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The Rocky Mountaineer Offers an Incredible Version of Western Canada

So much to keep you occupied...

Happy Hour

I imagined that I would kick back with a glass of wine and read one of the mysteries I brought along. In fact, I was much too occupied doing other things to open a single book. Just looking out the oversized windows in our domed car, daydreaming, Happy Hour, and enjoying panoramic picture postcard scenes was something I could do for hours.

Open vestibule

Or, with camera in hand I would make my way downstairs to the open vestibule where there was nothing between me and the gorgeous landscape I was keen to capture.

Other passengers

whether upstairs or down, inevitably lively conversations with other passengers began, connections made, and email addresses exchanged with folks from all over the world.

Canadiana 101...

Like all kids living in Canada, I learned about our history, national wildlife, and geography in grade school. However, no classroom lessons can compare with the Rocky Mountaineer hosts actually pointing out the famous rivers and rugged mountain peaks along our route. We were shown the differences between an eagle and an osprey as they soared above the train. I now know where the salmon spawn in British Columbia, and where the Continental Divide is located. We watched the landscape gradually change from the lush farmland of the Fraser Valley to the arid regions around Kamloops where temperatures soared to 40c during the summer months.


Lake Arrid 2


And, it was great fun when the train slowed down enough for us to photograph the sign at Craigellachie where the last spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway was driven in. Then, by going through the 'spiral tunnels' cut into the massive Rockies we learned what an incredible feat building our national railroad really was.

Last Spike


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