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Be Prepared for Italy -- Her Book & Video List


Around Rome With Kids...

Food treats for kiddies (big and small) -- 'Around the fountain of Trevi, the streets are lined with very touristy pizza-by-the-slice places, but keep your eyes open for San Crispino (Via della Panetteria 54, tel. 06/679.39.24) one of Rome's best ice cream shops. Sparkling clean silver lids protect the ice cream beneath, all the ingredients are natural, and the result is delicious.

For lunch there are two great choices: Al Moro (Vicolo delle Bollette 13, tel. 06/678.34.95) and the Antica Locanda (Via Lavatore 86, tel. 06/

Want more great suggestions on things to do with the younger set in Roma? Check the bookshelves for Fodor's, Around Rome With Kids -- 68 great things to do together.

English publications in Rome...

One is called Roma C'e, which is published every Wednesday and is available on the newsstands. Most of the publication is in Italian, but there's a large section in the back in English that tells of all the events happening in Rome over the course of the next week. This includes music (pop and classical), theater, nightlife, restaurant reviews, outdoor festivals, sports and more.

Wanted in Rome is published every two weeks and available on newsstands. This publication gives news of Rome in English, has extensive classified ads about apartments, work, services provided, etc. The articles usually address a variety of matters including Italian politics, culture, daily life, etc.

The International Herald Tribune, a daily paper, has a four-page insert called Italy Daily that gives a summary of Italian news in English. There's also, usually, a listing of art exhibitions in Italy, as well as a listing of movies playing in English. And very often there's also a culture article that addresses Italy's various regions or customs.

(Source: Laura Flusche, offering exciting women-friendly tour itineraries in Rome)

Our readers are writers, too...

Love Italy? Here are a few book titles that will be fun for you to investigate. Each is about Italy, each is lovely and passionate about its subject and each is written by a woman who is part of the Journeywoman Network. It's my pleasure to introduce these women and their work to all of you.

My Father Came From Italy -- written by Maria Colletta McLean (ISBN 1-55192-356-4)
A joyous and poignant memoir of an immigrant's homecoming. This book tells Maria Colletta McLean's intimate story of her disheartened father's return to his Italian village -- 64 years after he left it for a new life in Canada. Maria buys a house in the village of Supino (sight unseen) as a means of reignighting her father's memory of his youth. Publisher:

Italy Fever -- 14 Ways to Satisfy Your Love Affair With Italy -- written by Darlene Marwitz (ISBN 0-9664998-2-4)
This book is both a memoir and a pre-travel companion. Darlene first travelled to Italy as a graduate student in architecture. Now more than 10 years later, the author renews her post-forty spirit by following a passion and indulging in engaging ways to feed her Italy fever. Find out more:

(Source: Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman Editor)

A book I think your readers will enjoy...

I'm working for a publishing company in Portland, Oregon called Frank Amato Publications, Inc. We are publishing a book, Alone With Michelangelo: A Woman Follows Her Dreams to Italy by Marlene Hill. On her first trip to Italy over 30 years ago, Marlene fell in love with the vibrant country the moment her feet touched the streets of Rome. I'd like JourneyWomen to know about this one because it seems to be perfect for them. Read more at her website

(Kim, Portland, USA)
Book Details

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