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Hong Kong Health and Beauty Stuff...


A day spa in Central...
Need a break from all the shopping? For fabulous pampering my girlfriends and I frequent the Day Renewal Spa on Duddell Street. Their pedicure with paraffin wax dip is absolutely yummy!
Christine, Central, Hong Kong

Waxing, etc...
This might have been my isolated experience but I thought I’d pass this tip along. I suggest that you get your legs waxed and facial done before you leave home! It is so expensive and the waxing tends to leave a rash which takes weeks to go away. It cost me $US90 for a half-leg bikini wax at a very reputable salon.
Lee Ridder, Sydney, Australia

Health Club just for women...
Woman under dryerI’d like to tell your readers about a Hong Kong health club for women only. It’s called Physical Ladies Club and it’s so popular that it has expanded from one centrally located centre to six. The equipment here is adapted to a female physique, there’s sauna, steambath, aerobics every hour, a health food bar, beauty treatments, massage, and all facilities are available to guests for a moderate daily rate. Since it is so popular with business women, I suggest that you choose the non-peak hours of 2-5:00 PM to do your work-outs. Call: 2199 0000
Vivian Chiu, journalist, HK
Ed. note: And just imagine the interesting HK tips you can get from the woman working out on the treadmill right beside your’s!

Soy milk and yogurt...
It’s not always easy to find calcium enriched soy milk and yogurt as I travel. When I was in Hong Kong I was delighted to find a wonderful assortment of both these products at COO. This is the international supermarket located on the basement level of Seibu Department Store in Pacific Place. Highly recommended!
Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman Editor, Canada
She buys discounted cosmetics...
For discounted cosmetics my sister and I always go to Strawberry near the Star Ferry (Kowloon) on the ground floor of Star House. It’s the cheapest outlet and it has the best selection of brand name items. This chain (along with the Sa Sa chain) do sell the absolute genuine article (i.e. Revlon is the real Revlon product) so you can shop to your heart’s content without any concerns.
Lee Ridder, Melbourne , Australia
Ed. note: Strawberry is really great fun to browse in -- a good source of inexpensive “girl gifts.” Their stock changes all the time so if they don’t have what you want the first time, simply drop in again the next day. A word of caution though -- check expiry dates on products!
Nail care...
I suspect that you didn’t come to Hong Kong to have your nails done but... you never know when you might need this service. So I want to tell you about The Feel Good Factor, Shop 4 & 5. It’s a nail bar and offers manicures, pedicures and chair massage. (Tel: 2530 0610).
Anna Cheung, Hong Kong
Ed. note: Having a manicure in a new place? A savvy traveller always inquires about “instrument sterilization.” Instruments not properly sterilized can carry Hepatitis B or AIDS.
Great hair care for less...
There are many very fancy, costly hair salons in HK but I appreciate the excellent haircut that I get from Raymond at the modest Mei Hair Salon located in Central. No booking is necessary, just turn up. The salon is located on Chancery Lane off Old Bailey Street. Tel: 2524 5966. Haircut cost: $US20.
Kylie Yule-Moses, Hong Kong
Women’s sauna...
When I was living in Hong Kong, I remember reading about a rustic and very reasonable women’s sauna and massage (of the O.K. kind) that is available round the clock at Sunny Paradise, 341 Lockhart Road, Wanchai.
Their basic package is HK249 which includes robes, towels, toiletries and all the toast, tea, and fruit salad you care to order.
Tel: 2831 0123
Frances Bartlett, Toronto, Canada

Public washrooms in Hong Kong ...
Wot Duk!Public washrooms, if you can find them -- are appalling! "Wot duk!" -- disgusting, as we say in Cantonese. A smart journey woman always keeps change on hand, a HK$5 coin (60 US cents, 90 Canadian cents), or a couple of HK$2 coins so you can duck into a top hotel or restaurant and use the loo there. Just walk in looking like you belong. If you're a foreigner, no one is likely to question you. Chances are high, though, that there will be a cleaning lady waiting inside the loo -- and she expects a "tip". Given the fact that she keeps those loos clean enough to use, it's well worth it.
Cathy Hilborn Feng, Hong Kong

P.S. Always carry Kleenex...
Always, always carry tissues (aka Kleenex) for the times you must use a less-than-perfect washroom. Most public loos do not supply toilet paper so be prepared.
Ed. note: Know how to identify a public washroom in HK? Look for a facility that has a pink flower engraved on a metal background.

Bonus Tip -- H is for her Haircuts

HairdryerAt (1/F, 23 Hollywood Road, Central, Tel: 2815 3638) on Tuesday or Wednesday nights, you can sacrifice yourself to be a hair model for juniors to train on. Simply call the salon and tell them you are a willing candidate.

When visiting Hong Kong, an offer that’s hard to beat even though it doesn’t include a free haircut is at The Hairdresser’s (Basement 9, Stauton Street, Central, Tel: 2973 0512), where you’ll get a complimentary styling and colour consultation over a glass of wine.
(Source: HK Magazine, the free “what’s on” mag in Hong Kong)

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