in a show.
Christine, Worcester (about 45 miles west of Boston)

Figs on Charles Street
Charles Street on Beacon Hill is a fabulous place to poke around and get the old world flavor of Boston. The old gas lamps (now retrofitted with electricity) are particularly charming during the holidays. Figs is a fabulous pizzeria/bistro at 42 Charles Street that's owned by Todd English who runs Olives up in Charlestown. Olives is perennially on the top of the Zagats list for Boston, is pricey, but worth every penny. Figs captures some of that flair, but for much less money and closer to the downtown action.

French fare
Newbury Street is perfect for both dining and shopping -- but the prices are high. You'll find many ethnic restaurants including lots of Indian there. My personal favorite place to go is Sonsie, a quaint cafe overlooking Newbury with a very Parisian feel -- excellent food at any time of day. 327 Newbury Street. P.S. Check out the Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding.
Jennifer, Boston, USA

cutleryInteresting Ethiopian
My favorite Ethiopian restaurant is Addis Red Sea in the South End on Tremont street. At Addis, you sit on traditional three-legged stools around basket-like tables that hold the one large dish that everyone in your party shares. Definitely ask for the more sour dark injera bread that they make for their regular customers -- not the lighter injera that they have modified for western tastes. Then, after dinner, wander down Tremont Street and browse in the eclectic shops until you find a likely looking cafe for an after-dinner coffee.
Erika, Somerville (across the river from Boston), USA

Bar B.Q.
Redbones Barbecue is a local institution. It's a place where serious meat lovers can enjoy good ribs. It's the type of place you go to for the food and not high-dining atmosphere. They're located at 55 Chester Street, Somerville (Tel: 617- 628-2200)
Yael, Ramat Gan, Israel

Like excellent Mongolian BBQ? I'd like to suggest Fire and Ice at 50 Church St. in Cambridge. Yummy!
Kelly, Santa Monica, USA

Super sushi...
This place is so much fun to browse. The Porter Exchange building (1815 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA), less than a block from the Porter Square T station, is a veritable little Asia. Since the complete renovation of the building in 1987, Porter exchange has become a wonderful area with food courts where you can get noodles, sushi and Japanese pastries. In addition to a sit down Japanese restaurant, a bubble tea kiosk, a sizable Asian grocery store and a travel agency, there is a hallway stuffed with tiny restaurants, including a sushi counter, rice bowl restaurant, korean restaurant, bakery, and two other restaurants I can't quite categorize--maybe Japanese comfort food. A trip to this space feels like traveling to Japan without even leaving the city. Website:
Christy, Boston, USA

My dear sushi place in Boston (Back Bay area) is known as both Snappy Sushi and Shino Express. For some reason my boyfriend and I would end up there on rainy days at around 4 or 5 o'clock looking for a light snack and end up staying at least three hours, taking a leisurely 'nosh' style dinner (this is actually the perfect way to do it since you miss the 6:00 PM hurryhurryhurry dinner crowd crunch). Their green tea is authentic, warm, free and invigorating. It's the perfect place for inexpensive, simple, healthy (all the rice they use is brown) and tasty meals. Appetizers range from smoked squid salad to miso soup to edamame. Simple rolls are about $2.95-$3.95, and cover all the traditional basics. The atmosphere is laid back, not showy. It's a small, cozy little place with enough bar space for about 12 and a table for two. Cute as a button and a friendly staff to match. Address: 144 Newbury St. Closest subway stops are Copley (Green) and Back Bay (Orange).
Anna, St. Augustine, USA





More Boston food hotspots...



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