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Red Mountain Resort and Spa
She Finds Birthday Utopia in Utah

Evelyn Hannon

I just gave myself one of the best birthday presents ever--a week at Utah's Red Mountain Resort and Spa. After only seven days of following their invigorating regime, I can honestly say that I felt like a new woman, ready to take on another year of what life would send my way.

Is Red Mountain Resort and Spa a spa?
Not exactly. Not if you define a spa as a place where you are put on a diet, prettied and pampered, polished and buffed. Instead, Red Mountain Resort and Spa bills themselves as "the vacation that will change your life." Their mandate is to help guests lose excess weight, get fit, learn positive eating habits, reduce stress and improve their overall health. Their clientele hails from all over the world. Some stay a week. Some stay three months. I'm told that many return year after year for a fitness fix. After experiencing it myself, I can understand why!

The splendid location is a feast for sore eyes...
Red Mountain Resort and Spa is located in the southwestern sector of Utah, a picturesque two hour drive from Las Vegas, Nevada. Sitting close to the entrance of Snow Canyon State Park, it's remote setting is breathtaking. Think palm trees, manicured flowerbeds and shrubbery, then add a mini cascading waterfall plus rich green lawns and you'll have some inkling of the facility's attractive grounds. Imagine a backdrop of chunky red sandstone mountains with irregular peaks silhouetted against the bluest of blue skies. As the sun moves across the horizon, the mountains change color taking on different shades and shapes, transforming before your very eyes. In the presence of this kind of beauty, it feels simply wonderful to be alive. The motivation to renew oneself is intense!

My personal fitness - wellness profile is established...
Each guest receives a one-on-one evaluation designed to establish her personal wellness profile. The latest in computerized technology produces printouts on blood pressure, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, weight and total body composition (the test which measures per cent body fat). This process takes about twenty minutes and it's completely painless (except when you're told how much body fat you're carrying). To complete my profile, I was also asked to carefully evaluate my own fitness level. This way I was able to place myself in a comfortable category -- alongside others who were at a similar training level.

Let's get physical...
Each participant is let loose with a schedule of fitness activities beginning with a Cardio Combo at 6:00 AM and ending with a Dynamic Stretch Class at 5:00 P.M. In between there's Back to Abs, Fitball, T'ai Chi, Aerobic Step and Hydro Dynamic Fitness. Five different Indoor Cycling Workouts are offered, as well as six different Muscle Strengthening Classes. You can tone your arms, strengthen abdominals or define your buttocks. Want swimming lessons? They're available. Need advice from a personal trainer? Just schedule an appointment. Aches and pains that a physiotherapist should be taking a look at? All you need to do is ask.

I walked 50 miles that week...
The mild spring desert climate and picturesque scenery combine to make this area marvelous hiking and walking country. The Institute takes full advantage of these assets by scheduling daily guided walks to seductive sounding destinations like Anasazi Ridge, Sunrise Mountain and Padre Canyon. Beginners generally walk three miles on flat surfaces while the more advanced groups seek tougher climbs walking eight to nine miles at a three to four mph. pace. The sun shines. The air is crystal clear. Everyone pants on the way up the mountain, chats and jokes on the way down and a fabulous work-out is had by all. A lovely long soak in the outdoor hot tub is the perfect pick-me-up before heading into the dining room.

Food, glorious food...
Tina Martini calls herself a Low-Fat Chef and the title is perfectly apt. This woman works wonders with meals that contain no more than 12% fat. Whether it's her thick green pea soup, orange roughy fish specialty, stuffed zucchini or apple crisp with cashew granola, the selections are tasty, nutritious and filling. Want more food? That's never a problem. Simply fill up from the well-stocked salad bar and add Tina's yummy dressings like Sweet Poppy seed or Honey Dijon Marinade. Bowls of fruit are readily available and while no caffinated drinks are served, there's always an enticing array of herbal teas on tap. Say good-bye to toxins and bid hello to healthy living!

All work-out and no pampering makes Journeywoman a dull girl...
Of course, no one exercises all day long. Nor does everyone begin their day at 6 A.M. Since it was my birthday, I chose to pamper myself silly by visiting the Institute's spa facilities as often as possible. Their "Renew & Restore Massage Package" was exactly what my much-exercised body needed. Each afternoon, to the soft musical strains of "The Mystic Harp", therapist Matthew Blake massaged the toxins out of my body and restored my aching muscles. It was truly heavenly! And because of all the walking I was doing, I turned to Terri Licalzi for her renowned paraffin wax pedicure. Terri combines her actual pedicure (cutting your toenails to a comfortable length for hiking) with soothing massage and a wee bit of reflexology. She then dips your feet into warm paraffin wax which forms a sock-like covering. This softens and hydrates the skin, pulls any pain out of the joints and it feels very, very good!

I'm going back...
My stay at Red Mountain Resort and Spa Institute of Fitness was such a positive one that I know where I will be spending my next birthday. I'm hoping to spend two weeks next go-round, perhaps to reconnect with the new friends I've made and... my personal challenge for that sojourn will be to hike 100 miles!

Ed. note: When's "your" birthday? Ready for some rest, recreation and renewal? For anything further you'd like to know about the Red Mountain Resort and Spa, call their information line at 1-800-407-3002



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