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Ontario Backroads


Perfect pick-up places -- dining in


Timothy's Tandoori Chicken delivers exceptional Indian food. I highly recommend the Samosas, Chicken Makni (it is similar to butter chicken and is my favorite), the Tandoori Chicken, the Timothy's Briyani and the Vegetarian Eggplant. Dine in, pick up or order in from 556 Parliament, Tel: 964-7583. Or...

SUSHI The Daily Sushi Japanese Restaurant has wonderful fresh sushi, sashimi and tempura at very reasonable prices. The miso soup and teriyaki are great and so are the udon noodle dishes. The restaurant is located right next door to the Carlton Cineplex Odeon theatre at Young and Carlton making it a great choice for picking up dinner after a movie downtown. 20 Carlton St. Tel: 977-4333
Corinna Malin, Webmaster, Tourism Toronto

Two tips for solo diners...
Eating alone? A perfect way to have company is to go to Hiro Sushi on King Street East and to sit at the counter. Singles certainly won't feel out of place here. Ask the chef for whatever "is good" that day. You'll be guaranteed some of the best sushi anywhere. Or...

Bring something terrific back to your hotel and relax. I recommend the "steak sandwiches to go" from Sotto Voce at 595 College Street, the wine bar attached to Gian Carlo Restaurant. Pick up a bottle of wine along the way and you're all set.
Marion Kane, Food Editor, Toronto Star

Inexpensive but nutritious fast food favorite...
I'd like to recommend Pita Break situated on Yonge Street just a few doors north of Wellsley. They make the most amazing pita breads -- the huge spongy kind - in about a dozen different flavours. My faves are the cinnamon raisin, pumpernickel, oregano, and sun-dried tomato. Get one filled with home-made falafel, grilled chicken breast or scrumptious babaganoush. All in all, an easy, inexpensive hotel-room picnic for the woman traveller who's just wants to put her feet up at the end of the day.
Debbie Hubner, Travel industry

Bagels, bagels, bagels...
You don't have to be Jewish to love the Harbord Bakery. This spot has everything you could want - smoked salmon and cream cheese to go with your bagels - cheese danishes to die for - as well as an excellent selection of salads, quiches and empanadas all produced by the staff. Perfect for hotel room snacking. 115 Harbord Street Tel: 922-5767
Marsha Greene, Ulysses Travel Bookstore

Terrific Chinese Take-Away at Budget Prices...
Young Sing pastry shop on 22 Baldwin Avenue is not far from the Art Gallery of Ontario and it is great for take-out. They specialize in Chinese bun sandwiches filled with veggies, curried beef or tofu. For dessert you must try their fresh custard tarts or coconut goodies.
Ettie Benjamin Shuken, food stylist, recipe development, caterer and cooking teacher

Forty calorie dessert in a cone...
ICE CREAM CONE If you're a lactose intolerent Journeywoman or simply trying to watch your fat intake, do I have a treat for you! A great 40 calorie ($2.00) ice-cream is available at a stand called Sin Without Guilt located on Yorkville Avenue between Avenue Road and Bay Street. The ice cream is truly delicious -- the flavors change every day. My favorite to date is peanut butter but the chocolate runs a pretty close second. This venue closes in colder weather so check it out before the temperature starts dropping.
Flo Miller, Hospital Social Worker

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