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Netherlands Board of Toursim


Her Go-Alone Amsterdam...


Evelyn Hannon

Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport is much more than an airport. It's a shopping plaza, a museum, train station, art gallery, business center, casino and spa. It's a place to shop up a storm, mail your letters, do your banking, entertain your children, have a cocktail or just grab a snack. You can pray there if you choose to. You can shower. You can sleep or simply read a book. In this airport, everything a woman needs is under one big roof!


Schiphol is a winner!

For nine years running, Schiphol has been voted the "Best Airport Duty Free Shops" by Business Travel International. They also rated Schiphol second only to Singapore Changi Airport as the "Best Airport in the World".


Did you know that....
Family Portrait

In 1997 over 31.4 million passengers passed through this international hub. To give you a more concrete idea of how many people this figure really represents--picture every single Canadian woman, man and child with suitcase in hand lining up to go through the terminal and you're just about there.


Hurrah! Everything's duty-free!

On your mark. Get set. Shop! Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport boasts the largest duty free complex with some of the cheapest duty free pricing in all of Europe. There's fifty shops and chic boutiques with more than 120,000 yummy products to choose from. What does your little heart desire--Diamonds? Tulip bulbs? Perhaps, Delft Blue pottery or a fabulous pewter tray? How about smoked salmon, Edam cheese or, wicked Dutch milk chocolate all on sale at the terminal supermarket? If you get through this place without buying something, you're a stronger journey woman than most!


Did you know that...

At Schiphol every major currency is accepted. This is a perfect opportunity to spend all your extra coins. Perhaps you might one to stop in at one of the newsshops and pick up the Dutch women's version of Elle magazine to peruse on your flight home.


Travelling with children? Try the V.I.B. Room

The Dutch go out of their way to make life as easy as possible for moms travelling with their little ones. For quick clean-ups there's the Baby Care Room equipped with changing rooms, paper towels and washbasins. Need something a little more? Simply seek out the V. I. B. (very important baby) Room where you can make use of cribs, wash-basins, towels and playpens. This is a perfect quiet spot for nursing as well.

Those in the know, know there's a play area designated just for kiddies located between gates E and F. Here, moms can sit back, relax and keep an eye on her charges as they experiment with the videos, computer games, assorted toys and lego slides.

If you're travelling with older children and willing to pay an admission price, ask for directions to the Schiphol Air Museum (known to locals as the Aviodome). There are over 30 aircraft on display. Look up! Some antique planes are suspended from the ceiling while some on the ground have open cockpits and your young pilots are free to climb in and explore (several fathers have been known to do the same). Quite an adventure!


Did you know that...

The airport is the only place in Amsterdam where taxi drivers must wear a tie and jacket. Talk about making a good impression from the very beginning!


Sightseeing between flights

Just transferring at Schiphol? Now you can step out and visit Amsterdam while waiting for your connection. Holland Tours Schiphol will take you on a guided city tour and bring you back in time to catch your next flight. The 2 1/2 hour city tour is $50, the 3 1/2 hour one is just a little more. Tickets are available at the tour counter in the arrival lounge or in the lounge area in front of the casino. What a great way to break up a long journey!


Shower Head

Did you know that...

You can freshen-up before, after, or between flights at Schiphol. There's a 24 hour a day sauna available in the Hotel Mercure (Terminal West) and a fitness center, pool and sauna at the Sheraton Hotel and World Trade Centre-- easily accessible by an indoor walkway. Happy cleansing, ladies!


Chapels not just for praying

There are two places of worship always open at the airport and all faiths are welcome. But a stop here need not necessarily be a religious one. Airport chapels are also wonderful places just to sit quietly and relax. Use it as a lovely way to escape the ongoing hustle and bustle of the Schiphol terminal.


Did you know that....

Schiphol houses a railway station connecting all major cities in Holland and Europe. (eg. trains leave for Amsterdam's Centraal Station every fifteen minutes during the day and every hour during the night) And, so conveniently set up, too! You can take your luggage trolley right to the boarding platform and simply leave it there when you board the train. This is a great help when you are fatigued after an overnight flight and the last thing in the world you want to do is drag your luggage from one place to another.

Need further info about the Schiphol's super spots? Check their informative website at


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