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Ontario Backroads


Intro and Getting Around...


Evelyn Hannon

Building 1

A $5.00 wash and style, a healthy 40 calorie ice cream cone, how to travel a full day in Toronto for just $6.50, and a country spa too good to resist. Sound good?

What began as a mini women-centered travel guide to Toronto has evolved into a much bigger collection of tips than we ever imagined. A while back we used the Journeywoman Network to connect with Toronto females. We asked them to share their restaurant tips, shopping advice and even the names of their favorite estheticians -- the women who keep them stress-free and gorgeous. The response was overwhelming! From national TV personalities and magazine publishers to gals in the business world, travel journalists, students and several newly arrived Canadians, everybody sent us their wonderful secrets. Please read on. The women of Toronto truly welcome you...

Women who jog can avoid wolves...
Running or jogging alone can be daunting. Toronto has a lot of great running trails, but if you're a women coming to this big city for the first time, you won't know where to go for a good run and how to stay safe. I suggest you call the Running Room (762-4478). This Canadian running franchise has running groups leaving from their various storefront locations each Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. Everyone is invited to run with the group, no fee, no membership required. If these times aren't convenient, call up or drop over to the location nearest you, and the staff will be more than happy to recommend safe and appropriate routes. By the way, if you're in the market for a good pair of running shoes, once again I highly recommend the Running Room. All the staff are enthusiastic runners and know how to fit the right shoe to the right runner.
Erica Ehm, Television Personality and JourneyAthlete

Outdoor tourist info kiosk...
I've noticed that in the summer time there is a tourist information kiosk at the corner of Avenue Road and Bloor (to the side of the Royal Ontario Museum and on the edge of University of Toronto Campus), It's great for getting directions to the shops in the area, picking up brochures and finding out about the festivals happening in Toronto (film, dance, cultural -- you name it we've got it in our city!)
Grace Leung, student

Map Explore underground Toronto...
This is something I think visitors to our city should know about. There's a free map of the underground pathways of downtown Toronto available -- linking 10 km. of underground shopping, services and entertainment. For your copy call: (416) 203-2500 or 1-800-363-1990. Happy discovering, ladies!
Florence Miller, Hospital Social Worker

Caffeine treats in most of Toronto's neighborhoods...
For coffee stops, I'm a Second Cup aficionado (there are branches all around town). I'd like women visitors to know that on Mondays, during the summer months, an icepresso costs the same as a regular coffee, and during the winter you can get a latte for the price of a coffee. Their nibbles are also very, very good.
Debbie Hubner, Travel Industry

Mostly foreign movies...
If I ever moved from Toronto, I would sorely miss the Carleton cinema which features mostly foreign films screened in their many mini theaters. On a rainy day or when you tire of sightseeing, you can feast on films from around the world any afternoon or evening. Easy to get to -- right on the subway line (College Subway Stop). P.S. They have a coffee shop -- not fab. But, there is a Golden Griddle pancake place across the street for sustenance between flicks.
Ettie Benjamin Shuken, food stylist, caterer and cooking teacher

Flower Architectural walk that won't cost you a penny...
Fifties-style 'progress' cost Toronto many fine old buildings. But some survived - and they're worth a visit. My favorite is stately St. Anne's Church on Gladstone Avenue (Dundas and Dufferin). Murals on its soaring Byzantine dome, painted by members of the Group of Seven, are endangered by a leaking roof and a depleted building fund. Hurry - its days may be numbered. Another great ceiling atop a superbly proportioned space is the great hall at Union Station. Slip through the underground passage to admire the Royal York Hotel's magnificent lobby. Now head eastward to aptly named Church Street where St. Michael's, St. James and Metropolitan United bespeak this city's Victorian wealth. And finally, walk north toward Gerrard and Sherbourne to the exotic tropical greenery, (mixed with lovely seasonal flowers), of Allen Gardens greenhouses. That's my Toronto!
Isobel Warren, Travel Journalist

She explores the city by subway...
Having travelled on subways/trains in other parts of North America and in Europe, I believe that the Toronto subway system is one of the safest, cleanest and user-friendliest there is. It's easy and hassle-free, it's cheaper than taking a taxi and it's less expensive than parking downtown!

One of my favorite things to do is to buy an all-day pass (especially on Sunday, when two adults can use the pass with unlimited rides) and travel by subway to High Park. Without having to worry where to park, we can roam around and go for a nice long walk, stopping by Bloor West Village on the way back. With our all-day pass, we can walk till we get tired and then subway to our next destination.
Lori Cooper, Public Relations Manager, The Sutton Place Hotels

Take a friend, walk the ravines...
Toronto's ravine system is an oasis of parkland that runs through the city and it's one of this city's best kept secrets. Whether you choose to ride a bike or walk on foot, these informal trails in the city take you through wonderful, green wilderness where the air is cooler, cleaner and more refreshing. You can enter the Ravine areas at several locations in Toronto. One of my favorites is the Moore Park Ravine, which you get to from Moore Avenue, between Mount Pleasant and Bayview Avenue. The entrances to the Ravine paths are well marked from the street level. A word of caution to women visitors -- practice big city precautions -- I do, always! For a map of Toronto's Regional Parks and Trails, call the Metro Park hotline at (416) 392-8186.
Linda Lundstrom, Canadian Designer

There's a whole lot more! For 'She shares her shopping secrets', click here.







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