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PEOPLE Magazine Article


What Do JourneyWomen Love About Ireland?

Felicity Hayes-McCoy -- If we're being specific about places to stay, at the very end of the Dingle peninsula is a true joy. The proprietors are now my friends. I was among the first guests who stayed with them when they opened, and I kept coming back till eventually I bought my own house in the area.

Pamela Boden Smith -- We took a ferry to the Aran Island from Galway. There is a prehistoric monument there was amazing.

I Love Ireland

Janet Auty-Carlisle -- My husband is from Ireland. Best thing about Ireland: the people, the ability to stop and chat with a stranger who soon becomes a friend. BTW we've stayedi n hostels, b and b and the oldest castle in Ireland. I kinda liked the castle best. It's Kilbritain Castle, in the south. It was the original castle of Brian Boru, built in the 1100s. A family from Cork had recently bought it and were renovating it. Martin Sheen had been there the week before.

Jennifer Baird -- Ireland is a great place to travel alone - go into a pub, order a drink, you'll have friends for the evening.

Rachel Cotterill -- I went to Ireland for a family wedding - an opportunity to experience Irish hospitality at its best, with lots of music and dancing (and no shortage of drinking to lower the inhibitions of all concerned)

Sandy Girvan -- I have travelled to Ireland many times over the last 40 years. In Dublin, my favorite dress-up night spot is Cafe En Seine, beautiful, lunch at Avoca and night time music and fun at Oliver St John Gogartys for traditional music and lots of locals. I also love the beachs of Donegal and quaint village of Dingle with its 52 pubs.

Terry Hunt -- Kinsale is charming! We stayed in a B & B that was lovely and homey. The proprietor went fishing before breakfast and his wife served up the fresh trout with creamy scrambled eggs, blood sausage, fresh-squeezed orange juice. Fabulous!

Amanda Grace -- So many amazing places and people. One of my favorite moments was on the Dingle Peninsula, sitting in the parlor of the Ballintaggart House (which probably looks the same as it did 150 years ago,) snuggled up by the fireplace, gazing out the window at the mist rolling over the moors. It was so perfectly picturesque Ireland!

Gina Esterhuizen -- I loved the Cliffs of Moher.

Monique Lortie Kimrey -- I stayed in Dublin for most of the trip and did the usual tourist sights. But we did have a local bring us to the Druid Mounds near Dublin and a true pub in the middle of nowhere.

Karen Rushen O'Brien -- I enjoyed The Avoca Mills in Kilmacanogue, Bray, Co. Wicklow! Simply one of the best meals (and shopping/gardening experiences!) we've ever had in Ireland. Also, the Watergarden tea shop, restaurant and garden shop in Thomastown. In Waterford, head out past the old Waterford Glass factory to The Holy Cross (a mustard yellow thatched restaurant full of locals and great carvery luncheons!) Dunmore East is a hidden gem of quaint tea rooms, thatched homes and a tiny but gorgeous public beach, with fishing fleets nearby.


The fiddler in this pub is a woman...


I've just returned from Ireland and had the opportunity to listen to some great Irish Music. I highly recommend the Brazen Head Pub on 20 Lower Bridge Street in Dublin. When I was there the fiddler was a lady who can play with the best of them; she has a great personality as well as loads of talent. The food was also some of the best we had in Ireland.

P.S. Be sure to take a small denomination bill (i.e. a US dollar bill) with you; sign it and the owner will put it up behind the bar or on the pub wall. It's a fun way to leave your JourneyWoman mark. Website:

(Submitted by Linda, Slippery Rock, Penn, USA)


Veggie restaurant in Dublin, Ireland...


I am a seventeen year-old, relatively new Journeywoman reader and I live in Dublin. Here is my restaurant suggestion. Cornucopia is a vegetarian restaurant located on 20 Wicklow Street, just off Grafton Street. It's right in the middle of the shopping action and a great place to grab an organic, conscientious lunch. This is their website: Stay healthy everybody!

(Submitted by Meadhbh, Dublin, Ireland)


Dim Sum in Dublin

When it comes to dim sum, New Millenium next to the Gaeity Theatre in Dublin, Ireland is fantastic! Just don't forget to ask for the special dim sum menu. Address: 51 South King Street. Tel:+ 353 (1) 635 1525

Beth, Dublin, Ireland

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